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everyone welcome back to my channel
today’s video is all about holiday breakfast they’re easy to make they’re
good for you and they taste delicious if you haven’t yet make sure to subscribe
to see lots more healthy recipes and let’s just jump right in so the first
thing we are making are these eggnog pancakes to make them I’m starting off
by adding in some baking soda to some almond flour baking soda just really
helps get them nice and fluffy I’m adding in a pinch of Himalayan salt as
well as some coconut milk you can sub this for any other nut milk so an almond
milk or cashew milk as well and then I’m adding in a half a teaspoon of apple
cider vinegar to the milk now this is gonna help kind of culture the milk
almost kind of like a buttermilk but a vegan style so you kind of stir that
together and so I let to the side while we get the rest of our ingredients ready
then I’m adding in a couple tablespoons of coconut oil to our flour and one
tablespoon of maple syrup for a little bit of sweetness then I’m gonna be
adding in a little bit of vanilla extract as well as some nutmeg nutmeg
really helps to give it the eggnog flavor because that is the most
predominant spice in eggnog of course for the eggnog we’re going to also need
some egg in this and then we’re just going to stir that all together until
you get like a nice pancake batter once it’s all combined then we’re going
to be adding in our nut milk or coconut milk that we had with the apple cider
vinegar and this is just so you don’t activate it too much and it gets nice
and fluffy when we cook them on our pan so there’s mix that together until your
batter is smooth and then I heat it up a pan to medium heat with a little bit of
avocado oil so that it doesn’t stick and I cook it till there’s bubbles and then
just flip and then once they’re done you can stack them up I found that this
recipe made two meals for me or two breakfasts or ever making it for
multiple people that works too I topped it with a little bit of ghee as well as
some pomegranate seeds which are festive but also they make a nice little and
they taste rude with the pancake next up I am making some peppermint donuts so
I’m starting off with some coconut oil and then I’m going to be adding
an egg and then all you have to do is go whisk those two together until that it’s
nice and smooth and just don’t heat up the coconut oil too much because you
don’t want your eggs to cook in the coconut oil so only heat it up until
it’s just melted add in your three eggs and then we’re gonna add in some vanilla
as well as some peppermint extract and both of these give a really nice flavor
I did about a teaspoon for each of them if you want less peppermint you can
always do half a teaspoon and just do it to your taste so whisk that all together
and then I’m gonna be adding in some cacao you can use cocoa or cacao I just
have cacao on hand and you’re gonna need half a cup and add that to the batter
and then I’m adding in a quarter cup of coconut sugar coconut sugar is a less
refined sugar so it’s great to use in recipes as well as a teaspoon of baking
soda which is gonna help these donuts rise then I’m adding in almond flour
it’s rich in vitamin E it’s got proteins got fats it’s a great flour to use in
baking definitely one of my staples I do get a lot of questions as to where I get
my almond flour and I do get it at Costco because you get a really good
value and you could also buy Kirkland on Amazon which is really cool so if you
don’t belong to Costco you can still get a pretty decent price on it on Amazon
and then I’m just using a bag to kind of pipe it into the doughnut molds if you
don’t have a doughnut mold you can easily make peppermint Donuts with this
while those are baking I’m gonna crush up some candy canes I like the one from
wholesome brand because they don’t use any dyes or high pick just corn syrup I
get them at Whole Foods and they’re just made with better ingredients
so once those are crushed up and we melt some dairy free chocolate I’m gonna add
in just a little bit of peppermint to the dairy free chocolate as well so that
we can make a nice glaze and then you just have to dip the donuts into the
glaze and then set them on a piece of parchment paper sprinkling on a little
bit of the crushed candy canes on the top so that they can stick to the
chocolate while it’s melted before it cools and that way they will stay stuck
on for the whole time so just go ahead and dip all of your donuts and and
continue on with the crushed candy canes on the top and they turned out so
delicious they’re so easy and festive and they’re the perfect thing to make
this holiday season for breakfast lastly we are making this gingerbread
granola so I’m starting off with a couple cups of nuts and seeds so I use
the mix here I use almonds cashews and pumpkin seeds and you can use whatever
favorite nuts that you have or whatever seed so you can do sunflower seeds
walnuts pecans you can do just one or just the other to mix it up how you like
and then I’m adding in some coconut now you want to do shredded coconut not the
giant flakes and adding that into the bowl and then I’m putting in some
cinnamon and some nutmeg and some ginger and some clove and all of these spices
are the ones that are in gingerbread spice normally so you really get that
gingerbread flavor so adding all of those in adding in a tablespoon of maple
syrup and then you just have to stir that together until it’s nice and
combined I’m putting that on my silicone baking sheet and I’m gonna bake at 350
for 25 minutes and then you will have this wonderful granola that you can
snack on on its own you can put on yogurt or on smoothies
whatever you want this season okay guys thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed
let me know your favorite breakfast in this video down below I think mine might
be the eggnog pancakes because they’re so delicious and easy to make but
they’re festive and you can make a bunch of them and freeze them and have them
during the week so it’s super easy I hope you guys are all having a great day
and I will see you in my next video bye guys

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  1. keepupwithliv

    Enjoy this healthy holiday breakfast video! Don't forget treat week starts tomorrow πŸ™Š I am so excited for these recipes and all the more yummy healthy ones to come😍

  2. Tara Huber

    So…sunbelt bakery makes these pumpkin spice granola bars that are to die for, but I wanted to see if there was a healthier way to make them without all the added crap to them , if you were looking for a challenge πŸ™‚

  3. Makena_ M

    It’s that time of year where the kitchen smells amazing 24/7 and these recipes are about to go downnnn πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„ πŸŽ„

  4. Michelle Anguiano

    I am writing these in my recipe folder so I can make these for my kiddos this holiday season! Thank you so much for your recipes. I love feeding my family things that are healthy and that I can feel proud about, and because of your delicious recipes that has become possible all the time❀❀

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