Healthy Eating Guidelines : How to Eat Healthy at TGI Friday’s

My name is Christine Marquette and I’m a registered
dietitian with the Austin Regional Clinic and I’m going to talk to you about how to
eat healthy at TGI Friday’s. The easiest way to eat healthy at TGI Friday’s is to choose
from their lighter side menu. They have choices listed there that are either low carb or low
fat so this is going to be your quickest and easiest option. If nothing on that menu appeals
to you and you go back to the regular menu, some things to keep in mind is you want to
try to avoid anything that is battered and fried, you want to avoid a lot of excess cheese
that tends to have a lot of saturated fat in it and a lot of extra calories. You want
to choose items that are grilled or broiled or charbroiled. Those items are not going
to have a lot of added fat from cooking oils or from batter that will absorb the oil. So
grilled would be your best option for meats as far as vegetables, salads are a good choice
as long as you are getting your dressing on the sides and the best dressings to choose
would be some type of vinegarette over the creamy based dressings. Other things to keep
in mind would be the side vegetables. If you can try to choose some steamed vegetables
again as opposed to anything that is fried like a french fried potato, basked potatoes
loaded with sour cream and cheese, those kinds of things so really angle for the steamed
vegetables if you are choosing off the regular menu and then lastly you want to choose a
beverage that doesn’t have added sugar to it, plain tea, coffee, water, diet soft drinks,
anything that doesn’t have added sugar to it that won’t cause you to have additional
calories to your meal. Then as far as alcohol if you do want an alcoholic beverage limit
it to only one with your meal because any kind of alcoholic drink is going to have a
lot of extra calories to it. Lastly if you really want desert make sure you are splitting
it with a couple of other people, avoid ever ordering a desert just for yourself because
that will have a lot of extra calories and a lot of extra fat. So those are just a few
basic tips for how to eat healthy at TGI Friday’s.

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