For Those Who Can’t Do the Ketogenic Diet 100 Percent

hey guys I wanted to do a video for
those people who can’t do Keto and intermittent fasting a hundred percent okay
they can sort of do it but they’re having a hard time staying consistent
okay well here’s the thing if something is better than nothing okay so do what
you can work towards the ideal scene okay but there’s relative importance
–is you have things that are moderately bad and you have things that are really
really bad to avoid and I want to just kind of make the distinction between the
two in this list these are the things you really want to
stay away from okay if you cheat or go off the program and that would be soda
because it’s just pure sugar and juice pure sugar especially if the juice in
the soda is made with high fructose corn syrup so that’s really really really bad
to cheat with or to go off the program with candy which is usually made from
high-fructose corn syrup or or our dextrose they never use you know actual
cane sugar anymore but still candy wood is concentrated sugar a doughnut which
is completely refined carbohydrate and fat and sugar on top of that you want to
avoid that diet soda so not good long-term so if you’re a chronic diet
soda drinker it could create a lot of health problems down the road not right
away but down the road so I would recommend to avoid this one canned fruit
with syrup I’ve heard is corn syrup really bad
okay so avoid that like the plague and then also the combination of meat with
sugar okay so if you were to go to a Chinese restaurant or a fast food
restaurant and they serve this sweet sauce around the meat really bad
barbecue sauce really bad the combination is really bad
because it it increases something that makes your blood really really sticky
and it’s real thick and it can create problems with your heart okay and even
plaquing meatloaf is the combination of their bread with meat if you have a
hamburger with ketchup which is high fructose corn syrup with the bun
really bad then when you add starch to that
on top of that with this meal so you’re doing some greasy fries okay so that’s
not good this combination is not going to be good for your insulin levels at
all so then you have the combination of fat and sugar like an ice cream
traditional ice cream you have all this high fat with a ton of sugar not a good
combination so any combination with protein or sugar or fat and sugar is not
good all right now the occasional list right here let’s say you do a sweet
potato a yam just potato rice okay so have it occasionally it’s definitely
better than these things right here okay alcohol make sure if you’re doing
alcohol occasionally small amounts you’re doing something more dry and not
so sweet fruit well it’s definitely better than these if you have some
occasional fruit or beans or unsweetened yogurt these are things that I would
kind of if you’re going to cheat that do these right here and not these right
here let’s say you go off track and you want to repair the damage there’s a
couple things I’m gonna recommend electrolyte powder this puts the
potassium back in you’ll feel better quick if you do it you can take a drink
of it and you’ll feel a lot better and then the wheatgrass juice powder
this is like putting the nutrients back in simply because a lot of these foods
deplete vitamins and minerals so we want to put them back in and have you get
right back on track now if there’s a holiday a birthday party a social event
go off the program get right back on the program the way that I would recommend
looking at this is if you were to just take a sheet of paper and divide it down
the center and just look at it from the standpoint of in a given day how many
things do you do to create your health okay are you exercising
are you sleeping good are you doing things to lower your stress are you
eating healthy and then all the things are you doing to counter create your
health okay you know whatever that is and you want to make sure you keep
creating your health every single day that’s how you get healthy thanks for
watching hey guys so I’m doing a survey of a
future video and I wanted to find out what your biggest body problem is so
that way the content is aligning with something that you are personally
interested in so please click the link down below fill it out and I will create
the video thanks

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Reader Comments

  1. cristina pamart

    Where can I buy your product from and your books on paper please I can only get it on amazon uk download and I don’t like it .
    Regards cristina uk

  2. asking Americans

    if you fail at keto ,you are weak mined  and therefore should be culled from the herd , you serve no valuable purpose for the species

  3. Levent Goldberg

    @Dr.Berg I've been doing keto for almost 6 weeks now. After first 3 days I got serious sleeping problems. I asked some people who also doing keto. They advised me to increase my carb intake. Now I've been eating about 150g sweet potatoes in the evening for more than 1 week. After 3 weeks of almost sleepless nights sweet potatoes obviously helped me to sleep better. But now I have another problem. After 5-6 pm my concentration goes down rapidly and I'm getting tired. Probably it's cause of lack of sleep I had in provious 3 weeks before. But in general after 5 weeks of keto I have the feeling that I'm not feeling better than before. Before keto I haven't eaten bad carbs at all. Just a home made cake sometimes or rice and so on. But it seems to me that during my exercises I have more energy than before. Anyways I need rather more brain activity than longer exercises that's why I'm doing keto besides all other factors this is my highest wish. My macros are almost same every day and I'm keeping to your suggestions. I'm never counting my fat intake but approximately after increasing my intake gradually I'm at about 150g now. Probably that's bit too low for a hardgainer like me but it's really difficult to go to 200g or so. I generally eat healthy fats such as avocados, coconut derivatives, olives and so on. Based on this data can you give me some advice Dr.Berg? I know it's difficult cause each body is different but maybe you have something helpful for me. I have measured my beta ketones with an electronic device. It's about 1.1 mmol/l.

  4. dakotahstr

    Thank you for that support Dr. Berg. I was sitting here watching this eating dark choc chocolate chips(10 ot them) and drinking acv..I dont cheat but when I do its only a tidbit of something just to taste. Donuts from Timmies was my thing but now I havent had one at all for three months and I can walk by and keep going..

  5. acrobatsutr

    when I first started this diet plan I was so hard on myself and felt guilty everytime I even took a bite of sushi or a cookie occasionally cause I was dying for this stuff. Plus a good glass of wine at least once a month is something I really like. I did a 'lazy keto' I guess you could call it and I was still able to lose weight and feel good even with the occasional consumption of rice and small amounts of sugar. Can't live without rice, lol, but I've been able to avoid it for the majority of my diet plan. Plus fasting really helped, probably even more than I thought! I'm so proud of myself that I can do 20-30 hour fasts now! 🤗

  6. Shayne Hooper

    I have a really important wedding to attend in the next few days and I have been a near A student with my hralth for 4-5 months. However in the last 4 days I have eaten poorly at least once a day. How do I curb cravings of high fat and carb.foods? Thanks for the vid

  7. Justin Wright

    When left to myself, I do keto and eat one meal a day. I have a lot of social obligations though, so I just don't sweat it and eat whatever when out with friends. I figure it's worse to stress out about it and just be healthy when I can.

  8. Terrielynn Evans

    You are so practical and REAL! Many so-called health experts make their followers feel like absolute failures if they do not follow their plan to the letter, 24-7. You seem to really understand people, while still holding them accountable for their choices. Fantastic!

  9. Dunkqueen Bkah

    This is why I love you Dr berg😂. I was struggling not to eat rice. I don't always want it but sometimes I do, and I love fruit once again not to often but I'm so glad you did this video. I felt bad for wanting it. But as my granny says moderation…but not her moderation, but u get the point. 😌

  10. Myeah Malalis

    I feel like I'm cheating even with eating peanut butter because the peanut butter I eat has some sugar in it. I'm not doing a strict keto diet because I feel like it's harder without a kitchen (I'm still a student and I'm not allowed to bring any cooking gadgets other than a rice cooker where I can heat my food, boil water, cook some eggs, etc.). However, I'm trying to slowly transition into a keto diet/lifestyle. I have been avoiding carbs for weeks now, but I made the mistake of eating ribs a few days ago, so now I'm feeling more motivated to do more research. Recently, I've been having donut cravings so this video literally pulled me out of that fantasy.

  11. Scottius Maximus

    I really don't think I can do Keto. I have normal guts and intestinal stuff all the time. No problems. Then I hit keto and I get the runs, like explosively, and it doesn't stop until I'm off keto. I eat broccoli. I've eliminated all different things from keto to narrow it down. I eat salads. I've tried everything. Nothing helps except pepto. I don't get it. I mean I've done it for 2 months and lived off pepto to stop it. It's not about the keto flu.


    Me.? 😢. Need to lose the last 5 lbs and just can't.
    Superbowl Sunday had Dominos pizza, 2 slices and wings; lots. I can't stick to it.

  13. Barbara Rudy

    I’m finding that I can go 1-2 weeks of doing great but then cave and cheat when I’m out and then have to start all over again the next day. It gets frustrating.

  14. g8india

    My problem is I cannot do IF and keto. I get inflammation in stomach. It disrupts my sleep. So I go back to my carbs. I want to get rid of 4-5 kgs around midsection and lil on upper and lower body too. I’m doing 3 meals no snacking, LCD diet with 3-4 times exercise a week. Still not losing weight. I took a blood test insulin, blood sugar, potassium, calcium, magnesium, Hb, iron everything came back normal insulin response is good too, except to high triglycerides and LDL. So I’m planning to increase healthy fats. Iron bonding is on higher side. Don’t know what that means. I’m taking probiotic which is home made. Rice soaked in water overnight and wheat grass powder drink.

    Why can’t I do high protein, go off carbs and cannot do IF, pls help.

  15. Awii Murphy

    I can live without soda. I eat meats and vegetables only but I always have to have a sweet thing after eating I guess I'll have to buy sugar free ice cream. Thats the only cheat for me.

  16. Elizabeth Salvatore

    I am not getting rid of my diet pop (soda) unless I see something more concert than, "not good".
    I don't drink sugary drinks, avoid foods with added sugar (including the sneaky names for sugar) – no cereal or breads (have severe gluten ALLERGY, not intolerance), can't stand a lot of sugar – for one thing, it triggers migraines, which I have almost gotten rid of hallelujah through magnesium supplements).
    My one bow to sugar (outside of naturally occurring in a veggie and i choose as low as possible), real or fake is diet dr pepper (which has 40 g of caffeine compared to a 12 oz cup of coffee that has about 125 g of caffeine).
    Need a reason outside of "not good" with no other explanation than that. I quit drinking the pop first thing in the morning, switched to water only. I am cutting back, big time. But no one can tell me why diet dr pepper is any worse than coffee.

  17. Hilda Goodwin

    Great video Dr Berg. I struggle with carbs but I have removed 99% of the items on the list on the right side plus some on my left. Occasionally I will have ice cream but no more soda, juice, bagels and breakfast sandwiches. I am down 20 pounds since November 2018 but I have a good 60 more left to go. Thank you for all the wealth of information you provide. God bless you.

  18. Paul Schipper

    I have CLL. Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia. Lots of videos about cancer but I can’t find much at all about ketogenic eating and how it affects cll. Any insight you can give would be great. Thanks. Paul

  19. Daneika

    Thanks Dr Berg, greatly appreciate your videos and recipes. I see a number of your recipes use a microwave. It's really confusing to understand or know if microwaving food kills enzymes as some say, or not. What are your thoughts and can you provide some information about this?

  20. Adaline Proulx

    Id love more vids on the psychological aspect of unhealthy eating. Boredom eating and eating to fill a void and suggestions for this thx!

  21. Rien Jen

    The only one I don't agree with is fruit. Fruit does have sugar, BUT it has natural fiber that slows the digestion of the sugar and TONS of nutritional benefits, not just the well-known vitamins and minerals, but other components that work together. As usual, though, the overall video is great, very good advice.

  22. MsShyKs

    I have type 1 diabetes so everytime i go on the program i have a low so I have to corrects with sugar. You said use protein BUT that didn’t work.

    I’ve been adjusting my insulin levels so hopefully the lows will stop.

  23. ray krisna

    Is it ok for me that in my intermitten g
    Fasting i only do keto at my 24 hours fast ? And i do it 2 times a week …please somebody answer my q… 😊

  24. superstarrr121

    I have a feeling this guy eats five big bowls of organic salads a day with no topping and does a video and goes to bed . Nothing else left to eat but lettuce 🥬

  25. Texas Tea

    Started Jan 2, 2019. Need to lose only 15lbs and so far have only lost 9. I dont know who these people are that lose 15lbs in 2 weeks. Ive stayed away from sweet tea, sugary drinks, potatoes, fruit, flour tortillas, breads, cookies, candy, etc…. And only 9 lbs in 7 weeks ??😬 so a few days ago I gave in and had an orange and then some chili w/beans and cornbread (it was so yummy!)

  26. Superfly Gaming

    Surely you can have a very naughty treat here and there, even the really bad stuff? Then Rotate the bad stuff on one meal once a month and healthy carb load weekly with porridge or sweet potato etc.

  27. Ginger2Rocker

    i have a diabetic question. what would you suggest consuming if someone experiences a sugar low, to bring them back up, without risking getting out of ketosis?

  28. Armela Tafa

    There is a lot of information where people are aware
    There are a lot of studies hard works to find what’s good or bad for our bodies
    But why nobody ,no country
    Stops these bad things
    Why they are still in the market?!

  29. LivingDreamS

    So can i have the sweet potato with my meal such as chicken, broccoli and sweet potato? Or do i need to eat it separately like a snack in between my two meals?

  30. Will G

    Is Keto western diet? Most of the other eastern nations have rice or rice based food as staple foods and it’s quite hard to avoid carbs and fall into 💯 % Keto even though we love the Keto lifestyle.

  31. kegla 7

    Dr. Berg…I am trying keto for the second time and having a lot of trouble. I have 80 lbs. to lose. My problem is when I eat keto I have a very strong physical feelings when eating. For instance, last night I had a protein with fat and plenty of veggies but it makes me feel like I’m going to gag/vomit while eating. Sorry to be so graphic but I don’t understand why I get so physically sick while I’m consuming my food. It’s like I have to force it down. I’m also having the same reaction while drinking my coffee with heavy cream. It’s like the greasy fat floating on top of the coffee makes me gag/feel physically sick. I’m getting very frustrated bc I want keto to work for me. Any advice?

  32. warioexpert

    Thanks Doc, this does get the pressure off a little, i stick to Keto as much as i can but i cant shake the craving of an ocasional green apple

  33. evelyn mouzo

    It's the IF I find challenging. One month into Keto and still feel the need for three meals a day. Trying to skip breakfast or dinner, but it's not easy.

  34. A.F.S.

    I have to break from full keto because it works rapidly on me. I like the better vitals,,,my BP came dow significantly!….. but I do not want to weigh 165 pounds at 5’10” either.

  35. Nurse 7Love

    I’m struggling to stay consistent with my work schedule…but I’m starting with nutritional supplements first and looking to buy the Dr. Bergs wheatgrass…then eat more low carb vegetables…then add exercise…so this time doing it step by step this time

  36. designeur design

    Nice video beacause for some people , with family to food , it is esyer to do " step by step" . Otherwise it is the war at home . . .

  37. Shopaholicru 69

    I’ve done every diet and found the 80/20 rule + intermittent fasting to work. I am 50, hashimotos and menopaused. I also weight train hard on glutes and back and do light cardio. Size 6. Took a long time to figure this out. Never, never give up and remember it’s not one size fits all. Personally, I felt weak on any diet that restricted carbs. Also, eating too much red meat and artificial sweeteners made me feel awful. Happy that I don’t have to eat eggs and avocados anymore:)

  38. rem45acp

    I am struggling to do keto because it is so limiting in food choices and many recipes I find aren't realistic with ingredients I can find in the store. I can't afford organic or grass fed either. Keto is hard for me because I can't have too much dairy and I hate avocado which eliminates like half the foods. Keto is a fad diet, but with a very proven scientific backing, so it will probably stay around for a while before the next diet comes along. I think it is good for weight loss but not a lifestyle. Paleo is better for a life style for me, but even then I miss my rice.

  39. Simon Gilmore

    My biggest problem is my stomach and upper arms and upper thighs. My upper underwarms are so flabby and my thighs have so much fat on them I can grab a hand full of fat from my thighs. Does anyone know what I cab do about these areas?

  40. Lakshya Choithani

    Sir my problem is belly fat I am doing intermittent fasting since month n lost 4 kgs but still belly fat is the issue.

  41. Sweet November

    Dr Berg you look great when when you get more sun! You got some tan ! That looks more healthy and beautiful!
    Thanks for all your videos! 🙏🏻

  42. kimberly peterson

    I would like to purchase the powders you mentioned. However I have a question. Can I use the electrolyte powder every day as a supplement regardless,

  43. IdolEyes84

    Thank you for making this simplistic. 🙂 Could you please recommend what the closest thing I could have (that is ok to drink) to coke zero/sugar-free/Pepsi max, please? I watched another video of yours about aspartame and the colours/flavours to avoid and haven't found a good substitute yet. Thank you. 🙂

  44. RoZe KaSuGa

    I can avoid sugar, but it really hard to avoid rice coz i am an Asian. . My solutions is i take a very small amount of rice everyday not more than a half cup once a day only at my lunch time. And i do IF since June 2019. I do a walking routine for 1 hour every evening but the progress is slow. Hopefully i can lose more inch and weights before new year!

  45. Privet Peace

    I don't like the taste of stevia at all it makes me sick, how much sugar can I have per day, I need it just for my coffee and tea can't drink it without some sugar .
    Thank you .

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