Healthy Paleo Diet Food List – Part 1

paleo diet food list part 1 the Paleo
diet isn’t just a diet it’s a lifestyle it’s a fantastic way to reset your body
to a more natural pace and enjoy a healthier existence living the way you
are meant to your distant ancestors ate healthy foods and got a lot of exercises
but also observed a path of moderation as a result they were fit enough to
survive in pretty tough circumstances what you can eat on the Paleo diet as a
general rule you can eat vegetables fruits eggs meats seafood and nuts
this covers pretty much every food group except for grains and junk food so
you’re not really restricted a lot in your Paleo diet menu choices leafy
colorful vegetables are some of the very best like spinach watercress and
broccoli other great veggies include avocados onions cauliflower zucchini
Brussels sprouts and cabbage and it’s in more
you can also eat pretty much anything as far as fruit does but berries are among
the most recommended fruits because of their high antioxidant content and their
local semuc index tropical fruits have a higher glycemic index so those probably
shouldn’t top your daily menu again though these are simply recommendations
for the caveman diet food list you can eat whatever fruits and vegetables you
want Paleo diet food list meats as far as meats go you can eat either lean or
not lean meat this isn’t a nonfat or low-fat diet some fats are good fats and
can actually have positive effects on your health some good plant-based
sources of natural fats include avocados olives and coconuts turkey and chicken
are particularly suggested on the Polly Olympic food list
likewise dairy is also fine though in a state of perpetual uncertainty where
many nutritionists are concerned and it’s a matter of personal choice what
you want to do about the consistency of the milk you drink
other foods you can eat include nuts and seeds walnuts almonds macadamia nuts and
pecans all provide excellent nutrition take note that peanuts aren’t actually
nuts but legumes

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