Healthy Dieting | Does intermittent fasting work?

so tallfire, you asked about intermittent fasting and how effective it could be so i personally have never been involved in that type of nutritional protocol, but I know a lot of people that have and I know a lot of people that have seen great results, I know a lot of people that have stuck with it for awhile, and I know a lot of people that have done it in the short term and and i’ve done a lot of research on it
from a scientific perspective now my belief about that, and my philosophy around nutrition is you always want to be following nutritional guidelines that speak to sustainability how sustainable is it for you or another person to fast for twelve, thirteen hours or whatever it may be in the daily life that you live, or that you want to live, or the things that you want to do it’s a hindrance to a certain extent and when things like that become a hindrance the less likely you’ll be able to
maintain them so that’s why i’m not an advocate for intermittent fasting because it is not it doesn’t fit with the balanced life it’s very difficult to do well in other areas of your life, to live a balanced life with this strict guidelines that are associated with it and i personally believe it’s not something there’s someone could maintain for a long period
of time now does it see fat results? of course it does but you can go about it in more different ways, having a more blended approach of protein carbohydrates and fat and see similar results if not better and you can live a balanced life so that’s what I would reccommend but thanks for your question

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  1. Jager

    16/8 IF – 1am-9pm isn't particular hard to do, in essence you are just skipping breakfast and having lunch at 1. Meals are fulfilling and if you have your eating timings down you will never be that hungry, let alone starving.

  2. Mr Home Loans

    Don't think it's that hard to balance this out at all after doing it myself for 6+ months. Won't know until you try it but worked out great for me and saved me tons of time in the mornings

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