Fueling Mental Health

We have some graphics here showing foods
that can help fuel mental health so let’s walk through them doctor
antioxidants really important right because they contain vitamins a c e. Right they contain these have been shown to really help to decrease depression
health and anxiety and they help in other areas of health as well you want
to take foods that are going to decrease your oxidants or antioxidants like the
word says fruits vegetables also help with this. Spinach kale Brussel sprouts. Spinach
blueberries blackberries all those things are really really helpful it
tastes good. They do I don’t know about the Brussels sprouts some people seem to
like them you don’t like broccoli so we established that one now foods that also feel mental health
healthy fats omega-3 fatty acids can reduce inflammation and have a mood
stabilizing effect let’s talk about these doctors. Right and
if you look at all these things we’re talking about it’s really part of what
we call the Mediterranean diet fish Salman especially the fish that are high
in omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to be helpful not only again like I said
before now Simon sorry but in general health olive oil sesame seed oil these
things also help and these are all contained high concentrations of omega-3
fatty acids which are really what you want again. Absolutely alright let’s take
the next graphic which shows fiber fiber stabilizes sugar levels and leads to
better mood control so let’s talk about those doctor. Well again this is all part of
the Mediterranean diet whole grains fruits and vegetables blackberries and
blueberries that we mentioned before all these things have been shown for years
to be helpful general health also to prevent Alzheimer’s and maybe to some
extent to decrease the progression of Alzheimer’s. Which is what we want to do
and I think we have one more graphic which is eat raw fruits and
vegetables for better mental health usually they say and correct me if I’m
wrong doctor but the raw fruits and vegetables really are much
let’s say the frozen ones. The frozen ones are fine too by the way
but… It is but if you want to get something better for you you want to eat
raw you want to eat the fresh food for that matter.

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