Health Benefits of Intermittent Fasting | How to Lose Fat & Get Lean

Hi ladies and gentlemen, I’m Dr. Zyrowski
from and in this video what we’re gonna do is talk about the benefits
of Intermittent Fasting. So Intermittent Fasting is something that
I’ve used for years. It’s something that has been a great benefit
to me and you know, I want to share that information with you so that you can get the benefits
you can understand it and hopefully it will change your life. So Intermittent Fasting is used by many celebrities,
actors, like Hugh Jackman, Terry Crews, singers like Beyonce all really tout the benefits
that they’ve received from Intermittent Fasting and what Intermittent Fasting is is
it’s not a diet, it’s simply a period in which you’re going to eat your food throughout
the day so instead of, you know, waking up in the morning and eating first thing and
then eating throughout the day whenever you feel like it. Basically what you do is eat all your meals
within an eight-hour period. So a couple popular ways to do Intermittent
Fasting is like sixteen and eight, for instance. Sixteen hours of fasting and eight hours of
eating. Okay, so it just means you eat your meals
all within that right hour period. Now another way some people do it is 20 hours
of fasting and a four hour period which you eat your meals. Now when you are doing Intermittent Fasting
it’s not about calorie restriction. It has nothing to do with that. It’s just simply eating same amount of calories
you normally would but within a shorter time frame versus grazing all day long. Now, let’s go ahead and talk about some
of the benefits that you can get from Intermittent Fasting. So first is that you’re really gonna burn
fat while you’re Intermittent Fasting. The reason for this is because our body holds
about six to eight hours of glycogen stores, meaning that our body will burn stored sugar
for energy for about six to eight hours but after those stores are gone, actually turns
to to the fat cells to energize the body so what you’re gonna see from this is you’re
gonna see the fat cells start to just go away on the body because we’re using them and
consuming them for energy. The next big thing that Intermittent Fasting
does for you is it actually lowers your insulin levels, lowers and balances them. And along with balancing those insulin levels,
it also helps a couple other hormones. It makes hormones like leptin, which tells
your body to burn fat more sensitive so that it’s telling your body to burn more fat,
more often and your body can hear it better and then the other thing it does is it makes
your body more sensitive to a hormone called ghrelin. Grehlin is that hormone that’s actually
responsible for telling your body you are full so some people who become hormone insensitive. They keep eating and not really, they’re
not getting that signal from their body telling them that they’re full and they should stop
eating. The next big thing that Intermittent Fasting
does for you is it boosts your immune system . By boosting your immune system you’re
less likely to get sick. It also decreases inflammation and remember
folks, if you’re decreasing inflammation you are literally preventing diseases in your
future because inflammation is a root cause of all disease. Now the fourth big benefit of Intermittent
Fasting is the increase of tissue healing and repair so this is why people who are working
out love it so much because they see that with Intermittent Fasting they’re able to
actually get those gains much faster and in and progress through their workouts and so
when you are doing Intermittent Fasting, what’s happening is your human growth hormone HGH
is skyrocketing it’s been seen in the literature to increase in upwards of 2,000 percent in
men and 1,300 percent in women when doing Intermittent Fasting and doing high-intensity
interval training prior to your first meal and so if you want to increase your recovery
in the gym and you want to increase healing and you tissue growth then Intermittent Fasting
is really good and you know I also need to mention that when you increase this HGH levels
it has this anti-aging effect on the body, as well. Now one of the reasons that HGH is boosted
so much during Intermittent Fasting is because insulin is driven down and when insulin is
driven down that HGH actually blunts the HGH to not be able to be in high levels with the
within the body when you’re eating just a standard American diet and and just grazing
all day. Now the fifth and last thing I want mention
is that is a huge benefit to Intermittent Fasting is that you’ll have increased energy
now about 5 to 15 percent of our energy is actually expended during digestion. So when we are not just grazing all day and
digesting all day our body has so much more energy to go in and you know feel good and
heal and it conserves that because it’s not all being expended through digestion so
if you want to increase your energy, Intermittent Fasting is a really great way to do that as
well. Now a couple of last things I want to mention
about Intermittent Fasting, just so that you’re really set off on the right foot and you’re
doing it correctly. One is you need to be eating a high quality
diet. Like the one outlined in the Hill Heal Yourself
Cookbook and the reason for this is because if you are eating a standard American diet,
lots of sugar, it’s just not a good thing to put your body through Intermittent Fasting
because it can it be more harmful than good if you’re not eating a good-quality diet
so we make sure you’re eating a good high quality diet: no processed foods and decreasing
the amount of sugar and doing all the right things now the other thing that’s really
important to mention is that if you want to drink black coffee or tea or something along
those lines in the morning you can put a sweetener ike xylitol or Stevia but if you put sugar
in it you will break the fast. I have heard some people who say you know
they do Intermittent Fasting but they drink Bulletproof Coffee in the morning, well, you
can’t consume all that butter and cream in, you know, possibly sugar and still stay
in that fasted state you know that’s gonna spike your metabolism and then that wouldn’t
be Intermittent Fasting then the next big thing to mention is that you can shift your
hours so if it’s you know whether you like sixteen and eight or eighteen and six or twenty
and four, whatever fits you best. I mean go ahead and play with it a little
bit. You know, you can have your first meal earlier
in the morning and then your last meal later or earlier in the evening so there’s so
many different variations that you can do to change it up and make sure that you know
Intermittent Fasting is right for you and then last if not least, if you want more information
on Intermittent Fasting go ahead and look down below . I will post all the links of
all the articles I’ve written on Intermittent Fasting. I hope this benefits you greatly. Until next time, make it a great day.

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Reader Comments

  1. Jboy 1K

    Very awesome information, I also have a couple of question when intermittenting fasting. So I was diagnosed with type2 B and so far im doing great with sugar levels. Never higher than 140 and It's been like this for the past 3 months. Now my main goal is to lose weight about two months ago I was 207 now i am at 198. Most of that weight loss was by eating better and a bit of exercise. I wake up with low sugar but would you still suggest IF? Should I drink black coffe? Also what is the earliest schedule for IF?

  2. Donna Moselsky

    Regarding Apple cider vinegar . I measure a1 TBSP drink it straight,then quickly drink 8 ounces of water followed with two swishes of mouthwash! perfection. LOL

  3. Matty T

    Hey, Dr. Nick…question. What if I am a runner, and typically run in the morning? Or, go to the gym and lift weights? I'm always STARVING after I run, or lift weights. Would I adjust the times of my fast that day?

  4. Divya MN

    Hi dr nick… I am from Bengaluru India.. can I do IF if I have hypothyroidism… I started 2 weeks back.. am doing 16:8 IF… am vegan… and am 38 , doesIF reduce my metabolism… does it change my basal metabolic rate? I do regular workout in gym… I do IF 5 days a week, thanks

  5. Alchemi Azazel Goddess

    I am a 50 year old woman have been doing IF for a year now, I want to build more muscle but Im so confused about the whey proteins and all these foods to eat to build this muscle, so when should I consume this protein for my muscle if I’m only eating once or twice a day! I break my fast with kale shake and plant base protein at 1 pm then I eat again at 6 pm. Thank you so much.

  6. Liam Lahart

    Hi I work from midday to 4 am at which time I go to bed. I eat from 12 to 8 pm and fast from 8pm to when I get up at 12 pm but I feel very tired and drained, I eat good food
    With proteins and fats and i use apple cider vinegar. I have started to go back to the gym and maybe its too much too soon with the fasting and the gym?

  7. Siamese Kate

    Hi Dr. Nick. If I want to lose fat. My BMR is 1,500 & TDee is 1,700 – with intermittent fasting how much calories should I consume? Been doing If for 10 days without cutting calories – but my weight is the same

  8. Reina Macarena

    I'm doing keto/intermittent fasting. Should I work out before or after I eat. If i eat after a workout, is there a wait time, such as should I wait an hr after exercise to eat or can I eat immediately after exercise?

  9. Linda Mangold Booth

    I keto fast 4 days a week 20-4 and 3 days just keto whatever time. Is that bad? And is it ok to 16-8 somedays and 20-4 other days? Am I confusing my body?

  10. dakhla71

    It's a very good video, but I am very surprised that Xylitol is authorized during the fasting period. I thought Xylitol has an insulin index of 12 (while Stevia's index is zero) and thus, breaks the fast.

  11. Adaliz Abreu

    I love your videos thanks for taking the time to do it, question can I loose body fat without loosing weight I’m down 141lbs and just will like to maintain but loose body fat so I can tone up

  12. Vick Mcfadden

    I started intermitting fasting Jan 23 2018 and along with a healthy diet I cut out sugar including white bread, no fast food , I eat from noon to eight pm and really I just eat fish okra salad chicken eggs I do still eat whole wheat bread but I only drink water no juice or tea or coffee just water and no fruit I try to eliminate all suger except the whole wheat bread and have lost 55 pounds in 4 months and by Dec 31 I should get down to my ideal weight 170 for a 107 pind weight loss in 11 months. One last thing intermittent fasting has helped the most is eliminating sugar cravings I am finally off that sugar cycle

  13. Patty Mullin

    I think I'm accidentally doing intermittent fasting since I now eat at 1pm and again at 4:30–5:00pm, then nothing but water. I'll check out your links for further information on this. Thank you very much for your excellent post and info.

  14. Alba Velazquez

    Hi I been doing intermittent fasting about 3 months and I feel good but still new to this and I eat at noon and a small meal before 7 and feel good. I do my workout on a treadmill for about 30 to 40 minutes with a program. But other than that I don't get hungry. I may need advice though that's what I think, thank you

  15. Damian Donohue

    Sorry Doc started off IF with a poor Aus diet, but it felt like tapering off bad diet merging towards improvement took 3 weeks, but couldn't seem to get out of poor eating cycle previously, with significant improvement followed by a 7 day fast that seems have cleared the mind, the 7 days I didn't intend to go beyond 3 but felt so good by day 7 I could go further but I feel recover know perfect my eating in conjunction with IF, works so well especially night shift, thanks for the info.

  16. Tracy SanGregorio

    Thanks so much for the link, Doc. I have been on IF for 6 months, and find it an easy lifestyle. I've been wondering what the metabolic effects of a very small amount of low-no carb calories during the fast, say less than 50 cal. I understand it breaks the fast, but I'm wondering for how long… Do you have to start the fast over to reap the benefits? Does it truly derail the fast or once you've burned off those calories, are you back in the fasted state?

  17. karthik chinnu

    Hi Dr. Nick… Wonderful takeaways from this video… Jus have one question: how long do we have to continue doing this? Any if I feel that I've reduced the belly fat, if I stop this diet and go to normal food intake… Will I increase my belly fat again?

  18. Dilshad Shivji

    Hi Dr Nick. Thank you for all the info. I have one question I am on estrogen (Vegifem) should I continue to insert my estrogen.

  19. TheToberman1

    With Dawn Phenomenon (T2D) I’ve noticed that when I fast my blood sugar remains high. Any advice for those of us with this issue?

  20. Amina Rashid

    Notes. Burn fat. Lowers and balances insulin levels. Makes body sensitive to hunger hormone ghrelin. Boosts immune system. Reduces inflamation. Increased tissue healing and repair. HGH has anti-aging properties. Increased energy. Play with IF. It's not a one size fits all thing.

  21. Top 5 Picks

    Black coffee and tea will also break your fast. Anything your liver/kidneys need to break down and process will break your fast. Water only while fasting.

  22. wannatryit72

    Can I drink water throughout the day during the hours of my not eating timeframes. Also can I consume to much water. I’m 140lbs and like to drink over 100oz a day

  23. Shane's Domain

    I started intermittent fasting over a year ago but have had a lot of digestive issues like constipation which I've dealt with for most of my life. Does this mean I need to just fast for longer and let my gut heal?

  24. Kaz Tee

    I want to start the fast not sure how to start. Can I eat between 1-8pm times only. Would this be fine. Can I eat as many times within the time scheduled only at one that only water. I don’t really eat much tea at 8.30am then at 4pm I might eat something light or nothing and tea in the evening and something to eat not big meal small. I still haven’t lost any weight only gained weight. Plus I have pcos condition hard to shift the weight.

  25. Babygirl16457

    Been loving your videos =) Now if I do intermittent fasting 8/16 I drink my Apple cider vinegar in the morning on empty stomach then my coffee about half hour later. Is it best to do the workout after the coffee and then I eat?

  26. Becky

    Hi Dr. Zyrowski, I am a green tea drinker with no sugar or milk/ cream added. I am wondering if I drink a cup of green tea or any types of tea often would that affect the intermittent fasting?

  27. Ahmad al-fakharany

    There is so much confusion!!.. In this video Dr. Zyrowski says that the body only contains 6 to 8 hours worth of glycogen, and afterwards body will resort to using fat for fuel. In another video he said that while working out (in fasted state) the body will be burning sugar and afterwards (after working out) the body will be burning fat! How come?? Especially that if you break your fast after working out you will have a huge insulin spike that will prevent your body from burning fat.. Contradiction.

  28. Milcaibeth Nunez

    Hi my name is milcaibeth thanks for your tips on Intermittent fasting I started a week ago on this i weight 280 and doing it to lose weight so my question is what tips of exercise I should do I walk for an hour everyday and lift weight but I jest was wondering what other exercise I can do and also I’m confuse on the carb situation I eat a lot of green and started eating meat but when it comes to fruit I really don’t know since I know sugar is what causes belly fat and honey can I add that to my tea or I’m breaking my fast pls let me know tyi

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