Extra Crispy Southern Fried Chicken – (Low Carb Recipe)

[music] hey everybody welcome to the wolfe pit. Today I’m making extra crisspy southern fried chicken. But it’s not your average fried
chicken, it’s no carb fried chicken. That’s right all the goodness of extra crispy fried
chicken without the breading, without the carbs and the extra calories. So let’s get started. I’m going to start by making a
simple brine with salt, granulated garlic and granulated onion. Followed by two cups of hot water. This will help dissolve everything. Give it a good mix! Now I’m going to add two cups
of cold water followed by 4 cups of ice cubes. You want to end up with a half gallon of liquid. And now I’m going to add the chicken
and what I did here was cut the chicken breast in half since they were so big. This way
everyone can have a piece of the breast. And then add the remaining pieces
of chicken. Give it a good mix and make sure
all of the chicken is covered. If you don’t have enough liquid just add a little bit more
water and this goes into the refrigerator for about
four hours. Now I’m going to make a spicy
seasoning for the chicken once it comes out of the hot oil, with black pepper, cayenne
pepper and chili powder. And give it a good mix. I’ve removed the chicken from
the brine and I have it draining on paper towels and now I’m going to pat it as dry
as possible with paper towels. It’s very important the
chicken is as dry as possible before it goes into the hot grease. Now I’m going to slowly place
the chicken in 400º peanut oil. I have it at 400º because the temperature is going
to drop, so it’s actually going to be frying at 375º. The chicken is going to take about
15 minutes to fully cook through and since I don’t have oil in the pan to fully submerge
the chicken I’m going to flip it every five minutes or so. After 3 flips and 17 minutes our chicken thighs are done, look at how golden brown they are. And now you want to liberally
season both sides of the chicken while it’s still piping hot and moist on the outside. Can you believe the color of this
chicken without any breading, absolutely gorgeous and it smells incredible. Now just continue the same cooking
and seasoning process until all of the chicken is cooked. Who would have ever thought you
could have carb free extra crispy fried chicken that actually tasted like fried chicken? If you like this video please
give me a thumbs up. Thank you all very much for watching
I hope you give this a try and I’ll see you next time!

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Reader Comments

  1. Juanelo1946

    Larry, I send you my praises!!! (I would sing them but I have a terrible voice). Two weeks ago I tried making low-carb southern-fried chicken using half coconut flour and half almond flour as a breading. It tasted fine, but the flours caused it to appear burnt. Yours, by contrast, is exactly what I'm looking for, and totally without breading! It's perfection! Of course I'll be doing it your way from now on! I can't thank you enough my friend!  — John


    I bet this would work for pork chops too!! Looked wonderful Larry, super tender and juicy just like ole T-Roy likes his chicken. And yes, I'm a thigh man!! LOL

  3. Joe Bucci

    Wolfe Pit, Wow… what a child hood flash back…. thank you.
    My Grandmother on my moms side called this Alabama fried chicken, the spices were probably different, but the cooking was the same..
    During the Great Depression, when she was still in Alabama, she told me that they had chickens, but had no extra flour to bread it in.
    All flour was used for biscuits or dumplings.
    You just made a 54 yo. man feel like a 9 yo. kid again.  🙂

  4. lilmama

    Wolf pit love your vids, you make some awesome recipes!!! 😄 can you please tell me the difference between granulated onion/garlic vs powder onion/garlic?

  5. Daddy Cooks

    Larry, that came out looking fantastic. I don't have any carb issues but I would do this out of it's sheer simplicity! The only thing needed now is hot sauce and fingers…lol! Great job!!

  6. PrankCalls OG

    Nothing about the way you cooked this is healthy. Whoever told you that this was carb-free lied to you. It's fried in oil, and seasoned with salt. Carbs are not a bad thing. They are useful for exercise and provide energy. Stop trying to make your food look healthy. It doesn't work.

  7. Dan Webster

    That is awesome. My chicken is not much different. I brine mine. Then I put 2 cups bread flour and 1/4th cup Lowerys in the flour. I drain the chicken and season with Lowery and coat with flour mix, then cook 4 pieces at a time all the dark meat first in cast iron 15 to 18 (depending on size of chicken) minutes first batch starting point 250f with burner wide open. I leave the burner wide open till the last piece of chicken is cooked. With the boneless white meat cooked last at 11 minutes. Thanks fer posting.

  8. 29render

    We sell a carb free product called "Skinny Dip" which is a breading made from crushed pork rinds and a seasoning blend…great idea, Larry!

  9. joed596

    This is a super idea, Larry!  . . .   'Southern Fried Chicken' is a really classic dish, and if it can be made in a healthier version which still tastes great, then you've knocked the ball out of the park once again, my friend!    🙂  🙂  🙂   Thumbs up,  Joe

  10. dakotabob10

    I am a Type 2 diabetic. I control my blood sugar levels through diet. If you have more diabetic friendly recipes Larry, I would sure love to see them.

  11. TheWolfePit

    @Pi Kassahun Hi Pi!  I've never made and I don't think I've ever had a tuna noodle casserole.  But, it sounds great.  Let me see what I can come up with!  Thank you for the suggestion Pi!

  12. Luiza Maiden

    That was the better deep fried recipe I've ever eaten (with exception to KFC, but hey, they got breadcrumbs!), it worked so well and very handy to have in the fridge ready for when one needs a quick low-carb snack, highly recommended!

  13. Jack Der Hagopian

    quick questions.  How important is the type of oil? (I have corn oil).  This is probably a dumb question but will this also work in a deep fryer instead of stove top?

  14. aida bach

    I only pan fried chicken four times in my life, 3 times on the chicken thighs and once on the drumsticks. I'm amused that even with immersing method, each peace still takes up 15 minutes to cook? I kept thinking that I didn't use a drop of oil (try to get the fat out from the chicken skin to cook themselves… they call it the 'oilless' cooking method), that is why I had to cook up 20 minutes to get them down. I also didn't leave the meat at the room temperatures before I threw them into the pan, and I have to keep cooking at least 7 minutes after smell the cooked smell coming out. Often the times, the center near the bones are still 'bleeding'. I now use a thermometer to stick into the thick meat part, if the juice comes out translucent, that means it is cooked, otherwise, it comes out red…. I'm not sure if I will use a 1 quart sauce pan to do the 'immersing' frying as you do, though I'm very tempted…. I just want to save the amount of oil I need to use to fry the chicken….

  15. 3 Dee

    I am trying this tonight…let you know how it was later. I have lost so much weight on restricting carbs. I only get my carbs through vegetables, I'm thrilled at the prospect of finding something no carb. I have been doing this now for 4 months lost 42bls and no longer take diabetic meds my A1C is back in check..so thrilled. thanks for the great idea. See how it is tonight.

  16. DAV URGE

    Brother man that was some darn good chicken!! I fried mine in lard and I seasoned it with your seasoning fried it the way you said to fry it- and me and the boys love it it is a new staple with our family thank you for sharing the recipe!

  17. Kile Noe

    dude you're the coolest ! your awesome personality has surely shined through over the years! proof that you get better as you age like fine wine, happy V-day WOLFPIT! lol

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