Fish Head Curry with Assorted Vegetables Recipe – Cooking with Bosch

Cooking with Bosch Fish Head Curry with Assorted Vegetables Cut 4 Tomatoes into Quarters Cut 6 Lady’s Fingers into Threes Cut 2 Medium Eggplants into Thick Slices 60g of Large Red Chillies into Chunks Chop 1 Stalk of Lemongrass Crush the other 4 Stalks of Lemongrass Add 10g of Turmeric into a VitaBoost Blender Jar 100g of Large Red Onions the Large Red Chilli Chunks 40 of Garlic 40g of Ginger the Chopped Lemongrass Blend well with the VitaBoost Blender until a Paste is formed In a heated pan, add 40ml of Canola Oil Place 1 Medium-sized Snapper Fish Head into the pan Season both sides of the Fish Head with Salt and Pepper Sear Fish Head on both sides till brown Set aside In the same pan, fry the Blended Paste till fragrant and dry Add in 15g of Curry Powder 2 Tablespoons of Shrimp Paste Fry till well mixed In a medium-sized pot, add the Fried Paste the Seared Fish Head Pour in 600ml of Coconut Milk 600ml of Fish Stock Bring to Boil Add in the Lady’s Fingers Quartered Tomatoes Sliced Eggplants the Crushed Lemongrass 40g of Fresh Coriander Stir well Simmer for about 20 Minutes or more Season with Sugar, Salt and Pepper Serve with rice

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