Healthy Green Bean Casserole with ALL Fresh Vegetables

hi I’m John from and today I want to make a green bean casserole but instead of making a green bean casserole that you’re used to with the cans of green beans and the gray cream of mushroom soup… I’m gonna do something fresh! I want to make a green bean casserole with green beans, with freshly roasted onions on the top and an nice cream of mushroom base and baked all together and I think it’ll be something that you would really enjoy eating on Thanksgiving instead of something that you dread but then maybe you like that casserole that your grandmother serves to you on Thanksgiving but I think you’re gonna like this a lot better! Basically what we’re going to do is we’re going to make the onion topping. we’re gonna make so much some crispy onion strips and then we’re going to go ahead and cook down some mushrooms and some green beans add them all together put them up the onions on top and end up with something we can put into the oven for half an hour and it will be delicious. I promise you. so here let’s get to work. First thing we’re gonna do is cut this onion first thing I do is sharpen my knives we’re going to do is basically French the onion cut off the cut in half cut off the root and cut up the top square that makes it easy to peel What you want to do is just work your way around the circumference of the onion look I’m doing using my knuckle as a guide I can move my fingernail across the top of the onion and very slowly edged back i’m resting my knife against my knuckle here and that lets me gives me a nice guide so i can make nice thin strips and then rotate and continue gets a little hairy here at the end good sharp knife not a problem he’s going to bowl right rinse and repeat! cut off the root. cut off the top. pull off the dry papers. start your places rotate it’s okay! don’t cry! you’re almost done! okay! I can say I’m blind! It’s going in the bowl! I’m going to break the onions up just so you get that those little too strange looking for and we’re going to add two cups of milk what that’s going to do is take away some of this oh and it’s going to give us a little bit of adhesive for the flour to stick to and the and the seasonings so just get that down in their best you can should be just enough and give this in our next ingredient patterns mushrooms for your mushrooms don’t really need to do a lot just cut them each the chunks if the stem is too drying out or what do you can take that off these are actually pretty fresh so i’m not going to worry about it our next ingredient prep is a pound of beans we’re gonna have to rinse these as you can see next we’re going to trim my trim my beans i don’t like that i mean you can sit there with your grandmother and stem and tail them or big knife line them up take off the tops take off the tails keep on truckin some of their some of them are not going to cooperate but sort of line them up and trim up once you’ve got your beans trend go ahead and cut them into bite-sized pieces and an inch and a half inch long just again grab another handful of them to your final quality control check and then you can cut them in our bigger beans are a third and a half something like that just something you know fork sighs bite-sized yeah it’s probably easier to open a can of soup and open a couple of cans of beans but is it really worth it with just a couple of minutes and I think we’re going to be a lot happier with the finished product alright let’s get cooking the backstage of our onion prep we’re going to coat the onion strips with flour and some seasoning we’re going to do onion powder paprika and a little salt and pepper I think our onion strips would benefit from some more onion so I’m gonna add 2 teaspoons of onion paprika is nice for a little bit of color on something like this so let’s throw a teaspoon paprika pepper stir this up well remember our onions in there melt back go ahead and drain that milk out then right into the flour why is it such a big ball so i can toss to the walk you just need to add some oil well and he I’ve got a digital thermometer digital candy thermometer I you can use you can use it analog thermometer something you really want to be about 350 degrees for this any harder and they’ll burn any cooler they will take too long to cook and i’ll just get soggy we really want to be right around 350 while I’m waiting for the oil to heat up just getting ready here I’ve got a another big bowl with some paper towels in it as I’m working batches I’ll take the onions from the flour into the hot oil and then right up to dry looking at about a hundred and thirty now we’ll keep going once you hit 350 about that many a time just a nice handful once you find your spider separate them so they can cook in between there and keep in mind these are gonna get cooked again on top of the green bean casserole so we don’t need to dry them out completely look a nice brown on and then right off onto the paper towels check out the extra flour right into the hot oil shake-up flour into the oil got about enough more back let me finish this up I’ll be right back to you guys the next step in the process is to plant the beans blanching is that process where you real quickly add the beans to boiling water and then let them cook for about a minute two minutes and then real quickly take them out of the waters strain them and put them in an ice bath to stop the cooking what it does is really brightens up the beans gives a real bright fresh case and make some bright green another one of our upgrades in our green bean casserole though you look at canned green beans and their that gray color we got nothing like that here we can have nice fresh bright green beans that are in our green bean casserole so add your beans boiling water all at once set the clock let’s go about two minutes on these beans right on the final assembly first step cook the mushrooms i do my mushrooms a little differently than anyone else like to do my mushrooms and a hot dry pan and then once the mushrooms get a nice start to get a nice brown on them that i have the butter then I’ll add the garlic so I’ve got this pan on pretty hot if your pants hotting up you should hear the mushrooms screaming getting there I’m getting a little squeaks in between that sizzle you can hear we love crying mushrooms again high heat no oil no salt just mushrooms and a lot of heat why am I doing this browning the mushrooms just like you brown eye steak in a hot pan real fast and then cook it slowly and doing the same thing with my mushrooms and cook them really hot really fast get a nice brown on them bring out their money of the mushrooms and then once i get my mushrooms cooked once i got my lotion brown the way I want i’ll go ahead and add in the butter add in the garlic and then build up my sauce but as you’re watching these mushrooms they’re cooking you can start to see him give up a little bit of moisture hear him screaming for their lives there’s going to be some moisture in the bottom of the pan but hopefully my stove will keep the pan hot enough that this moisture will keep coming off and I’ll get that nice Brown under there eventually you’re just going to lose the race and the moisture is coming out of the mushrooms like you can see now and go ahead and just resign yourself to cooking these mushrooms for the rest of the way now you can see the moisture start to come out of the mushrooms that are butter this is two tablespoons of butter a couple of cloves of garlic mushrooms a ton of moisture and then people get worried about soaking mushroom soaking the dirt off the mushrooms when they’re washing them not a problem they can’t possibly soak up any more moisture than they already have in them so don’t worry about soaking the dirt off mushrooms are running them underwater trying to keep your emotions right now that matters don’t worry about any of that just go ahead get your mushrooms in the pan get a nice quick sear once they start to release their moisture then you can add your butter add your garlic sturm sauté em and then finish that Browning process that you started and then as you start to get you can see some of the mushrooms will have a nice brown on them and start this weekend at this point sprinkle in your flour and stir to coat the heat to about medium don’t want to burn the flower give that flower minute or two to cook you probably recognize what I’m doing here I’ve got oil in the pan i added flour I’m cooking the flower and we’re starting to build up our sauce so once the flower looks like it’s starting to brown a little bit you don’t see any white spots of flour in the pan two cups of cold milk and nutmeg don’t buy that nutmeg in the jars from that space company with the little lids by nutmeg buy it on Amazon it’s great to do greater its 16th of a teaspoon I think pepper and let this sauce thicken let’s get the beans in there don’t boil your dairy based sauce heat the heat but the beans in we gotta cool this off to get job pile on our onions and then straight away into a 350-degree oven for about 20-25 minutes or until you start to see these onions start to brown here’s the finished product a nice bubble up around the edges the onions are nice and brown on top let this sit for five or ten minutes and cool off and we can dig in good hop really hot Green still have a little bit to that to them cool mushrooms have a nice tarik mushrooms have a nice taste and texture we have a scratch on our onions I think we did it thanks for watching YouTube

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  1. Althea McNabb

    I don't know if it will comfort you or gross you out, but I fall asleep watching you at least 2x a week. I find you very informative, I learn from you as I am relaxing and not watching crap. I take notes when I have a pen and paper on my nightstand. lol. Your videos are not obnoxiously up and down in volume like so many other shows that irritate the beJesus Outa me. I just start to chill and relax my brain and WWWAAAAAAAAA goes their ridiculous opening or closing music and it shocks my head. Thank you so very much for NOT being an annoying pain in the ass.

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