Healthy Junk Food Recipes | Easy Paleo Pretzel & Queso

hey everyone and welcome back it to my
channel today is a super exciting video because you guys have been requesting
these recipes if you haven’t subscribed yet make sure you do because I make tons
of delicious healthy easy to make recipes that you don’t want to miss so
first off we are making these soft pretzels this was requested by one of
you guys to make a healthy version so here we go I’m using some cast of a
flower which is actually from the yucca root it helps with digestion it’s also
good for bone health as well SM tapioca flour which is great at boosting your
energy and balancing your blood sugar a pinch of Himalayan salt you guys know
this is my staple salt it just balances your pH it’s got so many minerals in it
for you a little bit of baking powder which is gonna help the pretzels kind of
develop and rise because we want that really nice bready texture so mix
together your dry ingredients and then go ahead and add in some coconut oil and
adds a little bit of fat to this recipe and a good kind of fat and then an egg I
haven’t tried this with a flax egg but if you do and it works let me know and
then I’m putting in a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar this is key to the recipe
because it really helps the dog develop and to get the right kind of flavor and
texture in it as well so mix that together and then once you have a dough
shape I separated this in to three pretzels then you’re gonna roll it out
on your countertop or a cutting board either/or and like I said I made three
pretzels so you roll it out into one long kind of skinny snake basically so
you roll it with your hand until you get a skinny snake and then this is the key
you fold it and cross it and then bring it back down and that’s how you get the
pretzel shape if it cracks a little bit just press it back together with your
hands we are working with paleo flowers here guys so the struggle was a little
real but honestly it’s quite easy just pinch it together if it comes apart and
then once those are made all you need to do is go ahead and boil them so I’m
boiling them for one minute in boiling water now this really helps with the
texture both with bagels and with pretzels while they are out of the
boiling water I’m sprinkling them with some everything bagel spice and then I
bake them for another 25 minutes and there you go you have these soft paleo
pretzels they’re just like the real thing and they taste so good next up
we’re making these pizza rolls or pizza it’s whatever they were called when you
were little so I’m starting off with sweet potato sweet potatoes loaded with
vitamin A vitamin C and thiamine which actually helps you get all the energy
from the food that you’re eating along with some tapioca flour you can also use
air root starch in a place of tapioca flour and then I’m adding in some almond
flour almond flour is rich in vitamin E it’s got protein fiber healthy fats so
this dough is actually quite a simple recipe you just mix that all together
until you get a nice dough and then you’re gonna need two sheets of
parchment paper to roll in between this is what I found the easiest to roll it
out and get it like a nice thin even consistency with the dough so I’m
throwing it out between the two sheets you want it about 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch
thick to make your sweet potato like slices of your dough then peel the
parchment paper away and all you have to do is slice with a knife to make your
square shapes so if you want to make a giant pizza pocket you could definitely
make bigger ones I’m making this kind of like bite-sized ones that you had when
you were little but feel free to do bigger ones if you want and just slice
that into even shapes then you’re gonna take each of the squares they come up
quite easily just slide it up with a knife and lay that onto it either a
silicone baking sheet more parchment paper or a greased baking sheet one of
the two I love rails I’m putting a little bit in
the center I’m using the tomato-basil one you guys know this been my favorite
sauce for years so super delish and then once that’s done I’m putting on a little
bit of dairy free cheese you can use whatever kind of dairy-free cheese that
you like this is just one that I found at Whole Foods that I like my earthbound
I think pound or earth pounds one of the two um and it’s pretty good and then
after that all you need to do is put another one of the squares on top and
we’re gonna seal the edges with a fork to kind of make sure that nothing seeps
out of the sides so just press the fork on around all of the edges so that
everything stays within our little pizza pocket pop pick things and then once
they’re all prepped go ahead and bake them in the oven for 12 minutes and then
you can have them with a side of more marinara sauce and they’re so easy and
so delicious and they came out amazing I’m actually really impressed with how
easy they were to make and how tasty they were and lastly we’re making it
this so dip so I’m starting off with one cup
of cashews if your cashews are harder you might want to soak them for an hour
if not don’t worry about it you just want to make sure you get a smooth
consistency I’m putting in some paprika some garlic powder some tumeric all
these flavors are really gonna make it super flavorful and also the tumeric
helps with kind of like that nacho cheese color and also a little bit of
onion powder and then I’m going to be rolling out a lemon this really helps to
release the juices of a lemon to help squeeze everything out because you don’t
want to waste lemon right so just roll it out and then squeeze it in your hand
to catch the seeds and then we all have to just blend it up with some water you
can definitely use almond milk too if you want a more creamier one but I think
water works just really well blend it till it’s smooth and you have this
wonderful kind of queso inspired dip super flavorful perfect with tortilla
chips and perfect for like even a girls night in or having friends over or
something like that so I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did don’t
forget to give it a good old thumbs up and leave any comments down below of the
nail it’s like healthy junk food recipe you want me to remake and I will do that
I hope you guys are all having a great date and I’ll see you in my next video
bye guys

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  1. keepupwithliv

    HEY GUYS! Enjoy these healthy junk food recipes 🙂 Let me know what you want to see next! As always, thank you to each of you for watching, it really means a lot 💗 Give it a thumbs up if you liked it!

  2. edith stal

    Is that flour gluten free? I have IBS everything bothers me tummy but I cheat and eat.. not these snack fattening? Very overweight?

  3. Zeinab A.

    I love all ur recipes. U encourage me to be healthy. U make cooking fun. I just wanted to ask if u can make a healthier version of croissant. Please

  4. Denise Galiano

    What great recipes…seem so easy and way healthier. So happy I found u. Nice to be able to still eat good snacks without all the crap.

  5. MsSpunkisam

    sweater weather is coming (its is still trying to decide where I live lol) Maybe some healthy soups for colds? or yummy desserts for thanksgiving dinner? love your channel!

  6. Urtė Sireikaitė

    Liv!You really help me live a healthy lifestyle ,even though not all of your recipes are vegan ,they help me so much !You are one of the best cooking channels on youtube ,and we wish you all the best !By the way ,Happy Halloween !

  7. Cassandra Wolf

    Am I missing something with the pizza pockets? The recipe calls for coconut oil and Himalayan salt but the video didn't say when to add it. I am assuming to the dough before rolling out but I am not sure.

  8. Anna Tilghman

    I love all these recipes! I love going to my local coffee shop all the time but its killing my bank account. It would be cool to see home healthy versions of these drinks! Just a suggestion, but all of your videos are so great!

  9. Aimee Rivera

    Hi Liv! I want to make these today but I don't have sweet potatoe. Do you think I could substitute it with butternut squats or pumpkin purée?!

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