Fibromyalgia Diet Plans – 4 Healthy Eating Habits

Want to know how to properly fuel your body?
Stay tuned to pick up 4 healthy eating tips. Hey Gals. Cindy here helping you better manage
your fibromyalgia with hands-on tips & strategies. The healthier your physical body is the less
problematic the negative symptoms become. The ultimate goal of any treatment regime
is to minimize the negative effects of a disease while optimizing the body’s ability to function
at its full potential. What you put into your body therefore factors
into your ability to effectively manage your fibromyalgia.
So – what should you be focusing your attention on?
In today’s video I’ll share 4 healthy eating habits to consider starting with #1 combining
your protein with complex carbs. At the start of your day consider eating a
little protein with complex carbohydrates such as whole grains, fresh fruit & vegetables
as opposed to simple sugar foods. Try a scrambled egg especially one made primarily
with egg whites along with some oatmeal as opposed to a cinnamon Danish.
Or how about some almond butter on whole grain toast for a change?
The body digests the protein & complex carbs slower than a high sugar product with refined
flour. Ingesting sugar rich foods causes a quick
demand for insulin from the pancreas to shuttle the glucose into cells.
This sugar high leaves you buzzing with a quick burst of energy only to leave you crashing
soon afterwards as the body tries to compensate for the increased sugar surge.
Repeated day in & day out over a period of years can lead to the complications of diabetes
not to mention the effects of increasing your negative symptoms.
Recommendation #2. Focus on eating more 1 ingredient foods.
And what do I mean by 1 ingredient foods? One ingredient foods are those that have not
been processed & there is nothing else added. For example, a chicken egg only has egg in
it. Chicken egg? That’s better.
Fruits, vegetables & whole grains in a natural state only have 1 ingredient.
Have you noticed that when you pick up certain food items at the store & look at the label
describing all the ingredients you’ll see a long list of ingredients including words
you don’t recognize or can even pronounce. These fall into the category of processed
foods. The processing & added chemical ingredients
keep our systems off balance. Not good for someone who suffers from constant
pain. Here’s a simple healthy eating tip to remember:
Everything you eat must start as 1 whole ingredient. For example you could make a bowl of oatmeal
with rolled oats, raisins & walnuts avoiding that packet of instant oats with sugars, salts,
stabilizers & preservatives added. When you scan food labels at the store it
should have primarily 1 ingredient or you don’t buy it.
The label should look like this “Ingredient: Rolled Oats” and nothing else.
You can’t go wrong with eating quality foods that haven’t been overly processed.
This rule is easy to follow because of its simplicity.
Eating fresh food with only 1 ingredient will help you lose weight as well as look & feel
better. Recommendation #3. Eat a variety of vegetables.
Eating a diet of primarily green leafy vegetables along with an assortment of multi-colored
ones has been shown to dramatically improve one’s health when coupled with other positive
life-changing behaviors. Vegetables that contain complex carbohydrates
include spinach, broccoli, beans, zucchini & lentils.
Here’s a tip. Choose vegetables & foods that are below 60 on the glycemic index.
The glycemic index rates glucose a simple sugar as being 100 on the scale.
As well, complex carbohydrates have a higher nutritional value than simple carbs making
eating them a key component of your long-term health.
Try starting the morning on the right foot with a green drink smoothie made up of mint,
spinach, cucumber, avocado, grapefruit juice & some egg white.
It sure beats a cup of instant coffee anytime. And recommendation # 4. Eat & drink frequently.
Want to maintain a constant flow of energy throughout the day without feeling sluggish
or slow? Consider adopting the typical “eating regime
of the Shire” – that is – many equally-spaced out small meals.
If you have seen the Lord of the Rings trilogy you may have noticed the hobbits Merry & Pippin
being disappointed in not being able to have 2nd breakfast the 1st day out on their quest.
We should be looking at eating & drinking more frequently throughout the day tapering
off our food intake as nightfall approaches. A key to fending off fatigue & lethargy is
to be constantly hydrating your body with water while eating small nutritious snacks
or meals. You’ll find that by eating more frequently
and drinking between 4 or 5 quarts of water you’ll eat less over time.
Your body’s urge to overcompensate by indulging in big meals will be subdued.
There you have it 4 effective strategies to put into your pain management arsenal.
I hope that at least one tidbit of information will resonate with you and provide you with
a better course of action in coping with your pain & discomfort.
Should you like some additional great tips on eating right – click on the link in the
description box below – to get access to your free copy of my 30-page
guide 15 Fibromyalgia Friendly Foods. Go ahead & get your free copy now.
Just click on the link below. And if you liked this video make sure you
subscribe to my channel. Until next time – Stay Positive – Stay Strong
– Stay Informed.

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  1. Melania Arnett

    this might work for some but I also have gastroparesis. My stomach does not digest raw fruits and veggies and even some cooked ones.. I am also lactose, dairy intolerant and my stomach doesn't do acids well also grains are also hard on my stomach with my gastroparesis.

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