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hey everyone and welcome and back it to
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healthy delicious recipes and today we’re making a pad thai so this is
everything you’re going to need to make the Pad Thai we’re gonna start off by
making the sauce now traditionally they do use peanut butter I’m using almond
butter just to make it paleo but you can use peanut butter if you choose and then
I’m gonna have all the ingredients listed below with the measurement and
everything I’m adding in some coconut aminos which is a great alternative to
soy sauce some rice vinegar some fish sauce which helps to give Pad Thai that
Classic Pad Thai flavor as well as the juice of half a lime so all these things
really give that Classic Pad Thai flavor especially with the almond butter which
is loaded with healthy fats and it’s gonna help keep you full I’m adding in
just a little bit of water and then I’m going to whisk the sauce and this is
what we’re going to be pouring in once we’ve cooked everything else just whisk
it together and then I’m gonna take a pan heat it up to medium heat with just
a little bit of avocado oil throw in some garlic I’m gonna get that cooking
along with some ground ginger tons of flavor and both ginger and garlic are
antimicrobial antibacterial great for your immune system and may just give
such a nice flavor so toss that around until the garlic is nice and cooked and
then we’re gonna add in a cup of veggie slaw you guys know I love adding veggies
to anything I can and this is a great way to kind of sneak them in because you
don’t even really notice especially once they cook down they blend in with the
noodles and you’re gonna be good to go so I’m pouring in the sauce and then I’m
adding in one package of konjac root noodles you guys know I love new pasta
and I will link it or anyone I can find down below I’m adding in some cashews
traditionally they do use peanuts but because we’re doing an almond butter
sauce I’m Annie’s cashews we’re staying away from peanut because peanuts aren’t
a paleo and they can actually be inflammatory if you consume too much and
then all you have to do is stir that together until the sauce kind of
thickens up and you have your Pad Thai so you can go ahead and plate it this is
a super easy simple recipe that you can definitely a meal prep in advance it
tastes so delicious I’m finishing it off with a little bit
green onion again as traditional pad thai is a little bit of extra lime
squeeze on the top and it’s so delicious the socks taste of so decadent and it’s
super easy to make so I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I will see you in
my next one bye guys

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