is there something about the cold
because it’s so immediate that you must deal with it right now and you can’t
check your phone you can’t think about what someone was
saying about you that you deal with it right now and then that leads to the
breathing and leads to a real connection with your inside with nature is is that
one of the reasons yes absolutely it is people think i like the cold too
much a fucking any man I don’t like it at all I like a warm
heart place I like palm trees the cold but as long
as I mean their place like that i use their forest to tap into the deeper part
of myself and thus I respect the cold very much it’s my teacher it is like you said in
the introduction merciless but righteous it brings you into the hell yeah this is
quarreling of the mind this is stilled in a few just survive and not only
survive you find out if you are relaxed that you are able to enjoy yer and this
power within begins to grow which is dealing with the impact of this force
called the cold and then afterwards you feel well and filled up with power and
feels good and once you control that you begin to
control and finding out that it is in the brain that we that we tap into the
deepest part of our brain which pure feeling and and it’s great and hasn’t
got anything to do with cold and you see you had searched you had looked for the
Guru’s you had read all the books you were looking for the answer per se it’s
not like you haven’t looked but you start looking once you felt the cold yes what I i encountered two called yeah
I stopped reading stopped everything and it’s all various on the
surface the old guru thing in the Buddha the end and the Catholics and all that
it’s what what is it that all lot of war going on are a lot of controversy
because they quarrel on the surface it’s like engages the monkey brain yes you’re going back to the lizard
brain exactly I just made a song crazy monkey you know you’re talking about the monkey
break and it you know it’s all about this the crazy monkey crazy like a monkey let’s be funky and it’s a forgot about
the lyrics that but I got it on the guitar and everything is beautiful yeah going back to do this reactionary
part of hours which is a lizard lizard is not thinking about this about the
taxes and and what he’s going to do tomorrow and how they were make secure
his house and the living and all that mathematics or whatsoever he’s just into
food fuck freeze fight and flight that’s it very primitive that’s real and
we showed in the university people lying in bed doing this breathing which was a
result of being in the cold becoming aware later using it at all times our
lives and the other i think elizabeth was looking at that like just like
beauty this is the way you’re like a chameleon
it goes like that you know where what does he see and what do we see we
think we know it all and it’s a we are human superior Deidre we are not when you get to the bridge
and you gotta jump out you know like in baggage up a person has
fear going into his first luggage up and he knows he secured nothing happens e is confronted with the
Elizabeth that moment because he paralyzed he is
not able to control what whatever is going on because this reptilian is
looking weather and using his eyes he’s looking at the Abbess at the depth and
had taken it in and he’s taking over this conscious brain of hours and he
cannot do anything is paralyzed so this causes a adrenaline inside but
I’m not non-controlled now we showed lying in bed and I learned it from being
in the call the breathing but I’m here we’re lying in bed making people just in
two days or something a producing more adrenaline it but now
controlled no trigger whatsoever just pee pees to tap into the deepest part of
the braid producing more adrenaline and the person in fear going into its first
bungee jump that means tapping into the depth of the
brain stem hypothalamus pituitary gland pineal gland all that or there is a
primitive pod and that’s a bacteria is no chest they injected these guys who I
instructed the first injected you yes so you went from the cold mastered
the breathing the breathing you felt you could master your adrenaline response
and then you decided well let’s take this a little further nice try that well that well so we’re
going to go to resume ya allah allah for intelligent people
man because we gotta cut through this and get to the bottom and make it
accessible for anybody because it’s very very effective to watch the rest of this
fascinating interview click on the link below and go to London
real there you can sign in with your social media log in and watch
the rest of the episode for free along with all of our episodes on London
real my webinars and all of our premium con and all located over at london real so click on the link below you’ll be directed there and you can
watch the rest of this fascinating interview and i’ll see you there

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Reader Comments

  1. coconut bliss

    using the cold for health is a common thing in countries with cold weather. its not a discovery like hes portrayn it. its even a thing in martial arts, specifically karate.
    but i guess the power of media.

  2. gmy33

    we all feel a little lame inside .. therefore screaming limttless people always seem interesting for all of us … well almost all….looking for the gold .. the answer .. wim hof is a powerfull man.. a reptile man .. lets not ask him about politics or how to fight starvation .. let ask him how to energise lame people … and yes people died doing his techniques .. he is not responsable for this .. but it happened .. i like him because he is tounting science and thats always good ..


    London REAL is a REAL zeitgeistish cuntathon that has some decent guests on who are forced to listen to squeaky on the left here with his longwinded wanky questions as he waits for his turn to speak. Thanks for the free shit wanker

  4. amon tri

    my chick left me for a black dude and I went and sat in the snow to tap into my hidden chi….all I could think about was this human tripod boning her down

  5. musamor75

    Well there old chap, it would appear that Londoners have changed their accent. Especially when you hear it's called London REAL Academy. Oh well, times change. Enough of that. Thanks nonetheless for this concise and very intelligent video. I can't help but think that Wim got his strength (of will – to live) through his wife's most tragic death. His shining example is one of a man who has found a reason to live, when everything points in the opposite direction. However, despite his own testimony and a handful of followers, it would be sheer folly to imagine that his own PERSONAL techniques can be apllied by anyone who simply wishes to "try them out". His is a very powerful quest that was brought about by a terrible tragedy, and also he most certainly had an extremely strong mindset from the start. You can't convert from mushroom to boulder by just wanting to. I do admit that the mind, or rather, the will, can "move mountains" (maybe too biblical an allusion) but it's not a simple every day event. Touching story nonetheless. Carry on.

  6. Ismaël Kizito

    Interresting way of thinking. What I don't understand is why going back to the lizard and how can you understand you more by the reptilian brain. Would not it je logical to get more préfrontal experience to master the reptilian

  7. sara ancell

    why can't he wire his brain to grow some more hair, grow some freaken muscles and get rid of all the deep wrinkles? Because he is not God baby and never will be!!!

  8. Jo Prescott

    My boyfriend does Wim Hof breathing exercises. Holds his breath until he literally passes out. In a faint he's blue and his whole body twitches until natural respiration takes over. Not at all sure how this is healthy…

  9. Peter Drozdov

    This guy is an idiot, his breathing exercises are rediculous. Only the ice submersion is legit, which you can just go out and practice without his breathing method and attain great results.

  10. Jonathan J

    all is good for me except freeze aint no place worth living if its freezing to me…..He's right though the most intelligent people make something complex into something simple that anyone can understand like this statement.

  11. cnhhnc

    The lizard Brain? Now that's a NEW idea, NOT! Wow, he read it all and he came back to the part of the brain that is ubiquitous in species that cannot hold a candle to the hominid brain! No wonder this guy is a "legend"!

    Strangely, I'm five years older than he is and my face looks so much better than his as far as skin and complexion are concerned! He doesn't look particularly "exceptional" for a man in his late 50s. Lots of guys look like that! What am I not seeing here? Then again, I have an overly developed neo-cortex-decades of academic research and scholarship, and YES, I've read a lot as well, but I don't dismiss the great wisdom of the ages as flippantly as "get cold and breathe funny" does! lol

  12. Unit Of Consciousness

    Stuart Wilde used to say "when the EGO acts up, go throw it in the lake – make IT do something IT doesn't like". Wim Hof has tapped into how to silence the "entitled" ego and get it the fuck out of the way so we can truly experience life! Hofmeister be crazy badass mofo metaphysical drill sergeant bustin fuckin ballz!!! (yell like Lleyton Hewitt "COME ON!! when hittin the cryo-therapy)

  13. Camella suerte

    London Real _ I love this man get up _ Mr.Wim Hof _ just because his same my like ( love mother nature ) 😇😎😇😘

  14. Camella suerte

    Mockey song _ like too ,Mr.Wim hof — may the good vision you have as always …..sometimes you have to go through the hard times to realize how strong ( you are ) right Sir Win .😎

  15. siemniak

    Guy has almost 30 Guinness records was tested in a lab which You can Google So he Must be doing smth right instead people in the comment section are still hating on him because he looks (not in my opinion) like a homeless person. I think that those people are the most stupid ones on this planet.

  16. Jeremiah Robles

    Alot of dumbass comments smh. This guy knows what he is talking about spreading knowledge and wisdom and people just take it as a joke with ridiculous comments.

  17. Sagacious Minds

    I like how when someone becomes famous all their ideas are taken on board as well. The reptilian brain is the brain we need to overcome. It is the reptilian brain that has us living in a profoundly sick society, not the other way around. He understands the cold but he should not be claiming to understand the ancient wisdom and claiming that it is our reptilian brain we need to embrace.

  18. grilar

    Mad as a hat of spiders but so are most people that drives humanity forward… You got to go outside the famous "box" and thats not for us ordinary people.. Sadly

  19. deadlypalms

    What a guy. Enlightening just how he used the cold to deal with the bereavement of his wife's suicide. It's a way of feeling and being numb at the same time, with the hint of superpowers. Personally it has helped me and i'm sure it has helped plenty others who experienced loss, or experience of losing control over their body and environment..

  20. Ákos Török

    Come on! Wim Hof He is not a vegan. He is an alcoholic meat eater, check hes nose… .I want to see a vegan in ice for 2 hours. ha ha lol….

  21. 1amgracious

    People judging his looks and say he looks unhealthy. HAHAHAHA take a note and look in the mirror when your his age.

    Looks can be deceiving. Didn’t you learn that in the bunny and turtle story.

  22. Pecking Poultry

    People hating on him for how he looks and sounds are so stupid. This guys left nut has statistically achieved more and contribute more to society than you and your entire ancestral bloodline.

  23. Gregory larsen

    I'm taking him on as a master… He just doesn't know it yet! It's free to to taken! To anyone! Anyone! How takes it for there self! I LOVE YOU MR. WIM HUF! I LOVE YOU! WE HAVE SAVED ME! No more geo…. we (#%&#[email protected]) go!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  24. Sascha Myshkin

    It took me nearly a year to switch my running from
    mouth breathing to nose breating, lowering my breathing
    frequency from 40 breathes per minute to 14.
    I recover much faster now and feel much more relaxed.
    Facing cristal clear, understandable stress might be helpful
    to still the mind, but on the long run it is destructive.
    There are no hacks but reconnect to your inner being.

    When facing hardships in life – open to your heart.

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