Fasting Electrolyte Drink Recipe | 2 Day Fast Results | Weight Loss Journey [Day 67]

hi everyone its Mieka and it’s day 67 of
my weight loss journey and day 2 results of my 30 day weight loss
challenge where I am working so hard to lose 46 pounds in 32 31 days before 2019
do not wait till 2019 to make changes go into 2019 as a better you that’s what I
say um I’m gonna tell you a fasting electrolyte drink when you fast for 24
hours or more you need to make sure you don’t deplete all your electrolytes
that’s bad for you so I’m going to tell you about that
then let’s see how you would I ate yesterday I’m going to tell you the
exercise I did I’m gonna ask you some questions about something I bought and I
want to eat but you guys are probably gonna think I’m cheating
so whoever comments no or yes whatever vote wins and I’m gonna okay I’m gonna
just tell you some other general stuff first non-related I sold an oil these
are the oils I sell it’s a glass bottle roll on top with a little cap this sold
on eBay and this fragrance is called amber weight okay so it’s going to
cattle with uh Pennsylvania yeah that’s funny I’ve never heard of that place
so what I have to do is put this with some bubble wrap and then if you send
liquids you have to put it in it has to have a double seal which maybe this is
okay because it has the cap and it has that when I put the bowler up then I put
it in a plastic baggy so it’s like so it’s so silly came
out leaked and then I put it in a bubble mailer so it’s super secure
she paid seven ninety eight for this yeah okay and oh my gosh working at the
post office right now it’s so funny I am gonna put I’m having
so much bubble wrap because the way people handle the the packages is like
unbelievable like 85% of the people care and 15% could care less
cuz we’re stacking packages on top of packages so my little perfume could be
at the bottom of a motor to a car or something so yeah I’m putting it so if
you’re sending packages to people a box is the best route to go if you can this
is going in a poly mailer because it could go in the blue mailbox I don’t
have to go into the post office anyway cuz this is the payment right there okay
so that’s it for business and I’m going to that post office job in a little bit
god-willing but I gotta get that sent out because I
like my people to get their stuff immediately and when you have an eBay
store they give you nice branded materials well they don’t give it to you
but you get a $25 credit I just ordered more polly Miller’s so now this is the
original snake juice recipe it’s one liter of walk water and um snake juice
diet by Cole Robinson he recommends well water or spring water the more natural
the better high quality water I look for a high pH water today I’m using tap
water which is not what you want to do but that’s what I have and I’m not
stopping at the store before work um oh shoot
then one teaspoon of no salt I got that from Walmart and then let’s
see oh one teaspoon sorry Mike oldest just left
and on the way sticks then um then pink Himalayan salt 1 teaspoon pink Himalayan and two capsules of cayenne pepper and
that’s 10,000 heat units he mentioned that when you’re fast and you could get
cold that cayenne pepper helps I have from Aldi probably or Walmart I don’t
know simply natural organic cayenne pepper and this is from Walmart now
that’s the original one me one I have high blood pressure so I tweaked it his
new one has no Cayenne this is optional and it has baking soda and it has food
grade Epsom salt I don’t use that one I use I’m gonna show you what I do okay
teaspoon let’s see if you can see this okay I use okay this is sodium free song
and this is potassium which dr. Berg if you’re doing any kind of fasting or keto
go watch dr. bird and watch Thomas delauer and Fletch fitness and dr. Fung
man yeah you need to know the science if you need to know what doctors say if you
need to know studies that’s who you go to because then they all know what
they’re talking about people that just say oh it’s unhealthy
too fast they don’t really know what they’re saying they doesn’t know what
they think is correct I’m telling you I have an eighth sense Friday at 6:00
something and I feel fine and I have a humongous weight loss today
and I had a humongous weight loss yesterday and I feel good and I did a
little exercise and I mean gosh there’s so many benefits I’m not even going to
talk about it so the potassium dr. Berger says is the
most important electrolyte so I’m putting a full teaspoon I put a full
teaspoon in there and then this one is a real sodium
I’m putting only a half a half teaspoon and I got the big chunks don’t get the
big chunks one get the fine one it’s like chopped up really tiny tiny
grains but this is will last for the whole 2019 I don’t think salt expires Oh
2021 um and then this man this will last me all the 2019 you know I’m not gonna
have to do so much fasting cuz I should not be big like that I put a little bit
of baking soda just because I don’t know what the recipe says when I’m putting
1/4 of a teaspoon okay now cayenne peppers optional
usually I’ll do 1 liter a plane like this then I’ll do 1 liter
no I’ll do one liter of regular water which the snake diet creator says don’t
do that he wants you to have this so I just don’t want all that salt I’m trying
to get off this blood-pressure medicine and I still need to take it so I don’t
know don’t listen to me don’t do what I do but make your snake juice so let’s
say I’m doing it properly I would do one with cayenne pepper and one without
because I like to have variety so you get two
choose what you’re having and then the cayenne one I won’t put in the
refrigerator it’ll be room temperature and it’ll be kind of hot and I like that
and then the plain one I’ll have in the refrigerator so I like the cayenne but I
don’t know it’s been a while since I drank this I’m put in 1/8 of a teaspoon
let’s see what it looks like I like it to look pretty too oh wow okay that
barely did anything let me put a little more I put another 1/8 okay so you see
it’s changing color I like that is pretty ok let’s see what else that I
have to talk about so this is my fasting electrolyte drink that I drink and if
I’m feeling weak or something I go to my electrolyte drink let’s see so that’s
made and I’m taking this to work so copy this down put fasting
electrolyte drink pink Himalayan no salt you don’t have to do cayenne pepper if
you don’t want to but if you have it in the house just try it see if you like it
baking soda which is sodium bicarbonate no salt
pink Himalayan salt and food great Epsom salt okay
so what did I eat nothing I nothing for Sunday what exercise that I do I didn’t
do the post office job I went to work I only did two people’s hair but they here
oh my gosh one was two here and one was two here
they both got my favorite which is two strand twists um let’s see then I did a
little bit of punching the thing yesterday and I made a video with that
that’s all I did yesterday 10 minutes of work out but I had no food so that’s
still okay and the result oh the question before I get to the results
which are awesome super awesome cuz this was after a binge and then a fast but
this one today ooh it was sleep so I went to get what I’m
gonna have today cuz I get to eat I hate that I’m not hungry
but it’s good but I’m gonna eat that’s what I hate is they’re not I don’t feel
like I need to eat but I’m gonna eat but I’m going to that job and I’m gonna do
five hours and I think I’m going to feel weak because it’s pure workout so I’m
taking with me a snack I bought I’m not gonna tell you today cuz I need you to
subscribe right now hit the notification bar and watch me tomorrow but my dinner
is gonna have rice cauliflower seasons choice from Aldi it has three grams of
carbs two grams of dietary fiber so most people subtract that so 3/4 cups 3/4 of
a cup has only one gram of carbs and it has two percent calcium two percent iron
four percent potassium one protein like 20 calories like this could fill you up
if you had if you had this whole bag you’re only having four carbs 80
calories like I can sit there and stir-fry this with some onions some
seasoning mmm just this alone could taste so yummy and you can make
cauliflower pizza you can make a gazillion things with this I don’t even
know what I’m gonna make but I have hamburger thawing and I don’t know it’s
gonna involve rice cauliflower and maybe eggs okay and cheese of course so all he
has a knockoff of halo it is 280 calories for this entire thing 20 grams
of protein ok that’s awesome now the problem is I said I’m not gonna cheat so
I want to know say yes I can have it no I can’t can’t have it or yes you could
have half I bought three of these like two weeks ago when I saw it at the store
I bought one of each flavor because I want to taste each one I didn’t even get
one bite because my kids ate them I am NOT happy about that so I don’t even
know what they taste like this is mint chip but I know what the Halos tastes
like so I’m gonna tell you total carbs in this whole thing is 52 minus dietary
fiber 12 so it’s 40 minus sugar alcohol 16
so that’s 24 carbs for the whole thing to me that’s not cheating but I know to
a whole bunch of people that is so I’m only gonna listen to who comments below
say yes no or half okay and whoever whichever of those three votes the most
is what I’m gonna do with this mint chip low fat low carb ice cream okay so
that’s it now for the results I was not expecting this and I’m very happy oh my
gosh you guys fastin is amazing oh my gosh yesterday I was too
35.4 my lowest weight as an adult that I could even remember since when I was 20
I know it was like 225 before I got pregnant with my first kid and then I
was around 14 I was like 238 I went to a fat camp I left her at 173 at age like
13 so 14 I went to my 200 never went back
as an adult to attended the highest I mean the lowest so they 67 in the weight
loss journey this is 30 day challenge day two results I am
I weighed twice and it gave me the same number 31.0 can you believe this four
point four man I don’t care who don’t like fasting cuz I love it like instant
gratification not everyone could do it that’s fine do in a minute fasting or do
one meal a day so today that was yesterday
water fast today I’m doing 24 20 hour fast for our eating window I can only
eat for a period of four hours and then I’m gonna get to eat a whole six hours
these days and then Thursday drive fast which means no food nothing into your
body I’m doing a soft dry fast I’ll explain that later Friday sixteen eight
sixteen hours no food eight hours food that’s like my big day
right there cuz I’m going back into the water fast in that same schedule till
here Oh what’s all people joining me I’m
excited they’re gonna do this plan and whoever’s doing this plan if you jump in
today today’s Monday doing twenty hours fast for hours eating whoever jumps in
and does this with me when I get to here when I get to day 12 I’m gonna reassess
for the next ten days whoever’s joining this with me to follow this plan or make
your own plan and write in the comments and tell me every day what you did and
how you do the day before I’m going to ask you for input
on what to do the next day’s like I’ll listen to what you say
except for saw except for dry fast cuz I got to work a lot and I can’t just be at
home so thank you for watching this long video and I will see you tomorrow God

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