Gundry Diet Plan – What is Insulin Resistance In The Gundry Diet

Gundry Diet Plan – What Is Insulin Resistance? Hi everyone, Dr. Urban here. I’m going to
talk about another health issue. Today I want to talk about what
is insulin resistance with regards to the Gundry diet plan. No, I’m not Doctor
Gundry. I’ve never communicated with Dr. Gundry. I come at his from the same position as you.
I need the plan. I have health issues lke you. I’m a physician who studies health
issues. So… these are my comments with that regard. What is insulin resistance?
First you need to know that in today’s environment, that is to say today,
if you go over here, you find out on your left that many of the things we do are
effective in controlling insulin resistance. I’ll discuss insulin resistance in a minute.
You need to get over here where things are better. Let’s say there’s a
barrier. What is this barrier? This barrier is your diet and as of now, you
need to know your diet is not effective and I’ll try to explain why.many diet
plans fail. Insulin resistance – think of it this way. Both sugar and protein in
the end become sugar to your body. When you make excess, your body is
obliged and because it doesn’t know if tomorrow will be better than
today or as good as today. So it stores excess sugar from both protein and sugar sugar
as fat. Now you know where obesity comes from as well as a belly.
These are all metabolic syndrome risk factors. It doesn’t have to be fat
deposits. It can be polycystic ovary syndrome. It can be obesity itself. It can
be pre diabetes, type 2 diabetes, elevated blood sugar etc. The problem is too much fuel
floating around. The excess insulin trips off lipoprotein lipase, an enzyme which puts
the excess sugar into fat. Now in order to do that, the insulin needs to
attach to cells and that becomes a problem if there’s too much insulin. Not
only that, some of the things you eat in that inappropriate diet or inadequate
diet are harmful. Some foods contain substances like lectin which we won’t
discuss in detail, but lectins bind to insulin receptors which makes
it more difficult for sugar to get into your cells. Now – you may be on the other
hand taking chromium, may be taking exercise, you may be taking protein
shakes, you may be taking a prescription to lower your blood sugar or do this and
that. All that can be effective, but your diet is the big 800-pound gorilla
sitting in the middle of this problem. Dr. Gundry has a diet plan which is spelled out in his “Plant Paradox” book. You need to get the
book and lrearm why insulin resistance can be overcome. Many of the things that
you do you may not need to do if your diet is appropriate. Get the book
subscribe to my channel as more health videos are coming. We will be discussing
similar health issues. That’s it for this video. Be in good health.

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