Flexible Vegan with Intermittent Fasting Full Day of Eating Vlog

hey guys Kevin Kreider from pursue and
just saying good morning this is a full day of eating vlog while doing
intermittent fasting with a vegan diet I thought today would be a great day to
just show you a little bit more of lazier day – I’m not really on the
hustle I intentionally decided today to wake up a little bit later I kind of
brunt 8 o’clock this morning and did my morning routine called up a few people
and from back home in the states cuz i am i man called a lumbar malaysia right
now and I just sometimes miss home and the people at home not really home but
just the people at home and then I wanted to I went to a wedding yesterday
Chinese wedding my first Chinese wedding and did my first Chinese wedding Cheers I intentionally just said you know what
just sleep in a little bit today so what I’m gonna do is first have some water
and as you all know from the vegan diet I started taking a little bit of
supplements again I started taking creatine because creatine is found
mostly in meats or in through supplements and because I wasn’t taking
creatine before and I’m not eating meat my creatine levels have definitely
depleted a little bit more and since I’m not working out today I’m gonna take
creatine monohydrate about 5 grams first thing in the morning mix it with water
just lug it down also being in Asia you either have to do filtered water or
bottled water or you can actually make your own water by just taking it and
boiling it I found that’s really cool you just boil the water and when it’s
finished it kills all the bacteria and everything that was really bad for it in
in water and you can drink it then which is really cool so people overcomplicate
this creatine monohydrate all you do is just put a little bit in your cup like
so this might be a little bit more put the water in just drink it let’s lug it down I mean
it’s tasteless anyway that’s it I took 14 in the morning I did the
actual vegan diet creatine monohydrate used to really upset my stomach and I
would get like really gassy and have diarrhea and since I’ve been on a vegan
diet my body’s absorbed creatine very well
nothing no gas no blue nothing and I found that really interesting because I
guess my body really does need to create see now is so it’s absorbing it properly
I just have a little bit of this instant coffee you see I don’t really like
instant coffee just because of the quality more than anything but the other
options was to go out and go to a place like more so I’m gonna get coffee and or
have this type of coffee which has milk and sugar in it already this one’s black
which I I really just rather appreciated Mike and also two won’t break the fast
actually if you have regular black coffee so I’m gonna put so little in
there I’m one for three and I also like my coffee strong I wanted to do a little
bit of work right now but I can’t really concentrate right now and there’s a
little bit dependency on coffee actually something I don’t like like don’t get me
wrong if I had to perform right now or do something I could it’s just that I’d
really not preferable an ideal and like enough coffee right now why not so and just put some water in there no mixing required when you do it that
way and what I noticed about each part of Asia but their coffee Vietnam is
really the only place that has their own distinct coffee I’ve noticed I thought
that’s kind of cool there is like Malaysia Musa their coffees like you can
find that in America or other parts of the country like Starbucks and I find
Malaysia to be very westernized which is kind of shocking surprising I didn’t
really realize that was gonna happen I usually like to read something a little
more meaningful right now I am reading from this the ways of the superior man
and I find that kind of it just gets my mind and my juices flowing a little bit
and I’ll read that while I’m having a little bit of coffee and then I’ll get
to work I tried to go to this cafe in this condominium and they have work
hours like fricking barber shop does and they’re closed at on Monday so I have to
break my fast with some almonds walnuts right now and I don’t necessarily love
to break my fast with Wallace does you have to eat quite better so instead of
having one or two servings I probably have a lot three well I’d like my
pre-workout milk because I’m going to go out and actually unexpectantly check out
this gym that is that I was invited through a friend of mine so plans kind
of changed in the middle of this and it’s not a structuring workout it’s just
a regular like fun activity workout kind of considers like an off-day
recovery training session she’s part Spanish this is very unusual
little bit a lot this is very usual in me but I’m actually having coffee after
2:30 but I’m also gonna go work out with Emily a little ah and about a half hour
and I’d say doing a vegan diet I’ve actually gotten more tired and that’s
kind of why I’ve been having a little bit more coffee into my day which is
very unusual but as I’ve been doing the being bad a little bit longer my fatigue
has been reduced a little bit I’m just waiting for that rejuvenation that all
these vegans talk about add a little bit of chlorophyll water supposed to help
for less cancer cancer prevention and just see what it tastes like it actually
tastes pretty much like water it doesn’t taste like anything else and don’t
forget guys this has like zero calories so you don’t put it in my fitness pal I
don’t count coffee as calories or anything like that even those traces of
it just don’t worry about putting that into MyFitnessPal just track the things
that really matter for you all right just got finished working out
and I packed myself a little bit of a post-workout meal it’s just two servings
of that protein powder which has 40 grams of protein some flaxseed oil for
my brain function it’s a little spot there just trying to get enough omega-3
fatty acid since I can’t have any fish oils and then pumpkin seeds which have a
little bit more fat and protein in there as well just come in from a different
source than rice and peas I don’t normally have a post-workout trunk like
this but I’m not gonna have another meal till probably like 6 or 7 that’s gonna
be my last getting the bulk of my calories to protein through this because
I know I’m gonna go out to eat so what I’ll do is when I know I’m gonna go out
to eat I try to get the bulk of my protein before I leave or I have a
little bit more control than what’s going to be at the mercy of the menu
that you’re gonna go to and I just like to do that just to be safe because then
that way there’s more options for filling in your fats and your
carbohydrates whenever you go out to eat then there is usually protein except for
the options like tofu and even then you might get a little bit tofu doubt like I
do when I go out to eat so all right and just to wrap up a day I got a little bit
of two foods around 7 p.m. and I just went to a local mall got a little bit of
tofu some green beans a little bit of fried egg and this is a seaweed fried
rice now a lot of you guys want to be like well eggs aren’t vegan and if you
look good I passed video I’m going to a little more of a flexible vegan
lifestyle because I don’t want to label myself as just being him because all of
this was to be a little bit healthier and not being so mentally stressed out
and I got to tell you it’s like I like to taste the bags and I feel like it
helps my body and my mind a little bit more right now on the transition maybe
some day I won’t eat eggs anymore but right now I just like the protein and I
like the way it tastes it and I’m gonna enjoy and maybe I won’t have it tomorrow
but the thing is guys it’s all within a healthy lifestyle and I’m actually
eating within my caloric intake as well so it’s not like I’m being what miss I’m
eating healthy good foods it’s not processed all this is good for me and
it’s good for you too and yeah sometimes I will be eating eggs
that’s just it but I got to tell you the look of fish meets kind of disgusts me a
little bit so I feel like that’s good progress got some scenes here too
these have a little bit of protein and it obviously egg has protein in it
and some people I’ll do you know geeking out about return I’d say I’m vegan
probably 95 percent of the time so you can label me whatever the hell you want
I’m gonna label myself as a flexible vegan and we’re trying to promote a
healthy fulfilling lifestyle while still looking great at the same time and
feeling great flexible vegan lifestyle full day of eating hope you guys enjoyed
please subscribe to my youtube channel as well like comment share this with
other people if you found some value in it and guys also the body design tool
it’s a link quiz guide you to a perfect workout and nutrition program for you
see you guys

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  1. Demian m

    Hey I also had experienced lethargy eating a vegan diet. Turns out that I am carb intolerant and my blood sugar really fluctuates.ย 

  2. Dfit

    Good video man .. hope see more progress videos soon keep up .. LIKE … I need some ideas could give me some on my last video I'll appreciate the support ๐Ÿ‘

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