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hey everyone and welcome back to my
channel and welcome to a new video today we’re making some DIY burrito bowls
inspired by Chipotle they’re easy to make they taste delicious and also make
a really good prep so for my protein I’m using it chickens with either just some
chicken thighs chicken thighs have a little bit more flavor and they’re a
little bit more filling than chicken breasts I’m seasoning a bat with a
little bit of garlic powder and paprika and I’m cooking that in a pan over
medium heat you can definitely bake chicken as well that’s a little bit
easier but I like cooking in the pan just because then we get a nice browning
on both sides and it adds a lot of flavor to it so you get that crisp
brownness versus just baking it and you can do a bunch of chicken at once and
have it ready to go to build your bowls for lunch or dinner
all week long which is definitely what I did for this video and for all week and
then I’m gonna cook some cauliflower rice which they were out of fresh
cauliflower rice so I just bought the frozen one either one will work or you
can rice it at home yourself I just find when you rice it at home
yourself the texture isn’t even with all the pieces the bottom ones get a lot
smaller than the top ones but you can definitely do it yourself and I just
cook it until it is softened while that’s softening I’m gonna go ahead and
chop some cilantro because we are making cilantro cauliflower rice kind of
similar to they do this a larger lime rice at Chipotle it adds a bit more
flavor but the great thing is that the cauliflower is lower in carbohydrates
which makes it keto friendly and I am doing keto for the month of March but I
also just eat cauliflower rice in my daily life for years now I’m squeezing
half of alignments we did a quarter cup of cilantro half a lime squeeze that in
once the cauliflower rice is done and then you just stir it up you guys know
I’m a big fan of cauliflower it’s also really rich in choline so it’s really
good for brain health it’s got fiber it’s just so delicious and so versatile
so I just make a big batch of this cauliflower rice with cilantro and lime
and then like I said you can build your bowls all week long which is super
convenient so once you have all your toppings and fillings you can go ahead
and start building your Bowl so I am starting off with some cauliflower rice
so I found that one package which was 400 grams gave me two
meals of cauliflower rice there’s about 200 grams each so you can even cook more
if you want it for more than two meals but I found that the chicken and the
cauliflower rice gave me two bowls worth for the week I add in some chicken so I
did about 150 grams per serving I roast veggies similar to the paprika and
garlic just in the oven some roasted red peppers and some red onion a little bit
of lettuce on top some butter lettuce about quarter cup and then half of an
avocado you need healthy fats in there and guac is not extra when you’re at
home and I just did it’s a blob acardo but you can buy guac and use that if you
like but I find the flavor of just the avocado is perfect and you can also
squeeze it a little bit more lime on top or add in whatever things you normally
get at Chipotle but this has been a staple for me all week long I just
finished it for lunch again I’ve had it like five times this week definitely
gonna have it more in the coming weeks to eat because it’s just so easy and
delicious perfect prep you’ve got protein fat fiber it’s gonna be so
filling and delicious so I know you guys are gonna love this recipe let me know
down below what I should make next and I hope you guys all have a great day and a
great weekend

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Reader Comments

  1. keepupwithliv

    You guys will love making these burrito bowls. I have been making them all week and they are so easy and delish. Who needs Chipotle?! ALSO I have a FREE EBOOK with my top healthy desserts!! Download it here:

  2. Idzia Staw

    Because of you I'm wondering of going keto but I have a few problems…1. How to count my macros? If I'm 17 can I have 50g of carbs? And what about protein? 2. I've heard it's good for building muscle but I'd like to have less bulky legs so I want to lose weigh and also (I think so) I wouldnt be sad if losing a bit of muscle ๐Ÿ˜‰ 3. What about health? About peroid, cholesterol qnd how about going off from keto? Won't I gain weigh or do sth bad for my body?

  3. Traci Lyn

    I tried to make cauliflower rice myself a few months ago and I didn't like how it was unevenly riced… some bits were too tiny and some were still large florets. Thanks for addressing this here.. you sold me on buying it already riced! ๐Ÿ’•

  4. Gabrielle

    I honestly do love to tell that I also love bonitos, and I also love salsas but I honestly would love it if you would do a healthy salsa recipe from you

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