FAT LOSS WITH FASTING – Rules for Intermittent Fasting Fat Loss Protocol

almost everyone how’s it going today we’re going to talk about intermittent fasting this is something that has been going around the whole lighting industry and little fitness and weight loss industry for a long time it has many different nicknames it’s known as the 80 diet or the warrior diet program going to try to tell you guys about my experience using intermittent fasting and how it can benefit you how you can apply to your lifestyle and writing goals first of all let’s go get out of the way or intermittent fasting is intermittent fasting is basically a method of eating where you constrict your 14-day to particle or ours between the day so let’s say between 12pm to 8pm whatever you’re going to eat you want to eat within that eight our time frame all right between 12pm to 8pm is just an example it can be applied to hold you want to apply and for a minimum of 16 hours you’re supposed to pass each and every day you’re supposed to fast that means basically you can you don’t have like zero calorie things so you’re supposed to obviously have water and water is encouraged as much as possible besides that any zero calorie drinks such as green d black coffee I don’t know there are some energy drinks probably which don’t have any calories so stuff like that can be ingested but try to avoid consuming any calories in those fasting period alright you don’t want to consume any calories in the faucet beer and whatever calories you’re supposed to consume you consume it within the eating timeframe alright so this is to make it very simple now let me try to explain to you guys as to what makes this work whatever is the underlying principle that people cite that this is how it works and i’m going to tell you where i learned of this form and at the same time or it kind of worked for me work for people around me so let me try to explain it to you so intermittent fasting basically plays around with two particular hormones in your body one is insulin and the second is going home alright are both of them cannot coexist at the same time in the human body like they do we exist but they have an inverse relationship so if insulin is secreted growth hormone goes down and growth hormone is secreted insulin is basically going down in the body and the most common phenomenon where you can observe this is when you’re asleep because then your sleep your body is not eating anything and overtime insulin goes down because whenever you eat food in in spikes up and because insulin is going down growth hormone rise up and growth hormone carries out its functions one of the functions of insulin growth hormone well we’re going to look at insulin force because that is primarily to do with food so insulin is a hormone that is secreted whenever you ingest food and that food has basically energy unit and that energy needs to be put into your muscles for use so insulins job is to shut all of that energy that glucose that glycogen into the muscles all right so that the body can use it to walk run should eat sleep or the focus on the other hand been your body gets enough energy like imagine if the muscles are saturated now the excessive energy the excessive glucose excessive glycogen is stored as fact in the body so that it can be used for survival or future energy stores that is one in cylinders and what growth hormone does is that one of the things which i think is a byproduct of side effect of growth hormone being secreted in the body is that you burn fat alright whenever there’s a high level of Roman the body you burn fat and growth hormone is secreted whatever incident is going out so like when you’re sleeping when you’re faster for example so the goal of intermittent fasting overall is to try to keep a body in a state where there is a high level of growth hormone or prolonged periods of time and basically what’s that going to do is that is going to put you in the state very boring fat for energy are over time using growth hormone because you’ll be you’ll be fasted so you’re no longer continuously put food into your body and besides that it has a few other benefits that are allowed to talk about

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  1. Debojit debnath

    Bro …How Much Time Should ..The Man Do The Intermitted Fasting …Like ..If He/She Want 2 Lose Fat Like 10-15 Kg ….Wht Ur Advice …on Tht Brother …!!!!????😊

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