Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel! I’m very luminous – I mixed my highlighter with my foundation in case you were wondering. Oh my God, you guys, the other day I celebrated was my fourth year or third
year? The second of January I celebrated my fourth year
Jailiversary so four years since I’ve been to jail I love to celebrate on my
grandma hates that I celebrate it. EVERYONE, I WENT TO AIL – I’m telling
everyone. We’ll get into the details later okay. she’s not impressed that’s a
pretty much to I every year I have a potty and we celebrated I was walking
this year on the 2nd of January so it today’s the 6th of January happy new
year first of all I’ve never had a Saturday off like literally I’m I don’t
know what to do with myself except go to the farmers market and the flower
markets I’m just like gonna be that mom we should have left like an hour ago but
we got addicted to Real Housewives so we’re just kind of watching that I’m
gonna obviously make food for the pie but I’m also gonna meal prep for the
whole week so I want to show you how to meal prep organically under $50 alright
guys so I assumed obviously the markets are on because duh but they’re closed
until you wanna try South are hold you wanna go straight to Flemington hold you
want to go to bond I’m I am actually so disappointed because I love the market
we’re going straight to Fleming said it’s still healthy and it’s still
shopping on your budget in a budget on a budget mmm it’s still fresh and hand
only so we are in the right place with the whole father market debacle we’ve
just stopped at local cafe because I’m comfort food based well that’s the Beast
you just gotta feed and nutritious portion controlled
besides for me I’m excited besa bacon egg roll I have my juice just
gonna be all gonna get will up to Flemington to finally actually get some we are buying here organic under $50 and
I’m gonna go home and prepare four different meals for you guys and without
it no win spot my food memory windswept mile you have to be frugal you have to
look you have to use your shoulders you have to is it tough out he’s more than the fruit of a smile that
was definitely experience to say the least I mean the farmers market not
Flemington market but that’s okay hopefully the flower market is better we
can get brighten up a day a bit since we just go home guys I know I said when
shopping on Ghani clean today we’re going to Woolworths which we’re going
home home the place we should have gone from the beginning
I don’t know today is what a time to be alive about to where the day started at
more words I know it’s not necessarily the most organic place but it’s fresh
it’s still fresh for the fresh food people so in total I’ve only spent $6 so
I’m doing pretty good but $1 worth of bananas four dollars spent on black
grapes and then I bought a lot the show because I said we’ve got a big party
tonight just Anita just me came back from a walk I mean it’s been
20 minutes but there’s a tail you’re right come on come on okay now came back
and I had enough and we went for walkers now and I put my hair up because it is
getting a bit warm in here I just want to show you what I ended up buying from
the store and pretty much you just want to show you how I do my friends because
I’m I love the way that I sort out my French I’m house-sitting at the moment
as you notice this is the stuff I’m not using I’m daring free at the moment but
as you know I’m having a few people for dinner tonight so I like to put my dairy
in my like eggs and stuff and then my meat on this side and then my fruit and
veg and obviously more fruit just like majority of Medina when I’m good the dog
is having it excuse me I’m doing a video by I’m just
sitting in here cuz it’s really cool I like to watch my fruit and veggies and
just store it away it’s much easier and I kind of there’s motions I’m gonna eat
it we’ve got to obtain is of just some black grey strawberries cherry some
awesome beansie’s of bananas I’m gonna show you what I’m gonna do in a minute
potatoes and some green apples and sweet potatoes because I’m not thankful at the
moment this is really good they just coconut aminos from new life tastes just
like slate so it’s leading free dairy free nut and soy free or natural this is
second time I bought this is my dairy-free cheese I’m not mad at it I
kind of like it the only thing is it says easy melt it wasn’t that easy to
melt it so let me just go through exactly how much is better actually only
spent forty dollars and that I’m running up to 40 because it actually was 36 but
because I had some of the ingredients of her and like you know you can wash your
brown Rice’s and things I’m not including that because it’s kind of a
staple pantry your beans and walnuts the first thing that would be a really cool
meal have to show you is a breakfast smoothie bulk so like for me I love to
phrase my fruit I just love frozen fruit specially in summer it’s really quiet
like we all say that breakfast is the most important meal and you know blow a
blow I’m gonna be real I have been really bad with breakfast lately I just
want me to have the door I’m just like all over the place I’m safe well things
been on and they were literally a dollar a kilo
Marcus um so with the markets I only spent $6 like I said before but the most
important thing to know is not everything it’s gonna be told on high
was for example you can trust a lot most of the things but I try and buy
especially like Australian grown you know if you support the local farmers
and it’s just you just know it’s kind of better the strawberries they were like
good prices but they were like fresh they were bruised and you know things
were wrong with them so I didn’t buy any of them when honest I don’t really care
because I don’t really eat banana bananas I freaked and we put them in
smoothie bowls and things so we browned the better these ones actually really
good and they were only a dollar you guys
I just did a handful of everything so I love bit of mango it’s not as good as
the fresh mango it never will be banana picks up some more mixed berry
Harry not honestly one of the best fruits you can do for yourself and just
blueberries um and like I said I’ve washed all my fruits and veggies when I
come home and then I just put them in containers so I can just punch of them
is so much easier like I said I didn’t get this from the market I just got from
bullies and yeah over wood I’m not gonna make a smoothie right now maybe in a
little bit but that’s prep one well my next one is a chicken and bean salad now
if you know me I’m really not a big meat eater and submersed in my moles are
actually pretty much vegan or vegetarian this one is not I mean you can put tofu
in there and that will kind of make it vegan this one I’m just gonna put in
chicken though I bought free-range ticket the green beans here are
beautiful they’re already being pre-washed I’m just gonna pretty much
chop up the chicken chop up the green beans and honestly it is the best combo
I like to top it with a few pine nuts I don’t have any time fine I’ll stay
that’s fine you really don’t need it and then I couldn’t marinate it in I just
marinate in coconut aminos it’s like this way so it’s alternative some ginger
and garlic and you know if you don’t have the ups of clubs just use the pace
that’s fine and then some come and see if the only problem is this job garlic
honestly trying to open it for the last three
wait I conquered it open I honestly cannot walk out I can’t
I usually so glad I just gonna run back it is being a life long struggle if this
cup ends and this works no my mom used to teach me away you get a knife
I need like stop it in there I just don’t know where how on earth do you do
this rub and around the lid I did that mom I miss my mom so so cotton little
though I need my mother hi hi how are you struggling I’m because I was in this
job for three weeks and I can’t open it how do you do it which job just a jar of
garlic okay is it a brand new job yeah okay now
this is really tricky for you because you’ll stab yourself for the knife or
something yeah where you’ve got to go close to where the bump is mmm there’s a
few bumps yeah so pick a pick a bump okay but don’t take a point at night and
then you just twist it with your hand the knife will this live I think I’m
gonna pop oh my god it’s open yes bang special have a nice day yes this is why we have moms anyway back
to the video now this sounds really bad but I only led the other day that you’re
actually supposed to rinse out the meat I had no idea that people actually did
that – my mom was like ill and I was like clearly I need my mom if you guys
know me you know I have a major problem shutting up and that’s literally what I
did for about two hours I really should not have been talking Michael Dean
because now it is a mess all I needed to say was cut the chicken if you want to
use tofu use tofu if you want to walk use pork i marinated it in that ginger
garlic the cumin seeds the coconut aminos salt and pepper all of that was
nice and easy then I just cut up the green beans into about half cooked up
the chicken in some coconut oil when it was pretty much cooked thence when I
added in the beans the mushrooms and almost that good stuff you don’t want to
cook up the beans because you want it to be still like crunchy and hard and you
don’t want the chicken to be overcooked either the easiest thing to do when
you’re trying to cook on a budget and be as healthy as possible is find things
that are in season what I’ve picked up for the next dish but more mushrooms
some caps it comes broccoli spring onion some spinach and I’m gonna use that
leftover chicken and you’re gonna see how easy this is this recipe is like
actually I don’t even know if people like it
I like it because I’m such a plant eater you literally just need to chop off
vegetables and mix in with the chicken if you want to eat chicken honestly that
I wouldn’t even say that’s a recipe but like that is literally my ghost you like
every day for lunch at Wow and you can eventually if you want to make a mocha
beat you can mix this with brown rice you can make quinoa anything girls so
for this recipe I start by browning the onions up a little bit that’s kind of
the only thing you cook and then the steamed veggies are already in the clam
no ready to go and like I said I precooked the chicken I just add a
little bit shimmery cuz it’s really good anti-inflammatory and it’s not even
spicy just mix it together you’re not cooking the veggies you’re just kind of
steaming them up and obviously if you have sweet potato and whatever you’ve
cooked that before so you just add that in and then I just put in this coconut
aminos then mix it all up and it is honestly I think it’s just delicious but
you can add rice quinoa whatever you want as well hey guys
we have to leave the best one for LA is my favorite thing in the world the
beauty of it is you don’t need to follow these instructions you just put in
whatever you want which is exactly what I’m doing today because I forgot some of
the ingredients at the shops it’s like full-on superfood salad hottie
am okay only thing is it is not gluten frame totally makes it gluten free this
version will not be gluten free really because I still have not found hope of
course that it’s gluten-free you’re supposed to use red quinoa in there but
I forgot to buy it so I’m just using normal quinoa you it’s just like
literally pantry staples this salad is it’s so easy to make you just need a can
of blend booze put in whatever you want it’s supposed to have sun-dried tomatoes
I’m using cherry tomatoes I’m gonna add in cucumber cuz I found them in the
fridge capsicum shallots you name it it is just a hearty salad so
the first thing I’m gonna do is gonna cook up the pin wat and the puss-puss
and after that it is so easy you literally just chuck everything and mix
it together a little lemon zest and some lemon juice and a little olive oil if
you want and your sweet to go it is as simple as that and then we have like
literally four meals can you believe it in like 30 bucks so that’s pretty much
the mixture there I’m just like put in some spinach some onion capsicum and
kind of just made it up whatever I wanted to put in and because I’m
impatient it is a cold solid so you need to cool down your quinoa and your
couscous so all I’ve done is I’ve just like run through some cold water with it
and I’m kind of just cooling it down so I can put it straight in for the lentils
in and just like that we have the hottiest of salad I put some broccolini
whatever that cheese in a dozen spinach as you can see some black sesame seeds
to the mix now all I have to do is clean up and get the party started but this is
literally the final product it did not take long as you saw we could do it
under $40 $40 and we have like this could it’s like literally the biggest
thing ever I made this smoothie just for lulz the
beans and the chicken that’s like the mixed veggies with the turmeric that’s
why it looks like that they’re still fruit in the fritter we’re gonna fall
off the chair we’ve still got all the sweet potatoes and everything in the
apples the tomatoes all the fruit is still here wine in case you wanted
hummus the cheese’s eggs mango whatever you know the works this
is where I step back because I have no idea what toppings work I’ve done all
day Kings Bay actually explain what we are doing here I mean there’s only three
of us at the moment there is more to come but it is my Jail about you like I
said this morning is the fourth year running I always have a pot I did go to
jail I was deported from us it is a real thing
it is not on a criminal record I can show you my passport is totally legal to
travel again especially back to you guys I have a 5 u visa if anyone was
wondering I go to jail every time I get to the F what I have to go into this
whole thing it’s this whole dilemma if you’ve watched my earlier videos didn’t
LA and I was like all the jail was so easy yeah I have to go back every time
but I love to celebrate it’s a very special day to me I was 19 was in
America for about six and a half months I was coming home Bailey I was working
on a summer camp shout-out to camp stinking Hills camp CEOs me the best
experience of my life I just as girls everyday I was the only Australian I was
my campaign was one box actually one bar I loved it and anyway so I walked on the
camp I had wealth means and I had the travel visa so I went to walk bus and I
went on traveling I thought all was good but apparently to have to make the
second major in the US Oh everyone you need to leave the
country and ring in – I never left I just continued traveling so that’s when
I would Chuck playing this story somebody would like something when I put
the beads up I don’t know what everyone’s gone baby ur5 know my visa
good not a spy expired on the 22nd of January neither steps leave all the
peaks of January but when I did try and leave and ranta they found that I had
been illegally traveling the whole and it was just anything was just a whole
thing so I went to jail for the night and then I was handcuffed it’s the whole
thing what’s my like vlogs from like Lobster
and stuff I really go into depth about it I I’m friends with a criminal like it’s
actually so exciting we got told so many people get my friend is big joke I think
you differ they actually judge me and

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