H.V.M.N. Ketone Ester – The World’s First Ketone Ester Drink

In a lot of ways, we can think of our
bodies as computer systems. We have a certain set of inputs into our system and we care about certain types of performance outputs, things like reaction time, being smarter, being faster. So, why not make every possible effort to optimize our inputs? This is the world of biohacking. [News Anchor] This Silicon Valley company, HVMN, is pushing the boundaries of biohacking. We want to make better humans. It’s the fundamental human desire to want to be better. This story starts with familiar energy sources: everyone knows what carbohydrates and fats are and we all rely on them for fuel. But, there’s an alternative, natural source of energy that athletes can tap into: Ketones. Our bodies already naturally produce ketones, albeit at very minimal levels. Ketones kick in as a superfuel when the body is pushed to its limits. Ketone by HVMN is the world’s first 100% ketone ester. Our research into ketone esters began over a decade ago with a multi-million dollar U.S. Military grant. With our ketones, elite athletes are extending their aerobic performance by over two percent. A Tour de France cyclist can go an extra 400 meters in a 30-minute time trial. This is just the beginning of an entire field of biohacking research. A field that investigates the potential of ketones for aging, mood & cognition, metabolism, obesity, inflammation the list goes on and on. For us, enhancing humanity never stops. [Heartbeat]

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  1. Aaron Saari

    I’ve been putting off trying the ketone diet for about as long as I’ve known about it. Ketosis in a quick shot? Count me in guys ✋️

  2. 山崎勝巳

    Diabetes mellitus with carbohydrate restriction
    It is told why it can be improved
    I am not

    Carbohydrate restriction, ketone →
    Acetone (amphiphilic) is
    Dissolved in blood moisture and whole body waste
    It cleans lipids
    Longer carbohydrate restriction
    The higher the ketone acetone concentration
    Will rise and detergency will rise

    Carbohydrate restriction Initial acetone wash
    Organs are heart, kidney, brain
    Is acetone does not reach the brain
    Is that so? I think that it is Aceto
    Acetic acid enters brain cells and AGEs
    In response to carbon dioxide, aceto
    It changes to the brain to wash the brain

    Imagine the meal of a night shift
    Eat carbohydrate in the morning, day and night, in the middle of the night
    Upon ingesting carbohydrates ketones
    Benefit from acetone washing
    I can not do things.
    Night workers have 2 to 3 times cancer risk
    Double the risk of night stroke gastrointestinal illness
    Diabetes in night workers tends to increase year by year
    Double the risk of being a night shift breast cancer
    40% increase in vascular diseases such as myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction at night shift
    One in three night shift nurses experienced an imminent abortion

  3. 山崎勝巳

    Fasting, sugar restricted ketone acetone
    Concentration rises, heart, kidney, brain, other
    Organ capillaries with ketone acetone
    It will be healthy to wash it
    Ketone acetone is also used as a waste lipid in the sweat gland
    It will wash it.
    Ketone acetone cleaning was originally intended for human beings
    I have natural healing power
    When sugar metabolism is high, ketone acetone washing
    Will become less unhealthy

  4. H.V.M.N

    We appreciate the interest in our ketone ester, everyone!

    If you would like to know more about how physical and mental performance is affected by ketosis, exogenous ketones, and the keto diet, check out this episode of the HVMN Podcast: "Fundamentals of Ketosis"!


  5. FELIPE2875

    I tried it last Sunday for the Sf marathon and I was amazed by how well this supplement helped me finish the marathon even though I didn't train hard enough. This is the new generation of science and human body performance abilities. Thank you for this supplement

  6. Ghassan Khan

    Glycogen would be the main fuel source aerobically and ATP for anaerobic efforts, Glycogen stores for soccer players and such are not depleted fully to the point where ketones would be at much use at all – so there isn’t much benefit for them (as displayed) – cyclists/endurance athletes however I can see there being that claimed ‘2%’ benefit.

  7. RedFury03

    I'm sorry did he say 2%, that's within a margin of error. How big was the sample size? What kind of testing? Even so 2% is marginal at best.

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