Fried Plantains Tostones Recipe

chef buck here and today I’m gonna cook
up some tostones cuz I got some green plantains here unripe green plantains
…in fact I got a lot of plantains come over here Camera Girl these are more ripe
and I’m keeping separate from my plantains over there because I didn’t
want these here to ripen up ….when you’re making tostones you want to make
sure and use green unripe plantains these are very savory whereas the ripen
plantains as they ripen up they get sweeter and you can use those for
different recipes but this is going to be a twice fried tostones which is a
plantain that it’s going to be very similar to a potato like a french fried
or a Tater Tot or something like that kind of a fried snack now you just can’t
peel this like a banana to peel a green plantain you’ve got to use your brain
and your muscles because there’s a smart way to do it an easy way to do it you
can just slice off the end and then just give it a little slice length waist like
this here boom boom boom and if you give it another slice right along the same
way then it’ll make a strip and you can just oops it’s too skinny strip maybe oh
no no all righty all right take two all right we’ll switch it over here to the
other side of the thing alright so what you want to do is you just want to make
a little slice along the length of the plantain and then another slice it makes
a little strip and then you can just get under that strip and peel it right off
just like that or you can go ahead and put a spoon under here or your finger
and go ahead and peel it around like this here and just go all the way around
the plantain and get the skin off like that but you can do it in strips or you
can go ahead and just do one strip and then peel it like that there it can be
very awkward peeling a green plantain but in the end you’ll have a couple of
banana looking thingamabobs but they don’t taste like banana at all because
they are unripe so they don’t have any sweetness in them they’re very savory
they’re very much like a potato now to make tostones we’re gonna go
ahead and slice them into disks and I like to do it about a quarter of an inch
thick the tostones are actually gonna be thinner by the time we’ve been
cooking them but I don’t like an overly thick but you can definitely adjust the
thickness or thinness to whatever you desire so we got a whole heap of sliced
plantains and like I said this is a lot you know you could just do one plantain
but if I’m gonna fry something you know if I’m gonna get oil and skillet and
fool with it I’m gonna do at least two all right so I got me a skillet I’m
gonna put it on the heat heat me up a little bit of oil all right so I got my
oil heated up go ahead and slide in a bunch of these plantains and you want to
make sure your oil is hot enough that they start cooking right away when you
put them in here and we’re gonna twice fry these so we’re gonna fry them and
then we’re gonna take them out and smash them and then fry them again but we’ll
go ahead and give these about a minute on the rung but I’m gonna go ahead and
season one side of them here and I just got some garlic powder right here and
you can use whatever seasoning you like but I like to use kind of a savory this
year so a lot of times I like to put a little bit of chili powder on for heat
but I’m not just one and then we’ll put some salt on them later so let them fry
on one side for about one or two minutes and then we’ll go ahead and flip them
over and fry the other side up a little bit smell that seasoning that fried
garlic powder really smells Boone Dubois all right so I’ll give him another
minute or two on this side and while I frying her winning head got a plate and
a paper towel ready because we’re gonna drain in just a few moments and if you
love fried foods you’re gonna love two stomachs you know
if you like french fries any kind of fried potato definitely give this a try
I mean you’re not gonna live as long feeding this but I mean those years come
off the back end of your life right from what I’ve observed people will seem to
be miserable at the end of their lives I mean if you whack a few years off the
back end you know is it that bad so there we fried them up a little bit on
both sides I’m gonna go ahead and get them out of my pan here we’re going boom
Mel delicious I still got my hot oil so I’m all still hot my skill it’s still
hot I’m going to go ahead and throw the rest of my plantains in here then I’ll
do this batch just like the other batch give it a minute or two and while those
plantains there are frying I’m gonna go ahead and take the ones that I’ve fried
once and put it under anything you like and then give it
smash since I cut mine about a quarter of an inch thick you know it’s like a
silver dollar size but you can make them as thick smash them out as fat as you
like that’s to taste you know I’ve had some very thick tostones but I actually
kind of like mine just like this make them as thick or thin as you like
alright so by the time I get those smashed it’ll be time to flip these and
I forgot to season these before I flip them but that’s okay because the oil
actually had a lot of seasoning in it from when I season the other ones using
the camera girl but I will go in and throw a little bit of more garlic powder
on here because I like a lot of seasoning I like much too Stoney’s to
have a lot of flavor and I’m gonna serve them with a dipping sauce a garlic
dipping sauce garlic in tostones you know that’s my know that goes
together like two hands going together turn this camera on yourself look at you
you’re eating all the tostones and they’re only half tusk don’t need all
right come on camera girl I’m gonna go ahead and get these out of the oil we’ll
let these drain for a moment and I’ll go ahead and return some of my flat
tostones back into the skillet and this is
probably gonna take me three skillet fools to do this now because I’ve
smashed them out so they’re a little bit bigger than when I started or maybe not
if camera girl keeps eating them and now we’ll go ahead and let these fry
until they’re golden brown until they reach a nice color consistency that we
like how while those are frying I’m gonna go ahead and match my other batch
up two stomachs you want to do all this you know while they’re hot while they’re
malleable all right I’m gonna give them another flip or I’m gonna take a look at
the bottom it’s starting to color up kind of nicely looks good enough for me
frying them probably about two minutes on each side now but again until it gets
to that color that you like alright so done these about two minutes each side
really nice color they seem very crisp so I’m gonna go ahead and get these out
of the pan and these are all through now there’s my tostones they just need to
drain a little bit and cool off so they’re not lethal to eat and that’s all
there is to making the tostones you know just boom boom boom
twice Brian but I’ll go ahead and fry up the rest Ling’s here come I turn my
stove off roll them on my plate there and there you have a big old batch of
plantains and while they’re hot you can go ahead and salt them up to taste God
they smell so good all righty so there you have it super
crispy delicioso tostones now to make these extra perfect we got to have a
sauce so we got a little garlic mayonnaise lemon dip there kind of an
aioli so we use mayonnaise instead of egg yolk
boom boom I know you love these things I get here crunch a little bit hmm
I think the key to great custo neighs is seasoning go SuperDuper heavy on the
seasoning go to my plantain playlist I’ll have a link around here somewhere
… check it out… check out some plantains…
if you were to print this recipe go to MyFoodChannel dot com you can print all
our recipes over there thanks for watching and we’ll see you in the future
…see this is why you don’t want to cook up two plantains just for two people …
cause you end up with this situation right here

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Reader Comments

  1. Etorres73

    I try making it your way (thin) Instead of (thick) the way I know how to make it but your way was really delicious very good. Thank you for the tip.

  2. Earth 1

    interesting, also plantain mash sounds interesting. can you bake the fried version instead? fries are supposed to be a little more healthy when baked instead of fried.

  3. Critter T

    What’s the purpose of smashing them honey?
    I only eat green bananas – yellow is yucky
    to me. Think I’d like plantains? Looks easy &
    I’ll give them a try🎈

  4. Christine Barberi

    They look yummy! I will definitely try this recipe. But with one alteration…to smash mine, I’m going to make a row of them on my driveway and run them over with my car tire. It will save so much time!

  5. Alberto González

    There are few things more delicious than "tostones". Way more delicious than french fries (and I am a french fries lover). Mmmm….

  6. levoldunom

    Try making them stuffed! But that would require a thicker slice. I’ve eaten them stuffed with red snapper. Around here they’re often eaten with a mayo-ketchup sauce or with garlic.

  7. Mally LaBoy

    Yes! A Puerto Rican dish… I usually use them when they are ripened to make more of a dessert tostone with cinnamon and ground fennel… And occasionally for a health-wise tostone I bake them

  8. Beverly Fields

    I’ve decided that when I turn 70 I’m going to start smoking and drinking and stop taking my meds and enjoy what ever time I have left😉

  9. sermanny1

    Very nice. But those aren’t tostones. More like plantain chips. A real toston is cut about an inch thick, fried first at low heat, removed from the oil, thoroughly flattened, and then fried a second time in hotter oil to crisp up. It’s seasoned after the second fry only with salt and never served with a dipping sauce. I’m sure these are tasty but they shouldn’t be called tostones which has a specific meaning.

  10. anthony w

    I LOVE these .. never made them … but now I wanna after watchin you .… hope u know how much you inspire people ..  amazing stuff, Buck !

  11. jonnyboat2

    Great video. The first, and only time I had a plantain, I thought they were going to be like bananas. Wrong!!! These actually look good. I might have to try this. Thanks.

  12. Alex Lopez

    Hey buck! Season them right after u fry them at the end. Salt and black pepper and if you have a morter grind some garlic up or if u dont have fresh garlic use garlic powder instead, mix with olive oil then pour on top with a spoon, trust me you'll love it. I'm Puerto Rican and make these all the time. You did great man! Good effort and great job.2 big Thumbs up from me man! 👍👍 oh and a tip. If you go to your local market in the hispanic isle if u have one look for this seasoning called Goya Adobo. They have different types but the regular is the red cap one with label for starters, U can use that as a substitute for salt. Its a hispanic blend of garlic with pepper and spices that you'll enjoy. ✌

  13. Antonio Kinsey

    I’m jealous watching Florida’s Hispanic/Latin population influence your cooking. Living in San Diego, California, you don’t find much of that style of cooking. When you do, it’s crap.

  14. Tulkers

    Just made them for the 1st time – thought we would make just 1 batch, ya know.. to 'try'them… ended up making 3 batches, NO leftovers. They are AMAZING! Thanks for the recipe!

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