good morning YouTube family so we are
starting out the day with having some tea I’m gonna have the Tiesta Tea
peachy-keen peach rose white tea and the caffeine in
this is low um yeah my throat is feeling a little bit better we are slowly
becoming healthy again yeah just a reminder y’all I have a Sips By Discount Code it gets you five dollars off of your first box
everyone’s box is customized to fit them so don’t expect to like it the same
things name because it’s meant to be unique for you yeah y’all see what I did
just there unique yeah okay okay so um yeah go ahead and make this tea and I’ll
start talking y’all before I start meditating alrighty to family we were finally
outside about start meditating it took me forever to get ready because um I was
just like moving so slow I was like I sleep don’t want to work out today
but today’s leg day I need to work out because I sometimes y’all when I decide
to not work out it is typically on my lower body day so yeah overall y’all I
am pretty happy with my lower body I would like for the booty to get a little
bit bigger you know that would be awesome
but um yeah but I would like to tone up my thighs a little bit like my calf
muscles I really don’t have to complain about those because I wear heels pretty
much a lot I used to wear heels a whole lot more than what I wear now but um
yeah that’s really how I get my calf muscles is from that and from like my
years of dancing as well so I really don’t work out my calf muscles they’re
just basically there but anywho YouTube fambam about to start meditating and
then yeah we will head over to the gym and be a fitness youtuber yeah
no high hopes okay you too family we are currently in the car we are ready for a
lower-body day I am kind of thinking about starting to go to the Collegium
now I don’t have me to be active sometimes when you’re at the gym mmm so
like the last time I went there it just I don’t know I just feel more
comfortable at the ladies gym but you know the co-ed gym has more equipment
and it’s bigger and everything so I mean maybe I’m gonna start like alternating
like what Jim I got soon I don’t know that’s what I’m thinking about but yeah
so let’s go ahead and go to the gym so we can go ahead and get that booty like
wham bam yeah okay let me stop here so we’re down here okay all right yeah
let’s go I’m feeling the need to make maybe
possibly keto pancakes today yes yes yes hopefully we have some syrup because my
family just loves my Walden Farms syrup y’all when they have their own syrup but
no they want to use none all the time and then they drown their pancakes with
it like I just don’t understand I just don’t get it
Wow first meal of the day y’all so I have my Kido pancakes with natural
creamy peanut butter I have my water farms sugar-free syrup y’all just saw
this here if I have since everybody want to use my syrup like the other syrups
don’t exist here at the house then I have two strawberries two sausage
patties some cucumbers and I have two eggs with salt and pepper into drink I’m
having by Coke Zero hashtag BAE okay YouTube family so we’re in the car well
let me back up oh goodness I live in y’all face okay so
we are in the car on the yellow way no mom she’s behind me
oh she’s gonna let me out first and then she’s gonna get the car with me yeah
yeah I’m still a little full from what I ate earlier hopefully we don’t get sick
at Zumba because you already know I’m still a little sick still so I mean yeah
well y’all never mind my mom went in a rental truck because just in case the
rental company calls and be like hey give us our truck back because just in
case I didn’t oh no did I tell y’all this somebody hit my mother’s car while
she was at a funeral you know being a great Christian or whatever and they hit
her car well is parked now they are getting the back of it yay awesome you can’t even see how wet
my shirt is whoo do y’all see how sweaty I am I’m so sweetie yeah I just don’t
know how important it was a wonderful workout Oh trying to keep up with my
daughter huh hallelujah y’all I absolutely positively do not feel like
cooking at all tonight so I’m just gonna have a pickle it took a lot of water
yeah I just don’t feel like cooking no just not filling it in my bone hey
YouTube family so editing version of myself coming in whoa what is going on
okay we’re gonna pretend like that’s not happening okay y’all so all right so my
sickness what’s going on with that okay so you know when you’re sick whatever
you know your throat is little in your nose is running your eyes watering all
this stuff y’all okay whatever we got so y’all my throat started
feeling better I was like yeah I’m feeling great I’m cool whatever and so
like you know my nose is still runny so cute my eyes were watery and now that
that’s doing like my throat has started back feeling like all scratched yet I’m
like what is going on over here what more do you want from me so we
don’t know what’s going on over here y’all but just pray for your girl this
weekend because I can’t be dealing with this plus my period I came home like we
can’t be sick in having our period like no the funny thing about this y’all is
when I used to watch other youtubers well I mean I still watch on what I said
it I don’t know what whatever okay so like in my mind I was like dang that
girl is always on her period and I promise y’all like when I go back to
editing it feels like I’m always in my period but really I don’t at all I mean
I have a period like every other female like the normal time frame but in
YouTube world it seems like I have a period like every week but anyways y’all
so if you are new to the channel welcome to the fam I’m over here documenting my
keto weight loss journey and your girl is sharing everything right now we’re
trying to combine strict keto and lazy keto so join me by clicking that
subscribe button plus the notification bell as well so you won’t miss out on
any future uploads here I do upload three videos a week so you can’t expect
the video from me on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays to my amazing wonderful
spectacular YouTube family thank you so so so much for us in this video as
always if you don’t hear it from anyone else I love you
so stay blessed and I will see you in the next video which will be Monday
alright y’all please stay safe this weekend pray for your girl I’ll be
praying for y’all like always and yeah see y’all back here on Monday

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