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Welcome to keto meals and recipes dot com Today I am making a very tasty and inexpensive complete meal the meal begins with my grilled sole and vegetables in a pouch I’ll begin by demonstrating how very easy and how fast it is to make this entire entrée even if you’re just learning to cook, and after this featured recipe I will also show you what I paired the sole with to make a complete meal I will also provide for you the macros for this entire suggested meal so that you can plan more easily lastly at the end of the video I will show you other optional side dishes you could use to make a complete meal if you don’t fancy my first suggestion for the grilled sole and vegetables in the pouch, the macro nutrient ratio for the recipe is 1.7 to 1 with 5.7 grams of total carbs, 1.6 grams of dietary fibre, resulting in 4.1 grams of net carbs per serving as with any meal prep, the first thing is to assemble all your ingredients to make sure you have everything and since we’ll be sprinkling seasoning on top of the fish make sure you pat dry the surface of the fish before we begin since we’re putting this all in a pouch, cut 4 pieces of parchment paper into 46cm, or 18 inch long strips and preheat the oven to 190°C, or 375°F take one of your parchment sheets, and drizzle 1 tablespoon of olive oil in the centre of the parchment and distribute the oil over the area that will be the same size as your fish fillet place the sole fillet over the oiled area and brush some of the oil from the sides on the surface of the fish in a small bowl combine the garlic powder, Italian seasoning, and the salt stir these dry ingredients to combine them very well since you’ll be making 4 fillets, sprinkle 1/4th of the seasoning mix on top of the sole fillet by the way, you don’t have to make all 4 fillets if you only want to make this recipe for one or two people just adjust the recipe accordingly you can reduce this recipe to make a single serving, or a serving for two next take 1/4 of the julienne zucchini, and arrange on top of the seasoned sole then take 1/4 of the red peppers, aka capsicums and place them on top of the zucchini and also place 1/4 of the onion rings on top and distribute 1/4, which is 30 grams, or 1 ounce of your grated monterey jack cheese on top of the vegetables if you don’t want to use Monterey jack, or don’t have it handy some other cheeses you could use are mozzarella, Havarti, gouda or any very light tasting cheese and to complete this Mediterranean recipe and complement the flavor palate I place some cut black olives, on top of the Monterey jack cheese now it’s time to wrap the sole in the parchment paper and to try and make a leak-proof pouch roll the fish in the parchment, then at the end make a tight triangle and fold the triangle inward, starting at the tip and creasing the paper as you fold inward place this prepared pouch on a cookie sheet with at least a bit of an edge repeat until all four of your sole pouches are prepared place into the middle position of your oven, and bake for 15-20 minutes or until the sole is done and flaky please remember that your specific baking time will vary according to the thickness of your sole fillet as I said, this is the entrée, and on this occasion this is what I paired our grilled sole and vegetable with for this particular meal, I added 1 serving of red cabbage salad because these two tastes are very complementary and to round out the meal, I also served some lemony panna cotta with a keto meal, a well planned added desert is a very good idea because it increases the good fats and also helps to improve the macro nutrient ratios so the macro nutrient ratio, for this complete meal which included the panna cotta, and the red cabbage salad is 3.3 to 1, with 12.2 grams of total carbs, 2.6 grams of dietary fibre, resulting in only 9.6 grams of net carbs for the entire meal however if you’re not in the mood for a red cabbage salad may I suggest either of my celeriac purée, or keto mashed potatoes, they’re really nice and creamy or you could make my keto potato salad with mustard mayonaize the light flavor of celeriac goes extremely well with sole, and the lemony panna cotta I hope that you’ll give this meal a try very soon, and I hope you enjoy it thank you very much for watching this video Please turn on your notification bell, and if you are new to this channel I would greatly appreciate it if you would subscribe the link for the printable grilled sole and vegetables in a pouch recipe as well as all other recipes which I mentioned, will be posted in the description below

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