Healthy Mediterranean Pasta Recipe – Fast and DELICIOUS

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this one. Alright let’s get started on this bright, healthy, delish dish! Now part
of what makes this recipe so fast and easy to make is the fact that everything
goes into the skillet, almost at the same time. To make sure that you are
ready for that, it’s important to get all of the ingredients and veggies prepped.
So right now, I am starting out by chopping the different things that I’m
going to be stirring in with our pasta, starting with olives. Now I know that
olives can be a little divisive—not everybody is super into them—but this is
a Mediterranean pasta and olives are such a classic Mediterranean ingredient.
In this recipe, they give a nice saltiness and earthy flavor. If you
aren’t a super fan of olives, you can always just leave them out. If you do
decide to leave out the olives ,what I definitely recommend is tasting the
pasta and seasoning it with a little bit more salt because olives do add that
saltiness; you might find that you’re kind of missing it. So now in addition to
the olives, I am dicing up some artichokes. These are just canned
artichokes and actually the olives are canned too; that’s part of what makes
this pasta really convenient is that you can kind of blend fresh ingredients with
pantry staples. Alright moving right along. Now I mentioned that this recipe
is fantastic because it uses both fresh ingredients and pantry staples. One of
those fresh ingredients is cherry tomatoes. I love using cherry tomatoes
most of all unless it is the height of summer and that is because cherry
tomatoes tend to taste pretty good year-round, versus a larger kind, such as a beefsteak tomato. Those really tastes the best during the summer. In
this recipe these tomatoes are going to add brightness, juicy pops of color, and a
little bit of delicious natural sweetness. You just want to cut them in half right through the middle and then set those aside. I’m also going to add a few
other ingredients that add a lot of brightness and freshness starting with
fresh parsley. I think parsley is a totally underrated
and underappreciated herb. You know a lot of the time we all give attention to
maybe rosemary and basil, and I love those herbs too, but there’s just nothing
like good old parsley. It’s also super easy to find and very affordable too. So
I’m just going to give this parsley a rough chop; it doesn’t have to be too perfect or anything. I think one of the great things
about this dish is just kind of that it’s really rustic and fresh and homey.
I’ll set my parsley aside. Now I’m all prepped, and while I’ve been doing this, I
actually have 6 ounces of whole wheat pasta that are cooking on the stove, so
though that should be done right around the time that I finish up with these
ingredients. Now the final ingredient that I want to
have prepped in advance is Parmesan cheese. Now, I’m going to get a little bit
preachy about this and bossy, so just bear with me. (And I’m totally bossy you
can ask my younger sisters), but this one is really really important: do not buy
the cans of Parmesan cheese—that stuff in the green can? That is not the same
thing. You’ll find that the stuff in the can is usually coated with a powder
to keep it from caking, and it just doesn’t melt and it doesn’t have that same
nice, lovely saltiness that you’ll get from grating your own cheese right off
the block like this. As a benefit, it actually can often be less expensive to
create your own cheese off the block too. This recipe is really simple—there
aren’t too many ingredients and so that is part of what makes it really
important to ensure that each one that you choose is good quality and really
counts. I for one always want to make the cheese count. Right about now, my
pasta is done cooking, so I’m going to drain that and then show you how it all
comes together in one pan. Alright so I have a cooked and drained the pasta; I
even get extra points because I remembered to save some of the pasta water. This
is a great thing to do whenever you are making pasta in case you need to loosen
up some of the sauce at the end. And now I am ready to bring all of our
ingredients that we have prepped together. To start out, I’ve had my pan heating
over medium high. I think a great way to take your home cooking to the next level
is to make sure you always have your pan heated first. It’s super simple but super
important. I’m adding a generous amount of olive oil, a full three
tablespoons. Do not skimp here. Because this recipe doesn’t have a lot of
ingredients, again every single one of them is really important and the olive
oil is what’s going to make the base for our sauce and just coat those noodles
in its luscious flavor. Now that it is nice and warm I am going to add our
cherry tomatoes. So these go right into the skillet. That is the sound of
delicious. You want to let your cherry tomatoes cook just until they start to
lose their firm shape and burst. That’s going to take about one to two minutes. This
is a fantastic recipe to make in the summer if you have a lot of extra
tomatoes on hand. The tomatoes are going to kind of break down and they almost
create a little bit of a sauce effect in the pot by themselves. It’s just really
lovely and fresh. Now that the tomatoes have started to break down a bit, I’m
going to add my garlic. You don’t want to add your garlic too early in a recipe
because it can burn really quickly and if you have burned garlic, it’s going
create this bitter, off flavor in your entire dish, and that is definitely not
what we want. It also helps if you’re adding the garlic when there’s
already other ingredients in the pan like there are with this pasta. The
second the garlic becomes fragrant, which is right about now—it takes just 30 seconds
and it already smells like an Italian restaurant
in here. I’m going to add a few more ingredients to give this pasta great
flavor. We’ve got salt and pepper—cannot have a recipe without some good old S&P—some crushed red pepper flake—you can add as little as 1/4 teaspoon if you
just want a slight bit of kick or if your house likes it a little hotter like
ours, you can take that up to half a teaspoon or as much as you dare. Now as
you can see, our tomatoes are starting to break down here. A few of them are
getting really juicy and kind of losing their firm shape. That is exactly what we
want. Now, it is time to add the pasta. This recipe is just flying! So, here we go.
I have 6 ounces of whole wheat fettuccine noodles. I love to use whole
wheat pasta in my cooking. It is a great way to make any pasta into a
healthy pasta, because it adds important servings of protein and fibe. You can
find protein and fiber in higher quantities in whole grains than you can
in white noodles. It just takes absolutely no extra effort on your part,
and you’re going to make your recipes a little bit better for you. I also find
that if I don’t tell people that I’m using whole wheat noodles, they don’t even know. It can
be your little secret. Alright I’ll give these a big toss. Wow!
I already want to dive in here with my fork. Alright, time to add a few other
ingredients that we have prepped. We have our olives. Those are going in with their
salty, briny flavor. We have our artichokes. Give that a big toss. Look at
all of the gorgeous colors in here. And now to give the pasta just real
liveliness and lightness, I’m going to add some fresh lemon juice. I’m going to
juice the lemon right into my pasta. You want about a quarter cup, which is
going to be about one medium lemon. If you like it super lemony, feel free to
add in more. You can always add the zest of the lemon for some additional
lemon flavor too. As I’m tossing, I kind of want to take a look at this and if it
starts to get a little too sticky, that is where our pasta water comes in. It’s
getting a little dry, so I’m just going to splash in tiny bit here, just enough to
loosen the noodles right back up where I want them. That looks fantastic. Okay, just
two more things to add and then we are ready to chow down. Alright, we’ve got
our fresh parsley; look at that lovely burst of green. And of course, we have the
Parmesan. Cheese lovers, you can add as much as you want, I won’t tell a soul and
I’ll probably ask you to invite me over for dinner. Oh would you
look at this lusciousness! It smells amazing, and can you believe how freaky
fast that was?! This is quick enough for the craziest weeknight but it tastes chic
enough for date night. If you want more easy, healthy recipes like this one, be
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  1. Susan B

    Yum! I’m definitely going to make this during the summer months. We only use “real” cheese in our home lol. Growing up in an Italian home my family used fresh cheese only. 👍😋

  2. vilko skorlich

    Not all Mediterranean countries use the same recipes, when someone states "Mediterranean cuisine" it means they share a lot of core ingredients but not necessarily recipes. There is no traditionally Mediterranean recipes, the traditional part equates to the recipe owner of a specific country not the group itself.

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