GAPS and Keto for Brain Health

hey glad you’re here today we’re going to
talk about the GAPS version of the ketogenic diet. The Gut and Psychology Syndrome, or
the GAPS diet really goes after your gut flora and it gets that gut flora to stop
sending signals to your brain to say like hey be depressed hey have
autism hey stim hey be super anxious that’s
what the GAPS diet is about is about fixing your gut and the ketogenic diet
is about being in ketosis so your brain is running on ketones, not on glucose because
there’s not enough glucose in your intake to keep your brain going your
brain can run on ketones and those ketones and they’re not completely sure
how this works but those ketones are what makes people with like
schizophrenias keeping people with autism people with Alzheimer’s and
people with severe seizure disorders that aren’t otherwise controlled by
drugs are either their seizures go down to zero or they go from like a hundred
today to like two a day and so this is the the ketones that your brain is
running on is what the really powerful part of being on the ketogenic diet is
for brain health if you go from the gaps diet to the ketogenic diet that is
pretty easy like head out the sugar or cut out the honey and cut out the fruits
the ketogenic diet is something that really I try not to say it’s a cure-all
because it doesn’t work for everyone but I want to say for like the 80/20
principle 80% of people really are gonna benefit from the ketogenic diet and so
that’s something I would encourage you if you have the time if this is
something you want to do I would go ahead and try I don’t I wouldn’t say
that it’s something you have to do like for three months at a time to see any
benefit I really think that those ketones are like really healing to the
brain and so if you can do it for a month or even two weeks I think that
that’s definitely worth it I am committing to one month out of this
summer that’s all I’m committing to that I’m for sure doing it for my kids I’d
like to do it all summer but we’ll see how how it goes and that’s something
that I think that you would benefit from as well so that’s the difference between
the gaps diet and the ketogenic diet and then just a quick rundown of the
questions that I always get of what’s allowed on what on the gap state can you
drink alcohol and this is something that people always want to know yes and so to
do the gaps version or the yeah the ketogenic version of the
Cape’s diet you’re gonna want to stick with distilled alcohol so like vodka
whiskey the ones that don’t have flavors in it like that’s all I can think of off
the top of my head I think Jenna’s just flavored with like berries or herbs or
something so the hard alcohols that are really just 100 percent alcohol are
completely fine you want to stay away from like beer or even wine wine as’
like red wine is something that you can fit into your ketogenic diet but you
need to be careful because because half a bottle of red wine which is two cups
probably has your entire carb count for the day in it so I would just like watch
the carbs on the red wine but that is something to stay on gaps because we’re
doing talking about the gaps version of the ketogenic diet you definitely want
to avoid light beer I know that some people on keto drink light beer like one
or two of the Michelob Ultra is but that’s like but there’s too much wheat
in that like it’s gonna mess up your system it’s gonna feed those pathogenic
bacteria we’re trying to starve out with the gut the gaps diet so yeah we just
talked about alcohol that coffee coffee black coffee is allowed on both gaps and
the ketogenic version of the gaps diet you can put coconut cream in it that’s a
pretty low carb heavy whipping cream is something that is allowed on keto but
it’s not allowed on gaps and so that’s something that you’re gonna kind of want
to see how it works cream is one of those things especially raw cream is
something that people that are on the advanced stages of gaps might be able to
handle but for most of you if you’re trying to heal your gut at the same time
that you’re trying to heal your brain then you’re gonna want to stick with
coconut milk so that full fat coconut milk is really good then monk fruit is
something to sweeten or stevia to sweeten I don’t like stevia and coffee
but you’re my own your mileage may vary so alcohol and coffee let’s just circle
around the alcohol again so alcohol is something that especially if you have a
child with a disability maybe you are using alcohol and maybe a less than
healthy way but it might be something that you’re just doing to cope that’s
like that’s your own personal choice but I just want to remind you it is a toxin
it is linked to leaky gut and it’s something that’s not healthy for your
body like in the gaps and keto we’re trying to clean up
bonnie’s that’s not healthy for your body but your mileage may vary like I
said and I’m definitely not judging you because I will admit that I don’t
completely abstain from alcohol either so it’s not a free-for-all just because
it’s caps legal but it’s also not going to mess up your microbiome that you’re
trying to reprogram or the ketones that are going to your brain so that’s what I
wanted to talk about today was the gapps version of the ketogenic diet and a lot
of you know me from posting my story of trying to heal autism with the gaps diet
and the gap size something I was comfortable with talking about but what
you don’t know is at the same time and this was about eight years ago that I
started what can I eat now which is my introduction version to the gaps diet
and I started health unknown happiness I also put my daughter on the ketogenic
version of the gaps diet which is a very low carb and I did that because I had
seen that the ketogenic diet can help with seizures and gaps is already pretty
low carb so just dropping it down a little bit to be low carb enough for her
to be in ketosis is something that I wanted to try but I wasn’t comfortable
sharing with the public but now that the ketogenic diet is actually almost
mainstream I want to see now I am comfortable her doctor knows that she’s
been on the ketogenic diet and that we’re doing it again this summer my
parents know like everybody in public knows the school knows and so this is
something that we’re 8 years ago people were like they were just viscerally
yelling at me telling me I was gonna give my child permanent damage now this
is more accepted and if you look at the literature in the past 80 years and even
longer the ketogenic diet has been used for seizure control which is what made
me think I needed to try it because my daughter had suspected seizures they
weren’t ever diagnosed and we did do the formal studies that show that she did
not have seizures but it was just something that I’m like mmm well maybe
if she is since we’re already doing dietary intervention this is something
worthwhile to try and actually she thrived on the ketogenic version of the
gaps diet and I could tell when I bumped her addict ketosis which we’ll go into
in a little bit I could tell that she just didn’t do as well like she needed
to be both on and in ketosis thanks for joining us I’m
Kara from health home and happiness if you want to check out the links below
I’d love to see you click over on to my blog and the different resources that I
have for you I’d also love it if you would subscribe and then you can hit the
notification bell to always be alerted to when I post a new video and if you
want to like and comment I love those as well comments I try to answer all of my
comments so if you have any specific questions about doing the ketogenic
version of the app diet let me know and I can either point you in the direction
of someone else that knows more or I can answer you to the best of my abilities
thanks for joining me here today and I am glad you were here

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Reader Comments

  1. Sahar Nouri

    Hi i have a question. I'm now for almost 2 years on gaps with my daughter. The gaps diet says to stay there for two years. Why didn't you go back to normal diet with normal or low carb diet? How do you do the keto with your sweet daughter. My daughter is autistic too. She loves her bit of honey and a little bit fruits. Are you switching between Keto and low and normal carb diet? Thank you.

  2. Brook Graves

    That tells you how many people drink regularly. I am so beyond drinking alcohol that I was surprised how much time she spent on explaining the pros and cons, and the allowability of alcoholic beverages for gaps and keto. I can see how it would cause things like Candida overgrowth…

  3. Bumblebee Apothecary

    I have been following you for years, and love all the great information you share – thank you! I want to know more about the Keto version of the GAPS diet for men. My husband was diagnosed with Aspergers as an adult. It's pretty mild, but does bring some unique challenges for him/us 🙂 He did the GAPS diet (followed it strictly) for two years, about 6 years ago. That helped him immensely. After coming off GAPS he's eaten a nourishing traditions/Weston A Price style diet. For the last two years, he's been chelating heavy metals with the Andy Cutler chelation protocol, and he's also seen improvement with that. He still has some things he'd like to continue to fix/heal, like brain fog, anxiety, being slow at learning new things at work. We are wondering if the Keto version of the GAPS diet would be helpful for him. It sounds like we should try it for one month, to see how it goes, is that what you'd recommend? We'd also like to know how to tell when he is in ketosis or not. Also, some concerns we have are 1) he has a very physically demanding job as a concrete form setter (lots of heavy lifting). He eats a lot of food in general to have enough energy for this work. Is going low carb going to be okay with that physical of a job? Our second concern is 2) We've heard that eating enough carbs is good for fertility in men. We'd like to have another baby at some point. He's 36 right now. Would going that low carb hurt his fertility? Thank you so much!!

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