Gluten Free Paleo Friendly Alfredo Sauce – For Gluten Sensitive People

Hey my fit friends welcome to another Cooking with Carrie episode. Tonight we are making some Alfredo Sauce off tonight. Not coconut milk alfredo sauce legit Alfredo Sauce I want to say hi and welcome thanks for joining me if you know anybody that would love to make some Alfredo Sauce that is really fast really healthy, share broadcast I would really appreciate. In case you don’t know me, I’m Dr. Carrie Burrows, I am a former fat girl blow over 225 pounds it took me a full year lose 100 pounds. I’m going to do a time out right there because I know a lot of people that are I like, “I need to lose this amount of weight.” It took me a year to lose a hundred. A year. The long game. So if you need to lose 30, 40, 50, and then some, you have to think about those numbers. If anyone is saying, lose 40 pounds in, 20 to 30 days then that’s a big time out. So be realistic with where you are and where you want to be. There has to be some work that has to be done. You CANNOT lose that weight safely and effectively keep it off by doing radical things. OK, back on topic. I am Dr Carrie Burrows. It took me a year to lose over a hundred pounds. I gained it back, I got pregnant I had twins, yada-yada and then I worked hard to get all off again. So it is possible it’s my job to help you get healthy and the safest amount of time with as many options so you don’t feel deprived. Thanks so much for joining me. Let me know know that you’re here so I can give a quick hello. But, I’m just gonna tell you, Metabolism Reset Plan starts for March now so you have until Sunday to jump in on the Metabolism Reset Plan. You get a hundred recipes. You guys, that’s like three cookbooks of recipes plus you get all of our online support our private forum where share more recipes. You get access to our friends so that if you have questions you’re not winging it, you’re not hanging in the breeze thinking maybe I should do this or maybe I should do that. 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Having a team cheering you on is unbelievable to have that support people in the trenches where you are knowing how you feel and that they overcome it…game changer, absolutely game changer So head over to Metabolism Reset Plan dot com, take a look. Go look at our friends go look at some of those testimonials and before and afters. They’re incredible they’re real people. People that work you know 12, 14, 16 hours a day. Shift workers, people have had multiple children that are stuck tight timelines. It can happen. I want you to eat real food. I want you to do real functional moment nothing crazy. Just get results. That’s it! The most results in the shortest amount of time in the healthiest and safest possible way. So that’s the Metabolism Reset Plan. If you have questions let me know. I want to answer your questions leave them below or head over and send me e-mail or message at the website. So that’s that. I’m going to put this over. So a month or so ago we did an Alfredo Sauce where we used coconut milk. So we used coconut milk and I know a lot of people aren’t keen on coconut milk so we are sans coconut milk and we’re not not using any nuts so my but allergy friends you don’t have to worry. This is nut free, paleo gluten-free so we are all safe. We absolutely safe. So I made this earlier and this it. Guys this is the Alfredo Sauce. This is it. We’re gonna do it live I’ve got it cooking. We’re going to go over it quickly But, let’s just go over alfredo sauce. 1 cup and I don’t have a measuring device. Oh big surprise. One cup of Alfredo sauce which isn’t all that much ranges between 900 hundred and 1000 calories. Here’s a cup. This is it. That’s all a cup is people and it will likely go on you’re going to a restaurant, sorry Olive Garden but you’re just my reference this is what will be going on your pasta. So you’re looking at adding calories of sauce and junk and additives plus your pasta which comes in around 200 to 300 calories depending on what kind of pasta and how it was made. You are tipping the scales 1200, 13, 1400 calories that on the shy side. There’s more that can be put in there that we just don’t even know. So we can cut that completely cut it not only lose the taste and still have that feel. I talked to a lot of people this week and I was always really quick. We get into this mindset of deprivation like, “I really need this…” and we put so much value on certain foods and they want to comfort food and I might be food that we just kind of see an ad and was talking about it and then it goes on that hamster wheel. We’re like, “I just like kind of like having this and just like having this…” You know, I keep coming week after week after week to give you guys options you can’t put so much value in these traditional foods. I’ve given you swaps and they taste great you have to get your head around it you know if you’re going to a pity-party, “But I really like this….” you know what you’re not willing to try the alternatives…then you are where you are because of the choices you make I have no sympathy for that at all okay if you’re not going to try you have to own it where you are if you’re sick if you’re miserable uncomfortable you’re joints hurt blood sugar is sky high has blood pressure, whatever the problem you are miserable getting dressed in the morning…that is a you problem because you’re not willing to do the work This is some tough love but I’m so frustrated because you guys aren’t willing to try. So I just wanted to try. You have 30 days with me it’s a money back guarantee. If it doesn’t work you get your money back. Done. easy peavey right? you have nothing to lose. But these are alternative becauseI know you get so, “I want to eat this and I want to eat this.” We’re gonna have Alfredo. Last week we had something else, the week before that, you can go and see all the videos and go see them again, there’s options. I am never hungry I’m never looking for certain foods because there are options It’s just about how do you think about it you know that when you quit that stinking thinking the game changes, I’m telling you the game changes because your goals are so clear. when you wake up happy when you wake up with energy you’re not always looking for that next fix because you just like, “I’m going to eat this, I’m going to be full and you move on. I know… I’m trying not to, we gotta get cooking We’re going to get cooking and we’re going to do this. Before we get cooking, I have to share this with you. this’s McCormack, Canadians you can get an McCormick seasoning I know you can. Rotisserie chicken flavor no MSG no junk in it…y’all, you have to get the seasoning. I’m telling you, you have to get this seasoning. This tastes exactly like rotisserie chicken exactly like rotisserie chicken it is mccormick perfect pinch no MSG. Salt onions spices, paprika garlic. Put this on your chicken you want rotisserie chicken.This is easy, we did the George Foreman grill covered, we are good to go. FLAVOR TOWN… trust me on this one. I never lead you astray on the flavor. I’m honest it this is it, go get some of this for sure. OK, so alfredo sauce let’s get into it. If you have shared this broadcast I would love for you to share it. Let’s inspire someone to get healthy how they just fired someone to get off the couch or to make a meal and see that there are options. OK so this is what we’ve got going. Alfredo sauce, alfredo sauce easy We have got in my my pot I did a tablespoon, you can do butter, I like grass-fed butter or oil. Olive oil, avocado oil ,coconut oil we’re going to heat that up. You’re going to put in two to three cloves of crushed garlic. I needed to cook it before because you didn’t want to be with me all night. So you’re going to cook that I will post the recipe as I always do but let’s just go. I did a teaspoon of the oil or butter. I did 2-3 cloves of garlic, soften it you don’t want to get brown because the it tastes funny. I put in a cup of water then you’re gong to put in your cauliflower. So quick pro-tip, hold on a second. I love cauliflower this is already riced. So this was two dollars if you don’t have time this is what you do when you pick this up. It’s frozen. It is just cauliflower. This goes in the microwave for four minutes to soften it up. But if you don’t want that you have cauliflower, just chop it up you’re going to do about this much which is 10 ounces. 10 to 20 ounces. 10-12 ounces, sorry. of the cauliflower, you’re going to put it in your pan your pot and let it soften until it’s fork tender. that’s it that’s all I got in here I’m not burning myself and I’m not spilling it people tonight. So that’s all you do like that all you do that’s quick butter oil garlic soften it, one cup of water I did which would be able to small head of cauliflower, chopped, riced whatever you like just the florets not the stem. Soften it until it’s fork tender okay? Good alright so we’re going to this into a blender not magic bullet because it will blow the seam you need to have a traditional blender or you can do an immersion blender make sure your pot is deep enough so that you are not spraying. Ok so this is going in here. on the blender, I’m going to mix it and then season it so stand by. Depending on how you like it, I;m doing some salt, so a teaspoon but you’re going to have to taste and adjust to your seasoning like. So I’ve got pink Himalayan Salt I’m probably going to do a tablespoon of garlic powder, not salt alright garlic powder not salt or you will swell up like a blow fish. “Amanda Redder, where you can get the riced to cauliflower?” Walmart. You can get this at any grocery store. Trader Joe’s Wal-mart, Public for my Florida friends anywhere. 2 dollars, it is riced. You cook it in the bag for four minutes OK, so well do a teaspoon and then we can do a little bit more. We like garlic…it has to be authentic; I’m going to do a couple cracks of pepper in here and that is it. Get this back on, we’re going to give it another spin. OK, that is it. We have Alfredo Sauce. it does not taste like cauliflower. It does not. So this is what it looks like when it is cool it is thick but here. This is what I’m talking about with alternatives. Yes you can have pasta, and know some people are going to be like, “Can I have rice pasta and can I have gluten free pasta?” Whatever floats your boat I’m going to choose not to, I’m going to go with Zucchini. Why Zucchini noodles? I’ve got my spiralizer. Get a spiralizer, they’re like 14 dollars. everywhere you can get a hand crank one and I think it’s eight or seven dollars somewhere. This is a great investment. So, Zucchini… this is one Zucchini This is about 33 calories compared to pasta which was only be this much. Pasta which would 200-300 calories. You see this? Look. We’re doing some Carrie math here… 200 to 300 calories one cup of pasta. 33 Calories for all that Zucchini. you will be so full you will not eat this you like this. So this is 33, 3-3, 33 calories. Pasta? One cup 200 – 300 calories. Do I need to say anything else? We clear? Boot camp math is good? ok so this is one zucchini, spiralized, done. you can throw this in a little frying pan saute it you could pop it in the microwave and soften it I like it a little crunch, a little al dente a little al dente myself whatever you like. If you cook it too long in the frying pan it will get soggy. It’s a quick in and out. Microwave quick in-and-out. So look at it, see it, you don’t want to be translucent because they’ll be too (huh) So why is zucchini great other than it is super low in calories? It is very hydrating with potassium vitamin c vitamin D great anti-oxidant anti-inflammatory. Because this is a volume food. like this is a lot this is a lot right here at the volume you will feel fuller quicker longer, fiber and everything that’s going in here is going to help regulate your blood sugar so when you go to Olive Garden, again no shade to Olive Garden, garden when you there you eat your meal you are like, “I’m so tired” then within an hour you’re hungry again because it’s converted right sugar. So this is going to stay with us and keep us full. So this compared to pasts is such a better choice. Spaghetti squash again the same thing, 2 cups of spaghetti squash is about 50 calories, you can’t go wrong with that. It’s very filling so helps regulate your blood sugar. Adrenal, thyroid problems this is a great food for you blood pressure hypertension things like that this is such a great nourishing thing. Affordable not expensive you get it at any grocery store. It’s easy. OK I’m going pour a little biota this hot stuff on here. I won’t use all of it look, look! This is creamy, legit creamy. Can we see this? Season it, taste it recheck it look can you see that? So like I said I did some chicken in the George Foreman. I used my rotisserie chicken, listen when you buy your rotisserie and you use it, you need to tag me you get your chicken, you need to tag me and let me know that you love it. ok I got that I got this, we’re going to town if you have questions let me know let me know if you have questions right now. in here again you could warm it up that you’re not getting it makes it right about my chickens have protein. Cheers let’s go. It’s creamy, if you’re looking for that creamy, you need to pair with some protein so you do feel full…share this broadcast because somebody to make you some Alfrede you to tag someone so they make you some Alfredo, because this will be a great meal have, this is easy. I have my George Foreman over here I need some protein, I have my chicken so let me know if we have any questions right now question “Kevin says, greetings from Toronto Carrie, very good presentation from your Warren Park school friend.” Hey thanks Kevin! Warren Park. I miss Toronto,in the summer, not in March, I don’t miss Toronto in March. Guys, this is so easy, can we not do this? Garlic and oil in a pan. Let it warm up. A cup of water, I did 12 ounces cauliflower, Soften it. Cook it till it is soft, fork tender into your blender mash it up. Little salt little pepper some garlic and you’re done. “How did the kids like it?” They loved it They loved it, everybody ate their dinner. You guys, all the recipes I do, are all kid tested. Kid approved. all kid tested. Kid approved. Nothin gets by them They are kids. We got a teen, we got some pre-teens they all test everything, The get it all. Look, creamy chicken now. You guys, this is so good, I’m telling you, you have to make this. “Can I tag you Carrie to make it for me?” Who was that? Was that Redder? Of course, I will make this for you. you can come over anytime Amanda Redder, I will make this for you. easy right you can totally make this. So get creative I know some of you don’t like that coconut, we did the coconut chicken, that coconut alfredo chicken sauce…this is just a great ones very neutral you want other seasonings get creative with them in there you don’t need that cheese, don’t know the gross ingredients don’t need any of it. Alright, this is simple it’s pure, you’re going to feel good you’re going to get your energy back your eating for nourishment you’re not eating to fill some emotional void alright. Can we just have a minute that one? Just a minute? You’re eating for nourishment to fuel yourself you’re eating for energy you are not eating to fill an emotional void. That’s a big one I hope you have an aha moment with that one because pizza or wine or ice cream brownies, will never fix your bad day, they will not fix your childhood. None of it. They make you miserable. Honestly, it does. If you have not shared this broadcast, share it. Head over to the Metabolism Reset Plan I’m just going to see eating Alfredo. That is like super healthy OK quickly, where is my biscuits. I made biscuits to y’all, I made biscuits. If you’re one of my Fit Friends you’ll get the recipe but if not, leave a number 1 comment if you want me to post the gluten-free paleo biscuits. Let me know..who wants some biscuits, who wants a biscuit recipe? recipe? Biscuit recipe on deck? Yes, Yes, we can do this let’s do this let’s do a lot of hockey pucks my friends to get the right recipe, lot of hockey pucks were has, it was pretty bad, but this one, are you ready for this one? That was a hockey puck…but the one you are getting are these ones. ok i’m not gonna say Red Lobster… kind of, kind of,…we;re pretty close. quick recap So if you haven’t shared it, I would love for you to share it. If you have not visited Metabolism Reset Plan head over there Metabolism Reset Pan dot com. Carrie Burrows dot com. Join my newsletter, I send out information a couple times a week recipes fitness information health information I would love for you to join my newsletter if you want the biscuit recipe you need to leave a number one. I need some number ones or I need some ‘WOW’ faces or something I some kind of something I need some ones… if you want some biscuits. these are legit biscuits my friends legit one bowl , easy peasy so there is no no kneading it out…these are the ones with the rolling pin Brenda said, post it on Facebook. You, y’all my fit friends, you’ll get it my fit friends, my metabolism reset, my squad y’all get this. Don’t you worry, don’t worry. OK quick recap on our Alfredo I will post it but just in case, In a small saucepan I warmed up a teaspoon of oil or butter your choice coconut never close to go to the three cloves of crushed garlic let it warm up and soften. Then I added 1 cup of water it is about 12 ounces of cauliflower. I use this stuff because I don’t have time to be chopping and having cauliflower all over my counter. Got it in the frozen food section easy-peasy, warm that up four minutes put into my sauce pan, kept cooking about 10-12 minutes to get the right consistency that fork tender. put it into my blender mash it up in the blender… put in my salt pepper and some garlic powder remix it, taste adjusting. You might want something else. you might like something else, maybe you like red pepper flakes maybe you want something else, maybe you want more Italian seasoning you can go and get out that whatever you like we adjust it and that was it. Zucchini noodles, zucchini zoodles…One is about 40 calories, 33 calories all of this food, super delicious lots of fiber you can heat them up quick fry microwave to soften or eat it raw, no big deal. Easy, done. My chicken was on the George Foreman and I used my new favorite, my ride or die, McCormack rotisserie chicken get and tag me because I want to know if you love it! OK any question? OK, did you leave some loser number ones? We have some number ones? Have you shared this broadcast Come on now people, give me some hearts now people. Alright so on deck, coming up we’ve got Shamrock Shakes coming up. WHAT?? Shamrock shakes. Happy March my fit friends, Spring break is around the corner for a lot of people so I hope you’re ready get you mind right because summer is around the corner if you want to get your summer shape on You can come on over to Metabolism Reset Plan …start now, get your head in the game little High School Musical reference for those that care. join us so you can be summer ready. Don’t be miserable summer don’t be covered up start now and get ahead of the game. One hundred recipes daily workout with me support daily, you have questions please let me know this is it for me I will post the recipes, join the news letter, Carrie Burrows dot com and as always, I’m always open to hearing any recipes from you for something you’d like me to make over. I’m all about the makeover so leave me a comment if there’s something that you want to have that needs a make over. We can totally do that Thanks for watching. I love you guy. Eat healthy, make this and tag me and let me know what you think. Alright…have a good night!

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