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Hey, good morning. Are you ready to spend the day at the farm
with me? You are what you eat. It’s just a fact. But it doesn’t mean that in my household we
don’t have pizzas flying around sometimes or hamburgers. You know, I have kids and they love their
stuff. But I also think that as a Mom, we lead by
example, so I continue to do all my organic, healthy stuff. You know I like to start my morning with a
glass of lemon water. So it’s very simple. You take a half lemon. I’m the queen of lemons. Just because they have so many health benefits. It alkalizes the gut. It’s cleansing. It has a lot of nutrients in it, so it’s just
a great way to start your morning. You know I don’t really drink coffee. I love matcha with goat milk, so I usually
do that, but always maybe like 15 minutes after I have my lemon water. Mmm. Yummy. After my lemon water, I do oatmeal. Just because it’s easy. It’s quick. Really gives you great energy to get through
your morning. And then I really think that we don’t have
enough fat anymore in our diet, so I always put a little bit of organic butter with this
cute little butter dish that Gigi made when she was maybe like 8 years old. I like to put a little bit of almonds on it. Just add a little protein. Then I like to use different fruits. Right now I’m into strawberries just because
it’s very low in sugar. Sometimes I put organic honey. But then I also like to use stevia. And if you can get used to the taste, I think
it’s a much better and healthier choice than white sugar. You know, I really love breakfast. There’s something about it. It’s a moment where I give gratitude to my
beautiful life and having this amazing food–organic food in front of me. And you know I love looking outside and seeing
the cows, the geese and the connection with nature. I also think it’s important to take your time
to eat breakfast. You know you can do it in ten minutes. It doesn’t need to be an hour. But just this moment where you just check
in with yourself before you start your day. So for lunch I always like to have a salad
and some sort of protein. Today I’m going to do a arugula salad. I like to make a curry chicken with some grapes
in it, some onions. It’s just boiled organic chicken and I put
the curry and mayo and onions and celery and all that stuff. I do like it on top of my arugula salad. This combination of brussels sprouts, some
cranberries. A little bit of that on it and then just a
little bit of dressing that I made with olive oil, honey, a little vinegar. I’m really loving going to the Farmer’s Market
and see what’s available in this season and use that in my kitchen. A little bit of salt and pepper and that to
me, is just the perfect lunch. So my favorite afternoon little snack, a little
pick me up, is a goat milk, which I use preferably, because it’s so much easier to digest than
regular milk. And you just boil a cup. I’m obsessed with cardamom and cinnamon and
I boil that, stir it. It’s just a wonderful little afternoon pick
me up. And then I sweeten it with honey. Mmm, I love it. We use cardamom in lemon cake. We use cardamom in goat milk and my kids love
it, because their Grandmother, in the Arab kitchen, they use a lot of cardamom, so they
kind of learned it there. It’s just a wonderful afternoon pick me up. So I like to make my dinner my lightest meal
of the day, only because I go to sleep very early so it doesn’t give you much time to
digest anything else. So I love to do any kind of soup. I make it easy and start with an organic chicken
broth, just for the flavor. You know you can obviously put in your vegetable
juice, whatever you like. I love putting chopped garlic. I put my chopped carrots, onions of course. I mean best thing to flavor. Celery. And then a little bit of zucchini, which is
also great for flavor. Salt and pepper. I like to use Himalayan salt just because
there are so many great minerals in there. Add a little bit more carrot. Little baby gale. Baby, baby gale. Little baby gale. Little baby kale. I don’t cook it too long because I don’t want
to overcook it. So you wait until it boils. So this is Bragg’s natural yeast. And I love the flavor of that. When the girls come home late from work, soup
is amazing because it digests so fast, because it’s obviously boiled. But on a proper night, when everybody is home
on time, they love their spaghetti bolognese, garlic bread, salad. But this will do, you know, for a late dinner. You know I take such great pride in being
a homemaker. I think that when you have children, as a
Mom, I want them to keep coming home as long as possible and by providing a home that feels
like an anchor, a place where we can talk about memories and make new memories. We cook, we have a glass of wine and
I think that’s what life is all about at the end of the day. So I’m just going to leave this on the stove
for about 30 minutes, 30 – 40 minutes and then you have the perfect light dinner. I’m going to let this cool down. I think it’s the perfect time to make a fire. So this is really my favorite part of the
day. I just made this fire myself. Don’t you agree–I’m becoming a really good
East Coast girl. Thank you for spending the day with me. And see you later. Ciao.

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Reader Comments

  1. mayraeff

    She was a patient at my clinic. She wanted these certain treatments for a much cheaper price, even though she is rich as hell. So she posted a pic of her and an avocado tree my boss has on his backyard near his office and she did not hashtag us because we didn't give her those treatments at a "cheaper" price. Celebs are shit.

  2. Michael Mansfield

    Hi Yolanda, are you cured of Lyme & cos or at least in remission? I told your daughter for you to get in touch with me. I got much of my life back after a deep deep 11 year Lyme battle. Iris Rife machines, herbs in a million other things, but recently got huge results with Mullein tincture from Herb Pharm and Osha Root

    Mullein crushes TB, STAPHYLOCOCCUS AUREUS, AND KLEBSIELLA PNEUMONIAE, ALL SUPERBUGS with biofilm, so I figured Mullen would work for Lyme. Immediately within 30 to 60 minutes I had a herx, and could breathe much better and within a week was doing incredibly better. Also had a tighter Focus line protocol on the Rife machine. Nevertheless, within 10 days was practically symptom-free! this is after spending a fortune over the last eleven years on a million other things all over the world.

    You can also find me on Facebook at "Michael.Mansfield. 33" Love to chat one day. Take care.

  3. Empressah

    I watched this bc I know she’s had health problems and seen lots of experts to get well. So I expected her diet to be the best, but it isn’t actually that healthy. Better than the SAD diet though.

  4. Azu Martínez Carrión

    This arent even 2000 kcal. How do you exercise and have a good day with activities with less than 2000 kcal been and adult woman around 170cm? I eat 2500 normally and I do exercise almost every day, I'm 170 and weight 53kg. This woman does not show a healthy eating

  5. Edna Tong

    Everything was ok but the soup… dont know..soup from.a box…?? Organic? Not to mention the garlic.. . I should.taste all that maybe im.mistaken but..it seems a little bit disgusting

  6. Linette Low

    What an amazing super mum 🙂 ♡ I love how she's inspiring us to eat well and be kinder toward ourselves ~ it's so important, even if we're not of this industry. Her care & love for family really comes through; and she's a mum bear at heart. Makes me appreciate all mothers more for all they do.🌲🦋🐾🙏🌷🌻🐕🌍💙💕🎁

    Thank you, Harper's Bazaar.♡

  7. Kayla B

    I tried the soup and added Chickpeas, oregano, thyme, and cayenne. Cooked in the instant pot for 10 minutes and it was great! Thanks for the recipe!

  8. Kristin Walz

    I used to eat like her in my late twenties to mid 30s….and now….

    I still do..wen im not eating at del taCo…dennys….or tha tai restaurants………..

  9. Douglas Mota

    The morons at comment section saying its FINE, her food is health and comparing it to junk food LMAO
    1 Yes her food is health , but eats almost NOTHING! I 100% guarantee u she starves entire day, and not receiving enough calories for a day, isn't health either.
    2 NOBODY TALKING ABOUT JUNK FOOD, its garbage and much more unhealthy, true.
    So stop assuming that everybody who criticizes her food routine is a fat pig eating fast food daily!

  10. Kayla Sorrells

    Guys just stay away from sugar and bread pasta things like that and you can eat pretty much as much as you want! Stevia is great too! Sugar is straight poison! The lemon water first thing in morning helps fight all kinds of diseases even cancer but a warm glass of it is better than cold…

  11. Linda Roy

    I sort of…reflect on my gratefulness and check in with myself. And then I organically reconnect with the spirit world over a cleansing cup of goats milk. So centering.

  12. Carolina1

    She lives the super wealthy version of what's "real," as she wraps herself in a Herme's blanket in front of the "fire she made herself."
    There has always been something very self-righteous about her.

  13. Reg Plate

    I love this! Puts honey or sweetener on nearly all of it, over cooks and hard boils the soup with far too much salt and stands around with an insulated jacket and Hermes blanket when the heating will be roaring away. Talk about a farce. Sorry, don’t believe a word of it.

  14. Bett Margot

    I eat strawberries because theyre low in sugar. (Pours honey on the oatmeal). Goat milk is easier to digest than regular milk. Goat milk is easier to digest than human milk???

  15. Palm0n

    Those dark under eyes can be genetic, cuz Bella have them to… BUT it also can be that she doesn't have a good rest, dehydration or leak of nutrients…

  16. Al Wa

    I have tea toast and a glass of water for breakfast. Maybe a yogurt and peach. I’m not a huge breakfast eater.
    I eat whatever for dinner & lunch. One granola snack if am hungry dipped in yogurt.

  17. vllsp sp

    Don't know what some people have.
    She's just making healthy food which can also stay for some days.
    Oats. A normal breakfast.
    Salad. Also totally normal. Even better for people who don't have a lot of time because of work etc.
    Warm drink. Is good for you and tastes good.
    Soup. Is just a normal meal.

  18. Honeylee Fraser

    Let me guess she sucks frozen water then throws it up… She reminds me of the old lady at the end of pinks stupid girls video, how fucking tragic, goddamn lady have a pie and enjoy your old age.

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