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welcome back and thank you very much for
joining us my name is Ward myalgia and this is a Vivianna accredited news
network and we are on another episode of the everyday hero show this week
lucky me I had to talk to a dietitian the same week I decided to become a
vegan this young waiting Lauren Smith who I
went to high school with joins me Tom at the show Lauren thank you very much
coming please tell me and the people who are you and why nutrition why – why back
so I’m Lauren Athena from high school with you so I chose nutrition for my
career after actually at the YMCA in the UN and that would open these with the
dietician my questioning of college making home one summer and he was
telling me all the stuff that I had no idea about peanut butter and I love
peanut butter so I was very perplexed by it went back
to school that fall and decided I guess I want to do nutrition I want to study
it more I want to know kind of the science behind it all and you know how
to live the best healthy life people like it for me I feel like it’s a
perfect match for you right because like I know I know Lauren from way back when
way back but um you’ve always been well I don’t know if you have been but you’ve
always looked healthy like you won’t you look the part
which is I think sometimes a big part of the deal but you know other times not so
much but it’s nice if you do and you’ve always looked a party or even healthy in
high school did you uh by luggage bring ones packet on one good mom do it how
did you eat in high school growing up yeah so that’s a whole other another
part of why I also want to continue doing attrition so I played sports a lot
high school shows a real track together and there was no nutrition component to
our athletic mom and that’s a huge part of success and athletics and I never
felt like I have that not that it would have you know brought me to another
level or whatnot but I did have button I knew I packed my
left sometimes I eat out a lot I mean I did really nice fast food growing up I
mean who doesn’t want to go french fries to be honest I wasn’t but that is just a
huge component with athletics so there’s really no there’s no resources for
students in high school second I also never look like there’s
your real waters with my way of saying that they would have not taken me to the
level which like I’m not a nutritionist you guys on the next I’m gonna love what
I do but very little literally has been like a day and a half of nutritional
research and I honestly believe it could have taken me to another level
I feel like nutritional everything personally with me that was you know
nutrition can only do so much yeah they can bring you to that next
level especially when you’re at a really high level already and bring your game
up a little more but it’s not make or break in terms of your career yeah don’t
be mad I’m okay so um nutritious dietitian so you decided it when you
like alarm ta which by the way I want to love local and general can buy suburban
what so tell us tell me because you just explained it to me but for the people
what is the difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist in my mind
they basically do the same thing so that’s something I often encounter a
dietitian goes to school they do what they call a be PE program through they
do their undergrad degree in nutrition nutritional science so because they’re
all evidence basement career and then they go on to something called a
Dietetic internship so basically is six months to a year of clinical hours
depending on the program where you are working which in a hospital setting
you’re working in a community setting you’re working in outpatient you’re
working in a ton of different areas depending on what you want to do to
learn medical nutrition therapy cuz that’s a whole other part of Dietetics
and then just counseling skills and just becoming more well-versed in nutrition
whereas nutrition or a nutritionist anyone your home self or nutritionist so
you could literally take a week course online about nutrition how to be
healthier and even call yours nutritionist and put it anywhere so I’m
definitely ruining the Christmas rush just because I took a full semester so I
am I laughs even more than something designed that there I can put that stuff
in there like swimwear so the like so I want to know
so because you said that it takes all of this where are you in your you know
adventure where are you in the process of becoming a dietitian are you the
dietician of what’s the situation right now yeah so I did my undergrad nutrition
for State University going on and then I this year I went to a BU Boston
University and I did my masters and clinical nutrition and right now I am
UMass Medical Center doing my internship hours so I’m in my neuro week of medical
nutrition therapy stuff and next we go start my GI rotation Wow
so there’s a neural spectrum and dietitian yes I thought it would all be
J well if you’re extra patient and you say oh well you know how you lazy
oh my guess is no excitement is all like all the physicians was taking the term
we might end up a lot talking about that versus what I want to talk about which
is being vegan which is something I really need help with and I’m happy you
here but before that there’s a couple of questions I think that a lot of people
have for nutritionist for dietitians for those folks but I am here to clear the
air about so weird I don’t want to say where do we start because that’s just
too general I’m saying so for the average gentleman I want to be healthier
what is your suggestion so my go-to answer with you is on the
street is it so person specific and often with nutrition you have these
Instagram accounts I mean bodybuilders and you have these documentaries like
what the health and they’re viewing these really broad statements about
nutrition when in reality just like you’re like in the hospital
yes your treatment for a patient is so individualized that is the scene with
nutrition your needs depends on so many factors so always anchors seek out help
from you know registered dietitian specifically relates nutrition yes but
there’s always little things that you can do to become a little bit more
healthier for instance if you don’t drink a lot of water currently you know
tracking your intake in Muncie okay maybe I’ll have like another glass but
um I’ll try this for three times and make it that’s what we call smart goals
chimerical I’ve heard of them so yeah yeah so you want to make your goal
specific measurable attainable so we like realistic our is realistic and time
Aransas okay I have my house double-check on that a I should know
that but basically you want to you want to see how visible you’re going to think
you’re going to want to think about while you’re making a goal so it’s not
something like how I want to be a millionaire like how are you going to
get there you have to take the little steps to get to those little Bowl and
then okay so so so it’s just like the little goals and you think it’s very
specific to each patient right so vision each perfect that that person so the
like okay because it’s hard right at heart so what I want to do my research
and outside of talking to the dietician one on one run it’s like me going online
in a second exactly so I should search a five-eighth young black male 20 years
old what should I see yeah how like how do we get there without active life so
first off there’s times and resources online that are really reputable whether
or not jump it just you have to kind of dig through them your intensity I will
be dietitian might like the governing agency over music add nutrition and
dietetics so call me envy phenomenal resources
something called my place I can show you how to build a healthful plate at all
but you know that’s just for general health you know there’s tons of other
resources – 50 CFDA which I’m a member of its
Polly dysfunctional Sports Dietetic Association so if you’re thinking about
sports performance they have a lot of resources online any layman’s terms as
well there’s tons of resources out there so you just want to be sure you are
going to website that is reputable another one can be like the American
diet diabetic Association so you know they have a lot of resources free so
people online and you know even some Instagram accounts can really have some
great sources as well your people need to be I don’t know if you much nutrition
Twitter is also a great place to but you just have to become conscious about what
you’re reading and take a second to you know step back and say okay do I believe
this or do I need to go somewhere else and can fact check it or we wear shit
again yeah so like it I’ve been all she’s ever going to 7th stuff that I
actually tell migration actors like I tell them to go to you know humor
diabetes goji and it’s not about it’s actually not just whether they’re not
just a Google search like go to these reputable sources so I’m in the legit
and it is it’s nearly impossible to do a like a this is where you should go with
you would decide on it because every person is different I don’t get out
advice to people don’t that’s not what and here to do that and there’s a time
and place for it but just my personal beliefs of nutrition it’s so
individualized that I don’t want to go against my beliefs and just say oh yeah
you should do this and this I don’t know if you’re both to lose weight gain
weight gain new bodyman you name it there to be so many Volpe
you’re going towards in korea for federal level work because of you one of
our disease you know there’s so many things i mean just have it talk to the
person to understand what their goals are before you even set a goal what’s
big fun which one said i’m so like so let’s go into like outside of like
specific you you people patients I want to know like general should people be
aware of the calories they each of accountant should be not count them so
they just pick general healthy food how do you yeah and I think that answers
we going to depend on the person I think that such a debate is sitting in my
field whether it count calories go ahead intuitively eat I personally don’t have
calories a huge push that I’m a part of and want to you know teach my central
clients patients whoever and hopefully you guys in this video is called
intuitive eating is basically eating food when you want and not depriving
yourself of it so if you want a cookie one day you’re going to have that cookie
and because you’re going to have that cookie you’re not going to you know
restrict it and then really really crave it because the more you restrict a food
the more you do want it and it is shown oh Jesus okay yeah so we need to work
you know okay we’ll get that one thing I depends on your goal too because I know
people who do count calories and they want to you know gain a certain physique
and you know set forth on people that works but some people that can spiral
into eating disorder and so you because you just said that if you are craving an
cookie or if you just want good you should go eat it that’s not fair
especially personally um so you sure you wouldn’t be the lady the diet doesn’t
tell people to stay away from hell I am NOT the food place and once again
depends on your bowl because I know I’m bringing up random examples but I worked
a lot with athletes at Florida State and I’m kind of where I love to go with my
career and you know a high carbohydrate diet is optimal for sport it is going to
make you better if you deprive yourself of carbohydrates this is you’re not
going to be as good especially if it’s some pretty good all the energy work am
eat it like it sometimes one but if you’re working on the money at the time
one if you’re running a hundred miles of l-louise yeah so it makes sense it makes
sense it’s just okay I know this what I want this to be above you guys but I
also really wanted to be about me right an item awesomes can be my living
session with a dietitian well but local station will fit delicate function if I
want to like I think this most people want to lose weight if yes they want to
lose weight they want to look better and they just want to feel yeah how if your
food group you will tell people to eat is it some dessert
like something you could give up yeah what immediately comes to mind and you
know I will just say this from the beginning every sit every can you don’t
care everything in moderation yeah and I think there is a lot of truth to that
and I always say in promoting intuitive eating but when you’re one year what
what you decide really struck me because it made me think of like protein for
instance um no protein if you have it in the morning with breakfast Adam of the
exact levels from the study but they were showing that basically the more
routine you at breakfast the more school you are in the afternoon especially
couples of fat so I mean that could be one little thing to think about when
you’re looking at what you currently eat so if you you know are having a really
high carbohydrate breakfast with the pests just you know maybe bread and
butter or Babeland cream cheese or just cereal and milk I mean the milk brings a
little bit of protein but those are really high carbohydrate breakfast so
maybe if you had bread with eggs instead come on back and saw boost up your
protein and take Greek yogurt through an example as well with that one sort of
little switch is thinking about looking at the meal site you’re currently eating
and you know what can maybe um what can you tweak and change so many affect okay
I’m loving it I really do love it um it doesn’t for me as a vegan
today I’m with the N and I’ve been a vegan for about four or five games which
I’m very proud of at the same time I’ve been struggling with all of those things
don’t agree with the diet that I am so I would mean I would need much much more
specific but we’re not going to stay there we’ll get there in time um because
you said you want to be in the sports world when what does it you know
specific to dietitians do you think do you think that they like the outlook
that we have as like people is like eat as much lead achievement we possible can
translates the muscle this is does that have any truth to it at all so it is it
yes enough okay one I will say it out fat not that I don’t support it
diet or vegetarian diet I was a vegetarian for three years in college no
I do have vast experience with meal planning one of us very high doses but I
am NOT currently a practicing vegetarian if you want all of that but being a
vegan and vegetarian takes a lot of planning especially to make sure you’re
eating you know adequately and you’re getting all the nutrition that you need
so when it comes to lean body mass and gaining muscle you know it’s yes you can
reach your protein needs with a vegan and vegetarian diet it takes a lot of
planning but also a lot of those sources aren’t the most bioavailable protein
sources for instance eggs is the number-one most bioavailable protein
so when you restrict those types of foods it might be more difficult to gain
lean body mass and it might be you might you may have some difficulty what did
you say your full possible I mean yeah it’s just going to take a lot more
planning and not that it’s suboptimal nutrients yeah but it’s not as written
food longer okay I can feel out of thing I can deal with that a little bit just a
little bit I don’t know how long I’m going to do is I’m just going to say
yeah right visit it’s one of the hardest things I’ve learned just because I spend
more time like making sure that I’m not eating any animal products than I am
like actually either yet but there’s so much pressure so much like what do you
have to do in the front end to just enjoy a simple meal you’re feel like
eating out so get a box so yeah have it my kitty I got about a chain I just I
just can’t I want to go out and if I don’t know the place oh it’s just like
off the cuff I end up getting a confused oh yeah no she’s not dressing like it’s
that’s what it happened I’m not a tease oh no I’m not a big seller because I’m
not I’m not but I do love that when I do prep when I do prepare it is great like
it just it is so I’m going to get back to being a miss jeren in a bit I’ll
urges asking when’s your tumble working on an athlete does it matter how like
doesn’t matter how often they eat doesn’t matter how amazing okay so you
can take that as an athlete it is just calories intelligence out separately
right yeah so what I wish I had a picture before you guys but basically
something that I saw actually one of my life preceptor showed me I forget to
sound so sorry ancestors in overwatch of those videos I’ll go to a table but
basically on the bottom you’re going to think about your energy needs okay so
energy needs Trump everything you don’t even think about good timing that you
take your weight protein shakes which workout until you meet your bottom
energy needs but above that you’re going to have macronutrients which are
basically carbs proteins fast so those are reveal when you start thinking about
okay am I having a lot of carbohydrate or prisoner powder reported as
percentages and then above that is micronutrients so that’s your vitamins
your minerals and that’s when you’re going to start thinking about okay how
are the foods I’m eating I’m a process the maybe
sardars nutritious as you know like a whole fruit or a vegetable for instance
and then above that you think about the timing that I mentioned oh when you’re
eating your meals so how far before you before you’re working out are you eating
your meal what’s your recovery like post-workout and then you go closely
that part if you got your seven-minute section I’m going to put that up so yeah
that’s opener actually looking yes that’s it
I don’t have to so sometimes times it is the laughs and you look at so it’s just
energies number one yeah look how much OGM so bottom line you have certain
energy needs half like if an egg is worth me wanting
or like ya know how do I know if I’m eating like a
sandwich I can do this much energy or is it just like eat until I’m full and then
I can run a mile as I’m Connie I need to eat until in full again yeah so I mean
definitely exercise will take away from so let me rephrase them you have certain
energies every day that you have to meet go to resting metabolic rate and so you
have to meet those needs every single day exercise on top of that you’re
burning calories okay what are your weight training resistance training or
you know running do some sort of cardiovascular exercise so bottom line
whatever your rmr is so whatever your resting rate is metabolically you have
to add those other calories from working out to get the full amount of calories
by each really needs to maintain but then if you want to gain weight you need
even more above whatever all your energy expenditure is so this is a good sound
equipment is a gold you have to be various analysis so I’ve always thought
that nutrition is so so complicated right it just comes off as like me most
and I’ve been because like like I wanna like what I think of it when I wanted
them to mutation on the victim like the food like the actual food but I had an
acronym about nutrition these are saying things like proteins
and amino acids that about a Nepean vitamin B that I’m like okay alright
padmasama I don’t know what vitamin D is and I know I like milk yeah yeah I want
you to meet I don’t know a protein is so like so that’s where dietitian can come
in so we have the tools total plug for myself and we have the tools to say okay
leave me know this crazy science sometimes these are confusing to us
usually so we can translate it into things like you know knowing milk
no no banana has potassium knowing me is a great source of protein so we’re able
to translate the science into actually what you should be doing because you
need to know all the greatness I mean unless it interests and will thank you
know very obvious and I have no interest of knowing all of that stuff I mean so
for some of it I need to know the bare minerals are ignoring some education for
my patients but like I do it like I do probably like 10 times a day where I’m
like if you have those questions on that yeah I don’t know I want to get strong
around let me feel better why should I eat a monkey I know you should eat your
food that’s in front of you but outside of that I’ll get a dietitian and that’s
what I do orientation here um so like you see like the most progressive
dietician in the world it just means on your side oh yeah
almost like that do you seem like you know do you boo like perfect situation
like eat what you want just in moderation which is nice right which is
my sister back so are you for again or like meaning when it comes to diet and
comes trypsin peleas video sterian good question
so in terms of juicing and detoxes your kidney detox with you
so you do that when you’re buying for 50 dollars online from whatever please
trash it go buy yourself a massage without any dollars because it’s a total
crock of yes love it yes I know it’s all possible
yeah I know I had a gut feeling okay that’s good whatever it is I’m select a
Leah oh yeah oh yes so some of the Atkins diet
vegetarians and yeah so I guess vegetarians being a diet kind of goes
into the whole belief kind of group so I mean there could be a variety of reasons
why you want to be in your vegetarian and some of them I can’t really argue
you know or if you know even religious why some people are vegetarians based on
their religion so I definitely I mean I’ve I was about sharing as a forward so
I don’t disagree with those diets but I do disagree with them
someone’s doing it for the wrong reason or you mostly the wrong reasons I would
say otherwise appeal EO and Atkins those are kind of more controversial in the
field of nutrition personally for me I one say I support of hylia diet I just
don’t like these things with a name on it that are like sometimes for money
like yeah like self-image in the food industry you notice a lot of people are
branding things and you know nutrition I don’t think can be branded and
everything is so individualized so I mean yeah I know mr. saeba diet may work
for you to make it each of your goal but there’s I mean is also the most helpful
and I might not make you a healthy person yeah and diet and heibon name
implies restriction implies describing your zones or something like not dietary
pattern which is what a diet truly is but a die in a sense of like Atkins Kili
or whatever like it’s based on the fact of foods not to eat yeah I’m not like
that’s the thing because you’re not yet dietitians are you going to be a
dietician and what you like when someone says dies the first thing I think I
wasn’t oh shit here we go like a what am I not allowed to eat everybody like I
was never about what you should exactly which is it just like about half of a 70
why are you think about it half empty one hassle is you know what you should
eat wait Annie sure sure and every action – no no it is
it’s true it just it just is true but like you know you’re raised a certain
range you know you’ve been eating a certain
way an entire life or my phones might need to change right you need to change
the way you eating and are you for like if I tell you I’m going to do with we
because we have diet huh is that like are you like go ahead or you like no you
should just change the way you come yeah like everybody really depends I mean I
work at a fitness studio so I hear a lot of people you know wanted you want to
cleanse and this side and that guy and so personally although I’m not
dietitian yet I’m obviously almost there but when yeah so but when you know even
my friends and stuff they say they’re doing something I honestly just bite my
tongue because I don’t sometimes when I give my opinion and I don’t want to have
to always just a lot of people always ask me like what to eat what to eat and
you know that’s your decision so many factors go into what you need to but I
mean what you eat is up to you so I’m not going to tell you don’t do this or
don’t do that I just will give you my perspective in my view if you do ask so
help is you eat I want to know with you but I like what you want like how do you
like what you’re got it like again like I mentioned I try to do more intuitive
eating hello I definitely know have certain foods
that I really do love I can name some of them but as a dietitian I try not to
tell people what I eat because a lot of people will take that information and
they will say that is the diet and I can only eat these foods and that is not
what I’m trying to do okay what’s not you’re the bug right yeah I ought to
blow up your spot and just like it develops two years from them yeah you
mean playfully so more in diet the Lord that oh okay so not now I want to step
into what I’m doing right now which is being vegan I know you just said that
there are some things you just can’t argue with and I’m going to just start
off with that what you just can’t argue it it’s a fact I mean we just know it
now that how people may cause cows of harm backing me up you know the meat
industry in general is polluting the world at a much worse way than cars
factories you know all of that stuff and you agree with that correct so in terms
of the meat industry and the impact environmentally and I am not as
well-versed on that topic so I guess I can’t give a firm answer because that’s
not what I said you throughout my four years or my
five years of school it’s not my my ex my expertise of course not my my brown
eye stuffing on my yeah but I’m gonna tell you it’s true that was the greatest
among thousands of venture but I’m like 94% I’m like a 94 with that because it’s
just it’s just like objectively I’ve seen it and like research study at the
research said that research study I’m definitely not a scientist I don’t know
I haven’t done research myself but it’s what IRC if you disagree sure no problem
but I’m saying that is what I know and what is I believe to be true right now
so as a vegan and I’m talking on like a high like I’ve been I’ve been doing this
for four days literally four days so I’m not really a vegan or more like a so let
me taste this being works like any advice do you have a visa specially when
it comes to specifically like protein is something I’m a little concerned about
not too much but you know a little bit and just getting a sufficient diet
because I’ve know that within my first four days I’ve been hungry 24/7 like all
good like I’m always hungry always hungry
yeah you’re not getting so with being a vegan and vegetarian when I think of
protein I always think of what what foods are you pairing together because
plant proteins you have to most the time you have to pair them with other foods
to make what we call a complete amino acid so for instance meats like um like
chicken holds or your chicken poultry or meats like Hamburg pork and they all
have complete amino acid profiles in them yes so you’re going to get all the
amino acids that you require that are essential to your functioning of the
body and manages your health plant-based foods you have to pair them together
because plants don’t have all of the amino acids in them so for instance a
great pair is what we always say is rice with beans and that makes a complete
amino acid so you’re making sure that you’re getting all untii need every day
okay so slowly significant a little more work when you’re not are where is the
low mortgages you the know these things from yes and what
about the eating what about me being hungry so the recording this soft but
what I was asking has back to me feeding me the feeling full is that something
I’m going to get used to my you don’t know what end of evening but like why as
a we get am I not call basically what not yeah so what day especially with
plant-based diet I mean I support plant-based diet especially for like
cardiovascular health you know Mediterranean diet if you’ve
ever heard of that is you know have it as one is like the best dietary patterns
you know be following in terms of your health but in terms of being a
vegetarian diet if you’re eating a lot of really low calories plant foods you
know think is like having a little bit shallow that’s a most we don’t
vegetables you have hybrid vegetables that’s not a lot of calories so it’s
going to fill you up internally but it’s really not going to provide you the tool
amount of calories that you need okay so that could be one reason why but we are
getting us full it must be the biggest ask or implant a size are also lower in
fat and protein typically not a horrible thing but you know if you’re used to
something else when you go to this type of pattern
you’re not getting your normal nutrition and who knows maybe you’re not getting
enough nutrition so that’s why also you’re angry just because um because I’m
not a big cooker like said you should rather be music okay we’re gonna be out
it because I’m I don’t cook much i I want to just eat the simplest amazes
yeah and we but like we never you can’t just you know the ready-made whatever
noodles or whatever and I end up just eating raw veggies assumes all day every
day the Animus I mean it makes sense it’s
not it’s sure it’s going to fill me up if I eat a freaking bowl of a bowl of a
garden power but if the size not given your size but if it’s not nutritionally
there it’s not what it’s not calorie after yeah yeah yeah so I’m going to get
hungry yeah we’re about to find something yeah
yeah I am there are tons of resources online so definitely you know search and
see what works for you and then you know this isn’t a permanent thing you can
always say you know it just doesn’t work with your lifestyle you’re so busy up in
there and everyone is so busy who have time for all this
so we also you know see you’re a seasoned worker you minute not you know
check it out so okay we’re almost done almost here I’m simple like it when I
think I want to I want to try this and I want to be really good at it but like I
get really turned on turn off of things he’s immune documentaries and and she
learned my friends here she actually helped me out when it came to one of the
documentaries that really got me onto this vegan you know both is like let’s
do vegan thing so in fact the specific what I’m talking and what the hell I
watched it I mean a couple of posts and Lauren was kind enough to be like I
wanna you might want to be a little bit careful with that and I appreciate it
because I did my research brother and my research and I was like I’ll check that
like a lot of the shit is just like in my tutu no more I keep it even more
committed and also I know you’re probably an ask me that that’s aa Q
mentor II just totally cherry-picks data and draws huge conclusions somewhat when
we agree with and who some of them I don’t and just drawn these huge black
and white kinking confusions and conclusions and perpetuates basic fear –
everybody’s watching a documentary so like if you don’t know the documentary
and gene Amin like about to go watch all things because we’re talking about it
it’s basically this guy he he he’s going around asking doctors and goes to the
American Diabetes Association and writing is what’s called the American
Heart Association and he asked them why are you promoting me based diets when
they are shown to cause you know worsening of these diseases and diabetes
and cancer and I’ll be saying and then like she said it’s not like the research
yeah there’s one or two studies or four seven spots later to say that but
there’s also 10:15 twins the exact opposite right so it’s easy if you find
on seven to say oh look what differences why is you not but um but I’m still
doing the vegan diet because I personally believe it’s going to be
helpful to me I think it’s going to help better for the climate and general
another option thank you I appreciate that but I also why I just want to end
real quick last question before we get into the personal stuff do you when
people watch the document especially people like myself I’m very buildable
and I jump on these chefs when I when we look very appealing how do you how do
you suggest someone goes about getting the information but they’re really
excited about and I’m not sure if it’s truly not exactly so it’s okay to watch
a documentary remember in high school actually a physics class it was I want
me want to eat oh no I really was arrested no no food you think is about
just the whole meat industry and not only is all just whole food industry and
actually it did spark managers nutrition and now look gray enough but when you’re
watching these documentaries you understand why documentaries made and it
is need to persuade you to think a certain way so when you leave one
documentary thinking the way that they’ll want you to think they deserve
job well done but that doesn’t mean all the information is accurate for instance
you know in what the health you know there is a relationship switch between
process needs and cancer risk there is a solid relationship with that and I’m not
going to you know slander that but they’re slandering
all these great organizations that provide so much care and resources and
funding and just are phenomenal organizations that I support
I’m a dietician I’m here for them it’s not like it’s like I say all time
Deborah is my busy ski researching she had a baby so she goes yeah so what it
doesn’t make magazines but at the same time if you look further into what
they’re saying in this documentary they’re saying things for when it’s this
kind of popped out to me they were like can tuna is bad and have the process me
can’t tuna is a phenomenal thing to be including in your diet it has omega-3
fatty acids it’s a great protein source on the go you can have it clean and not
have you know all this out is bad and sugar and all these other things in it
and they’re sweet during it yeah and saying that that’s going to cause cancer
and you know tell me things you can argue can cause cancer so that’s how I
so when I hear that so are you saying I should take that to a dietitian and like
communicate that yeah for a really drastic changes yeah or with any family
before you make any drastic changes always consult a physician a nurse a
dietitian your physical therapist your personal trainer or a trainer at the gym
you may know if you’re trying to change your workout maybe and you’re not really
sure if it’s a good idea it’s going to work I mean anything in life financially
to it some go see someone to help with your finances you know anything you can
do always double-check it with a family friend or friend or anyone like yeah
okay so this is five years of math one when you are like a good leader of be
happy to be in the Dietetic so I love how you guys but you’re buying seven so
why is why neck yeah I love that I love a little temper so if you when you want
your organization when you’re the top dietitian is Massachusetts and you kick
it out and you fly from here to Florida you do you think and I call you my face
Lauren can have a follow-up interview because the biggest thing might not be
working you do that your job and also up I know we talk a shit ton and I know you
don’t want to get personal advice but as you can read our friends here was one
piece of advice just just piece of advice to take when it comes to
their health when it comes to anything of nutrition what would that be
one piece of advice pieces well not come to mind first is fruits and vegetables
so obviously shameless Treme’s that future dietitian I think everyone should
always you know consider their fruit vegetable intake obviously some people
are eating enough maybe some people are but a lot you know I’m working in a
clinical hospital setting right now and you’d be surprised how many people don’t
eat fruits and vegetables and they’re coming in for what they call what we
call a cabbage like a bypass stents so I think there is there are still a ton of
people who you know aren’t really eating the best for their help and so if you
are focused on your health and you do want to you know get a little healthier
you know consider your vegetable and fruit intake right now I don’t see
there’s any ways you can also increase that if you don’t think you’re eating
enough well Lord thank you very much when you
want our frontier to find you do Instagram Facebook page or website
anything you want promoted what where can we find you so I have a personal
Instagram that I don’t post a ton of nutrition stuff on but I do have a
registered dietitian oriented TV oriented Twitter house of kolor Smith RV
TV oh wait are the two videos that number has a live okay cool beans that’s
going to be able to put that somewhere here it’s going to be in the description
down below you guys this is like this is the kind of shit like I want to be feel
like the rest of time right I’m a nurse I love health care I want to talk to all
the health care providers talk bullshit that that matters that my advantage it
doesn’t help anybody exactly there is nutrition and that is quite a bit the
Lord I really do appreciate this thank you so much and don’t forget to Like and
subscribe and I’m in the comment section below I have a question I don’t know if
you have a question but my question for you guys is have you
tried any crazy diet or have you changed your diet drastically and if so tell me
how that dull and what did that was I’ll catch you guys later
do you have a question Walt ask people what are you miss and you know facts
that you guys hear about nutrition and you know are see you find and true you
live by them that’s for the myth so nutrition I like that that’s actually
legit we’ll talk later much yes the facts and myths of nutrition and that
guy is friends down below like and subscribe Lauren thank you catch you
guys later deuces well I’m top girl that was legit

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