hi friends today I’m going to show you
an extremely healthy egg omelette recipe I have used fresh vegetables to make
this omelet hope you like it let’s look at the ingredients
I have taken your three organic eggs but you can use any that you have one medium
size onion chopped 1 medium size tomato also chopped few baby spinach leaves
about 5 or 6 2 big size mushrooms cut into small pieces some coriander leaves
finely chopped 2 small green chillies also finely chopped some pepper powder
this is optional if you want to use it salt to taste and turmeric now we are going to take a wide Bowl to
give us in a space to add all our vegetables so start by adding the onions
to the bowl next add the tomatoes mushrooms spinach coriander leaves chilies spices turmeric salt and the pepper
powder mix everything really well we want to
make sure that the salt spreads evenly through the vegetables as well as the
pepper and chilies so take your time and mix everything now let this mixture sit
for about two to three minutes till the water from the salt starts releasing so
now the mixture is ready instead of breaking the eggs directly into the
vegetable mixture I’m gonna break them separately in a separate bowl this is to
you know be sure and be safe that you know if the egg has gone bad you know
our mixture doesn’t get spoiled so just break it separately and then add it to
the vegetable mixture I’m just going to continue to do the same for all the
three eggs all three eggs are good mix the eggs and
vegetable mixture really well you know beat it like that make it nice and
fluffy the egg and vegetable batter is ready put the flame to high and take a
nonstick pan to make the omelette add about 2 teaspoons of cooking oil and to
add some extra flavor I’m adding 1 teaspoon of coconut oil spread it like
this evenly across the pan once it’s hot just give the mixture a
good mix and hold it over the pan I’m going to make two omelets so I’ve poured
half of it notice how the omelet starts to fluff up
on the sides now cover it and let it go for about
four to five minutes turn the flame to medium low at this point and let the
omelet cook now it’s been cooking for about five minutes let’s open and check notice that the omelet looks well cooked
from the top now just lightly start inserting the spatula on the sides you
know remove all the sides like these and we are gonna start inserting the spatula
deep like that and flip it look at that beautiful golden color that has come to
the omelet very yummy and it smells awesome you’re just gonna cook for a
minute or so on the other side now the omelet is ready let’s take it out in a
plate serve it hot and it’s ready I’m gonna continue doing the second one and
for this one I have used some butter instead of coconut oil or the cooking
oil so just go to the same process you know add all the mixture cover it let it
cook and it should be ready enjoy these veggie egg omelettes with the toast or a
chapati or just like that for some healthy
eating hope you like today’s recipe please don’t forget to Like subscribe
and comment thank you

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  1. Tryharder Life

    Wow that's really close on how I prepare my own omelette and turmeric is amazing! New sub here from Switzerland #87! Keep it up the content πŸ˜‰ I also got a channel with some tasty recipes, check it out if you like!

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