Healthy Coconut Brownie Energy Bites | Paleo | Gluten-Free

– If you’re craving a
little chocolate and want a quick snack, these no-bake
chocolate coconut brownie bites are the thing to make. (upbeat music) (bouncy piano music) – Welcome back to another
easy-to-make snack recipe. I love these bites
because the entire recipe is made in the food
processor and I don’t have to chop a thing. Let me show you how easy they are to make. We’re going to place the
raisins in a medium bowl and cover them with hot water. Let it soak for five
minutes to soften them up and then we’ll drain them. Add the raisins, cashews,
cocoa powder, vanilla, salt, and cinnamon into the food
processor and pulse it until the mixture turns into
the consistency of sand. Carefully remove the blade from the unit. Using your hands, you’re
gonna grab some of the mixture and make balls in the palms
of your hands until all of it is gone. The final step is to
roll these brownie bites on some shredded coconut. These will need to be
refrigerated for 30 minutes and then they’re ready. The chocolate and coconut combo, yum. For the recipe mixture, you
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