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Good morning and welcome back to my
channel, yep I’m in the middle of winter here, I’m in my winter gown all cozy and I
want to go and make a hot breakfast and I’m going to film a full day of eating to share with you today and if you’ve followed my channel for a while you
know I was on Keto strictly for about 8 or so months and now I’m kind of
some days Keto, some days not and just balancing it out and I just feel like a
full day of Keto today so I thought I’d share my full day of eating starting
with my warm breakfast, and I’m still not eating eggs for breakfast I went 9 or so
straight month of eating eggs and now I’m having all kinds of other hot
breakfasts and this morning I’m sauteing mushrooms and once they reduced I’ll add
a couple more ingredients to them, okay I’ve added in a couple of chopped sausages
I made sausages for dinner last night, there were a couple of leftovers and so
I’ve chopped them up into little bite-sized pieces and I’m going to heat
them through with the mushrooms and finally about a couple of teaspoons of pesto, I
am loving this tomato pesto lately I’ve been using it so much and just trying
different things and today I’m trying it with a bit of mushroom and sausages, I’m
going to mix through and heat it up and that is my lovely warming breakfast, ah
the flavors, I love this pesto I’ve been so obsessed with it lately, so I’ve got pesto
mushrooms sausages and that is my nice big hot breakfast this morning, that was
such a filling breakfast it’s almost lunchtime and I have not been hungry, I’m
not really hungry at all, I’m going to take the boys out, my kids out to a park
for a bit so I’m going to make a packed lunch to take out and about with us to
have when I get hungry and I’ll show you what I’m taking, this is what I contend
with, my boys are playing UNO in the background and giggling, having a
laugh and my cat keeps walking around because when I’m preparing lunch she
thinks this tuna but there is no tuna today so let me show you what I packed
to take to the park I’ve got a whole lot of strawberry so I’ll probably share
these with the boys, I cut up a few more than I would normally have myself I
usually have maybe three four that’s actually four enormous strawberries it
looks like more but it’s four and so that’s what I’ve got there and some
cucumber cut up, cat is knocking everything over on the
kitchen counter, so for my main lunch I have a bed of lettuce leaves I’ve got
about a half of an avocado sliced up some feta, some nuts and I’m going to top
it in a second to some avocado oil and salt so that’s a good low carb, the cat is
busy rubbing my finger and that’s a good low-carb high-fat lunch that I’m going
to take out and about and so I’ll catch up with you this afternoon if I have an
afternoon snack, we had a lovely time out at the park and it was sunny and
beautiful now all of a sudden it is overcast and rainy that is Melbourne for
you, so I’m home now and I’m a bit chilly so I’m making I’ve made up a hot chocolate
I’ve shared my low carb hot chocolate recipe in the past and I always like to
leave a room at the top for heaps of whipped cream, look it’s kind of dropped over
to the side over there, that’s such a yummy afternoon treat I usually have my
strawberries and cream but I had my strawberries and shared them with the
kids while out and about at the park and so now I’m just having my
whipped cream and instead on top of my hot chocolate and I’ll catch up with you at
dinner time and this is my dinner I’m sauteeing a whole lot of cauliflower and
heaps of butter and once it’s reduced I will add a few more ingredients to make a big
warming yummy cauliflower dinner, I’ve made variations on this dish many many
times before just depending on my mood so you can see my cauliflower is starting
to get golden and it’s softening up and now I’m going to add a couple more
ingredients that being a tin of tuna and a generous swirl of cream, double cream
use any cream you like this just I’m just going to mix all of that through
and once it’s heated I’m going to add some grated cheese as well and just mix
it until the cheese is melty and you can see it’s already bubbly and hot and I’ll
show you once I’ve popped it into a bowl and it’s started raining again, not sure if you can hear, one of those cold rainy days and this big bowl of warm cauliflower
it’s kind of like mac and cheese with tuna and it’s just cauliflower tuna and
cheesy it’s just such a comfort warming dish so that is my full day of eating with easy low carb meals thank you so much for
watching make sure that you leave a like and subscribe for more yummy
inspirations just like this and leave me a comment let me know what’s your
favorite go to easy low carb meal is, I look forward to reading your comments and
we’ll see you again soon bye.

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