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Hi, are you guys ready to spend the day with me? So the first thing I do when I come into the kitchen in the morning is I put on a pot of coffee. You’ll probably notice that my coffee cups do not match the other china, I like to mix it up so my husband never knows what to expect. I am putting organic sugar into the coffee. Two small spoonfuls. And I like whole milk in coffee. Everyone’s is so different. I find coffee to be so personal. So personal. Everyone has to mix their own coffee. Generally speaking before I have breakfast I will make the coffee, put the coffee on and then go work out and then I know all day long, I’ve done something really good for myself and then I’ll come back down and then I’ll have breakfast. I work out everyday 25-30 minutes is all it takes. I was doing mat pilates until the Pilates Pro Chair came into my life before I was getting ready for Dancing with the Stars. And it really helped with core strength and flexibility and it gives me energy. So I start with breakfast. When I have time, I’m going to have greek yogurt. ’cause I love it. When I don’t have a really early call in the morning then I have time to stir up this yogurt and actually make a pretty presentation. My favorite way to do this is to sprinkles some pumpkin seeds Oh! That’s too many. Oh well. I’ll spread them around. Some lingonberries. I love lingonberries. Both the pumpkin seeds and the lingonberries are organic. And I put a dollop of lingonberries right on top. My mother is of Swedish decent so that’s probably where I heard of lingonberries the first time and its very delicious and its very good for me, it’s fuel. I can run on this. If it’s a cheat day I’m probably going to have some eggs and if my husband is making this blueberry pancakes with fresh blueberries- I mean if I’m going to really cheat, I want it to be worth it. So that’s what we do. It is such a luxury to be home at lunch. So, I still want to be fit and feeling good so I start with organic beefsteak tomatoes, a little salt and pepper then slices of fresh roasted turkey. The tomato becomes a substitute for an english muffin or toast or a slice of bread and it really tastes great. I put avocado slices I try to arrange them artistically because again the eye- I learned from my chef husband, the eye eats before the stomach. I think it’s so true. Champagne vinegar, just a light hand. Sprinkle it over. The best extra virgin olive oil I can find. Either from Italy or from Napa. And then, I think the reason my husband calls this a concoction is because then I sprinkle fresh mango and all of that adds up to a very yummy lunch and a very healthy one. Before I was working out if somebody told me that I would actually choose fruit over french fries I would never believe them. But suddenly from doing my pilates work out within two weeks I suddenly only craved food that was good for me. Crazy, I mean it just happened that naturally. And now I really am obsessed with it so I love it. I love the results, that’s what I love. So I’m here with my personal chef. I love a man who cooks. And he’s going to cook for me tonight, for us tonight. We have a date night going on. Take it away, it’s all yours. I making Susan, one of my favorite meals. which is a Bibb lettuce with a julienne of apples cucumbers and endives salad and radishes and for an entree we have king salmon broccoli and carrots steamed then we go and start peeling the apple. I feel like I should be the sous chef. Let me interview you while you’re doing all this prep work. How long have you been a chef, Helmut? Well I would say about 25-28 years. In Switzerland Germany. I studied in Austria. And we met when I came to the United States when I worked in the Garden City Hotel And Susan would work there in the summer time during the college years. At the time I was a little too a little too old for her. So she wasn’t going to have anything to do with me. But then I saw Helmut at the beach one day- I was with a girlfriend at the beach and I saw this man in the distance, in the parking lot. we were leaving and he was coming but I thought “Who is- He’s very attractive. Oh he’s parked right next to us.” And then when I realized who it was I I remember in the parking lot at Jones beach saying “Oh, hi chef.” Everything Helmut makes is just delicious. It’s a really good marriage. I love to eat and he loves to cook. So there you go. And so we have the carrots and the broccoli in the steamer. So while we are working with the King salmon- The color is absolutely beautiful And we need to put some salt on here. A little bit of oil. Salmon has a lot of great properties. Its a super food. It’s great for your skin. It’s great for your bones. Chives is great with salmon. While this is all cooking, normally we should have a little bit of wine That’s a pretty good idea. It’s always good to have a little bubbly. Cheers. Cheers. Love you too. Okay, now we are going to finish off the salad. Pepper salt. And you always put the vinegar first. ‘Cause if you put your oil first that means your oil will coat the letuce and the vinegar cant penetrate. If we are eating at home, salmon is definitely something we are going to choose to have and lucky me, if Helmuts cooking, I’m eating. Oh honey, this looks gorgeous. Oh its excellent and its just perfect, honey. You cooked it just perfect. Okay, we have had breakfast together and lunch together but this dinner this is our date night. That’s right. See you next time!

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  1. lemon water

    Wait I want to Know more about that pilates machine !! Studios are outrageous in price ( only in my dream life could I throw 💰 money at they but my own mini machine ?!?! Is it affordable does anyone know ? I'll have to rewind an look into it 🙂

  2. Carole J

    Dear Susan had a heart attack earlier this year and underwent surgery to prevent further problems. She attributes the heart issues to heredity as her father died of heart disease. Diet and exercise probably make it easier to recover from major health problems.

  3. Wendy Lewis

    This woman is georgeous for God's sake,she needs to be on the cover of magazines. Her talent, strength and sweetness are an inspiration. Love her!

  4. Anthula

    I'm sorry, that is NOT a tomato..but you are stunning and I love how you appreciate the look of your food even your yogurt and coffee ❤️

  5. Debbie Jesic

    She would look so much better and younger if she put on some weight, when a woman gets older she loses collagen, so when your bony lije her their is no fat lying under the skin to give it a supple appearance! I think she looks bad.

  6. Judi Dunham

    “Organic” sugar? 🤣🤣🤣 Organic poison.
    Just because you put the word organic in front of something does not make it healthy.
    Fruit = Sugar
    Yours is a very inflammatory diet. 👎🏼
    Eggs are the healthiest whole food there is.
    Just sayin’. 😳

  7. Mama Reign

    Same! I ❤️ to eat and he loves to cook….I always think that it's better to be fat and sassy. Was she ever Elvis Presley's girl?

  8. lukystarrk4life

    This was the most adorable video. I rather watch videos of what older women eat if they still look good because they have experience and metabolism is different from young women.

  9. Rakhsana R

    The best Food Diaries by far! So much more interesting and realistic than the airhead supermodels that have featured on here, who clearly don't eat.

  10. OneVagabondWoman

    What an absolute QUEEN. Not only does she look amazing, but she just radiates this light and happy energy from within. That and good, simple foods seems to be the secret!

  11. geral-larss111

    When a woman ages nicely, it definitely means she ages well because she is nice and wise. Healthy food and workout aren't everything at all. Attitude is the key. This woman has it all

  12. Ggg

    I think she says she eats that but she probably only eats 3 slices of unfiltered air per day – thats why she's a skeleton 😉

  13. Whitney Davis

    They are so precious! #marriagegoals Also, can we just talk about how GORGEOUS she is?! I need to find the fountain of youth she’s drinking from.

  14. K g

    6:56 I wish to have at least half of that happens in my marriage, just look at her she is so sweet.
    All the recipes are amazing definitely gonna try

  15. Minji Gim

    Okay so I did not catch on to the fact that Helmut and Susan were a couple so when they were flirting in the kitchen I was just thinking about how Susan Lucci is an absolute savage for doing that to her husband

  16. Ursula Velho

    Watch Susan Lucci on All my Children since it first aired. She is still beautiful & classy. I always loved her. She has a beautiful smile. I would like too see her more on TV.🌹😘

  17. Dazzira Jordana

    The secret to looking this good at 72 is to marry a chef ! He cooks her these healthy gourmet meals for free ! And he’s obviously doing something right if she’s been with him since 1969!! Plastic surgeries or not, she still moves and exercises young , she was on dancing with the stars! Her health is still young you have to admit, and all due to diet and exercise


    Susan, I have always been a fan of yours. I admire you so much. I love the Pilates.
    I need to know where my Susan Lucci Youthful Essence Microdermabrasion is, and why I can’t get it anymore? I love that stuff so much!
    I have found it on ebay and Amazon. You pay an arm and leg for it though.
    Do you have a different skincare regemine that I can get?
    I was sorry to hear that you were having some heart problems, clogged arteries. You are feeling better now of course.

  19. Flowers Flowers

    Well im sure she has a chef..(husband no less)…a gardener…facials of all kind for 45 years…botox…fillers…amd possibly a facelift. Yes, we would all look that great were our lives the same.
    She is a very pretty woman and seems to have a very sweet soul.
    Always impeccably dressed and so cute.

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