Eugene Ranks The World’s Most Popular Fruit

Eugene: He’s my theme song writer and singer. Min-young: Oh wow! He is the raaaaaaaannnnkk kiiiinng~ (and queen) M: Wooow! M: Bravo!
E: Thank you. M: Bravo, bravo!
E: Thank you *intro* Fruity fruity fruity
(fruityfruity) Frooooooooo-ty fruity
(fruit-a-fruit, fruity-fuity) Fruity fruity frui-TY! E: Welcome to the Rank King, the show where I rank things. I’m your Rank King, and today we have a very special guest, Rank Queen. My beautiful mother- M: Oh my god. E: Min-Young. M: Okay. I’m glad to be here. People eat lots of fruit these days and I’m very health-oriented. So I can, you know, see what is right, what is wrong. E: We have 21 fruit we’re tasting today and we’re gonna rank them from best to worst. We have three criteria we’re ranking our fruit today: #1: Eatability How easy is it to eat? M: Most food we eat is eatable. E: No mom, like how easy is it- M: How easy
E: Yeah, is it like a tough- M: For me, I’m a good cook so it’s easy for me. E: Okay we’re not all great cooks, mom. M: Hard for you #2: Flavor M: Personal opinion
E: Mhm
M: Is okay E: Yeah M: okay And the final criteria: Versatility How can the fruit be used in other dishes? Speaking of which, you know what my favorite fruit evolution is? M: Mmm- E: Grown up grapes!
M: Ohh my goood E: It’s okay if I drink. M: Yes. E: Not drunk. M: You are not teenager,
E: No.
M: so it’s okay. E: No. No, I’m not. But first you have to say my catchphrase. I’m right. You’re wrong. Shut up. M: I’m right. You’re wrong. Shut up. Woooooowww, Rank Queen~ Cheers.
-Okay, cheers Geonbae!- okay~ Apples! Apples: Just so classic. When you think fruit, you think apple. Criteria one: Eatability. I just realized, I’m really terrible at chopping up fruit. I’m not very good with knives. Yeah I know, I know Nice. Yeah. I know. I know I like knives. Yeah. Oh Yes, uh… You cannot eat the seed! Especially apple, it’s bad for you. So, eatibility, you do have to cut it and you have to take the seeds out. Oh, oh! Dangerous. (Whispering) Eugene, don’t do that. Oh, you have to hold this one. You can, you know, push it like oh (Hammering) Ah ah ah, like this.. Sorry, mom. Oh my god, it’s danger- Ow! Don’t do that, sorry, okay Hmm. Oh Wow, this is a good Apple. Versatility. What else do you use apples in? You can make apple pie and sauce. Apple juice? App-Apple juice. It’s just so much. You know, it’s gonna go right here Well, this way. I- do you right? Yeah. I’m right you’re wrong. Shut up. Yeah, okay, that’s right there. Okay, you can’t put them all on best, mom. I know. Yeah, it’s not like your children Who’s your best child? Oh… Don’t ask me, what favorite child is. But who’s your number one child? You’re gonna answer it by the end of this video- don’t ask private things. Who your best child is. Orange It’s not my favorite, but it’s good. You know, you already have a bias. It’s so good for health. You know, they have so many different way to cut for it, and you- some people try to cut you know Something all the way peeling like this… How do you do that? Like this and easy to eat it, you know, I think the one thing that’s not eatable about oranges? The white part. Hmmm *cue orangey smile* ~there it is:)~ Oh, you look so… Dumb. (Laughing) I thought you were gonna say handsome. Oh my god… Well, oranges are delicious They taste great. Versatility. Mainly orange juice. Less versatile than apple, yeah? I like apple better, because orange is a bit sour for me. Who’s your favorite child? Ah, Eugene! Don’t don’t ask me, please. Who’s your favorite other try guy? Is it Keith? I like everybody. I think it’s Keith. Okay. (Laughing) Banana! So for eat ability, mm-hmm, very very easy. Very but once you peel it, you have to eat it all, you cannot save it. It goes brown, fast. Yeah brown, very fast and also, you know what that looks like. Mmm. I don’t get it. (STOP IT EUGENE HAHA) I’m old. You, you, you- if you’re old, you know. Okay. Mmm. That’s a flavor. That’s good. Sometimes they go brown, Mm-hmm. Sometimes they’re too hard. (LMAO STOP) But, I have a tip. You know how to keep it like this, for ten days? Here, like this. You can wrap here with a clear wrapping paper, put it in the refrigerator. After seven days, You take it out. You can eat perfectly the same, this color. Mom, you sound like a crazy person. No one does that! I’d only think of one thing for bananas is banana bread. Some really good desserts. Fried banana. That tastes so good. For me I’m gonna put them in here. Oh my GAWD. Stick it in, mum. Perfect placement, mom. Love it. How does that look? Oh my god… Because I’m doing from backwards. You know here… That’s usually where you do it from. *WHEEZE* Keith from offscreen: Eugene! Strawberry! So we’re gonna have some of the try guys come and defend their favorite fruit. Wow! Please welcome… Potentially, my mother’s favorite other try guy, Keith Habersberger. (I had to look this up) K: Yaaayy!! M: Wow! (Clapping) Oh wowww~ Right in the middle of the family.. I love strawberries because they’re so eatable, nice and sweet… You can have them for breakfast in your cereal or your oatmeal, you can have them in a fruit salad.. You can have strawberry ice cream, you can dip them in chocolate and get romantic. Eatability! (It’s edibility, okay Eugene?) It seems like you just use the little handle and pop it in your mouth. It’s perfect. It’s like a Ring Pop. (Popping noise) So moist, so sweet, so decadent, so perfect. Also, they’re natural teeth whiteners. What!? I’m gonna put my apple here. Better than banana. Yes… But not as good as apple. Okay, that’s good. It’s high, high in the ranking. I- it’s not enough. We need a new theme song. It’s the rank queeeeen~ *yeah* YYYEEAAAAHHHHHHHH (Clapping) Wow! Bravo! Thank you~ You impressed her from your singing! Blueberries are very very popular. So food! lots of antioxidants Plus It’s very good for eyes Did you know mommy was sick with that retina problem i ate blueberry every day, lots of blueberries And it’s a completely cured in one year later I owe something to blueberrry, you know for good vision Just the blueberries healed your eyes. Hmm, not the doctor I think more like blueberries Yes, let’s talk about the eat ability. You just put it in your mouth. Don’t try no peeling No, throw easy flavor is good. You know never sour what else can you use blueberries? We’re ready What about a pie pancake Oh Where do you think it goes? I’m gonna be personally M: First eye is very important for seeing, you know vision. E: It is very important for seeing. Who’s your favorite child? Oh, Eugene don’t ask me that’s not funny raaasssspberryyyy eatability! M: it’s very easy, lots of antioxidants. E: It’s more sweet than a blueberry. yeah. personally, I don’t eat much raspberries, because I’m too much obsessed with blueberries How versatile are they natural wood desert this year with some sponge cake you put a some raspberry Yeah, I can’t put in between banana and oh Yes I’m talking about my personal opinion. I think raspberry should be a little higher. Alright euro. No Not stupid mom shut up tomato Everybody always confusing. This is a fruit or vegetable technically a fruit technically fruit. That’s what I google some yeah So wonder cameto is very good for your body first. You cut it on the bottom and cut half Mmm, I think once you make them more versatile you cook them when you put them in other dishes they become more delicious Yep. Clamato is a better nutritious. So when you’re cooking just having this for a tomato sauce, like it already makes the versatility mhm, so For me above Apple all of that. Okay who doesn’t love pizza? nobody nobody You know what time it is. I don’t know. It’s time to introduce our next special. Try guest Jack Zack Zack Zack. Okay you Teddy come on out here is that you ready? Get right in the middle Oh your hair looks like you just going up I am here to champion the king of fruit pineapple. First of all, aesthetically beautiful of all the fruits It’s the only one that comes with a crown kind of looks Exactly. How easy is it to get into that juicy pineapple? So you just twist? All the best things in life have to be worked for you know, I don’t want a fruit that comes too easy You know for someone who never cooks you pretty good at slicing a pineapple. I know how to do that admittedly The pineapple is probably the most difficult to get into out of all the fruit. We’ve tried so far He got your sweet. You got your sour a little acidity to balance you out where the pineapple let’s eat ability It makes up for in flavor where else can you use pineapples pineapple juice pizza? yep, you could I put My personal opinion, okay. Can you serenade my mother if he impresses you? We might consider, you know, I couldn’t say why yes impress you You know beautiful voice circle actually, yes, really, yes I’m right shut up. Yes, you really think his singing was good not trained, but Eat ability this is a very difficult cut because Insider they have all be born upon a tan in Korea decor or they call beef bone in Korea Yes, Heidi, when you cut here you cannot cut like other stuff for effort and stuff when you cut here being, you know bond Oh, yeah, so we have to cut this way like this I see mmm So good sleeping plushie. Mm-hmm. What other dishes domingo going to sticky rice? Oh Wow, yes Between the pineapple and strawberry ice. Oh, hi mom. Yeah, you love mango. I love mango Coconut coconut coconut Is most difficult to get into yeah, somebody has to prepare for you Oh, be careful No, no, you cannot do bye. I don’t think we can do it So I’ve seen this on some some video okay, right, I’m just because we’re not doing the kitchen I’m just gonna try with my camp. You ready mom. Okay ready? Wow interesting Successfully Today, okay, so we crack the coconut and garage outside very hard to open There’s two parts to the coconut one is the coconut juice and then the coconut flesh. So why don’t we try the juice first? Amazing Hmm usually they make more like coconut oil for cooking. Yes coconut cream for the face Okay, I’m gonna put here because it’s very hard to prepare very bottom of our ranking Wow Wow. Very very harsh I’m right you’re wrong. Shut up Kiwi easy to peel this one. Oh, yeah. It’s very beautiful, you know inside. Yes, and then for flavor Very good. It’s more heart. What else we put you in for dishes It’s not the most versatile some people they love it. But most it’s not very popular. I’m gonna go, you know Kiwi Between here interesting very nice. I’m right. You don’t have to say it every time It is time for our final try guy guest Ned Ned come on out here Ned Oh my goodness, you guys I love watermelon. It’s the best summer fruit on a table Yeah for being a formidable large fruit the way you actually prepared is pretty simple, right You just slice it up, you know watermelon has a 90 percentage water. So it’s good for diet to lose weight good for skin – It’s just so fresh tasting. Mm-hmm stick a vodka bottle in it and make a great alcoholic drink I got watermelon Yeah, I know recently people have been roasting watermelon to look kind of like meat. Oh, you can make watermelon art Yeah, if we had 10 more minutes we can make a fun design here. That’s the beginning of a masterpiece. All right Okay, Red Queen, where will you put it? It’s delicious if I’m gonna have to put she’s going low. Do me like that Apple what? It’s my Watermelon I’m by myself Hey, they’re ranking viewers, I hope you’re enjoying this very special episode with the most beautiful woman in the world my mother We unfortunately lost all of the audio for the next four fruit So instead of cutting those we’re gonna actually have me dub all of the lines Missing from me and my mom she said everything I’m going to say in this dub And if you think that I’m lying then just remember that I’m right. You’re wrong shut up. So please enjoy a YouTube first Eugene does voiceover for him and his mom with a terrible Korean lady impression Canada lope and honey. Do I put these two bones together? Because they are very commonly associated with each other. Yes It’s kind of very similar. So you cut it usually in half here you big difference. This is green inside yeah, honey, do or a Ha ha ha but first with you know, this is oh so cute. Yeah, it’s a something is it beautiful? Hmm. I can’t think of other stuff you put it in some of you know, like ham like prosciutto. Yeah Otherwise they tend to be the for me the stuff in the fruit salad that I don’t really eat I’m gonna put the salon, you know, oh here between here mom Here. Yes. Are you sure? Yes, I’m definitely sure. I don’t feel like your son right now Wow Cantaloupe and honeydew should not be that high. I’m right Yeah You’re wrong avocado Very popular. Yeah, you have to eat one every day. You just open cut it very easily something like that You know, you’re cutting in a very straight. Oh do I you’re cutting it like an apple? Yeah Delicious fatty There’s lots of avocados that you know, these days is very healthy, you know guacamole guacamole ah Mexican Guacamole guacamole. Oh, sorry, it’s okay mola is good. I like welcome out of my way. She’s going hi Wow, so, hi. Picado is so good. Mom. You’re really internet oxidants. Yes, exactly We’re a pair. Yeah, we’re a pair of mom and Simon’s son has very special relations Everybody’s you’re saying I’m your favorite child, whatever Okay, I do admit that you are my favorite child you are so handsome and talented and always been such a good boy not like your stupid sisters and to be your mother is greatest gift for me in the whole entire world Yes, she said that Actually, I’m going use to eating Asian pears crispy Yeah, but you know this pear especially they used a lot for cooking You know, I cut it usually this way like an avocado. Mm-hmm all the same way. I cut it I Love pears, but it use a lot of for pear sauce Yeah, like apple salsa Pears are like the fancier prettier sister of the apple for me Go Think of also, no, no no. No. Yeah. Okay. Asian pear is much better maybe here here I think I should put the Kiwi a little bit up there between the banana and here Is it because you like the health? Yes. Hmm Some people they eat it with the pew some people unpeeled but either way is very delicious Juicy, but also fragrant and of all the fruit I feel the most like South I think he like it’s very hot weather. He recalls a lot of memories peach peach Cobbler you haha. Just stop there peach cobbler Yeah, if you’re southern it’s like peach cobbler After the Kiwi a little lower than the middle spot Mm-hmm lower like your sisters because in comparison to you You are my favorite child forever and ever and now it is on YouTube video of confirming Eugene Liang number one favorite child to his man That was a YouTube first Eugene dubbed his own lines and his mom’s so you know what this is the internet anything goes you lose your audio Just ADR it now back to your regularly scheduled audio Great in his viral video debut my stepdad. Mr. Chau, okay Welcome to the Internet. Thank you. Mr. Cho was the one who really introduced me to appreciating wine and you are only 16 I think 16 21. This is the best thing I find in the world Oh my life, why is way more than the person standing next to you? Oh Yes This is dad. How easy are they to eat very easy easiest It’s interesting because they’re affordable and they turn into something a little more elegant to make a good wine As far as I know those key should be thicker and you need to have a seed inside that can make your good why something? like Raisin many many things. Yeah for grapes. Mm-hmm Red, Queen. Mm-hmm It’s been pretty high up. Oh, yeah almost because of grape and how much because of wine I love grape, but I don’t like wine. I don’t wanna drink wine because I’m getting because she loves to me And I caught it yeah, so let’s yeah eat a bill it is good ready right in half This is a spoon for a baby. Hi, that’s okay. Mm-hmm. Should I use Nets baby spoon? Oh, yeah. There’s a lot of liquid Yeah, not so make it grapefruits a little more sour but the flavor is very distinct Yeah, and I feel like for versatility. It can go into really good cocktails. Mm-hmm between the peachy and Kimmy Really? Hmm next ranking. We’ll see Wow Wow sour oh Oh Okay Nailed it We put lemon lime together because they’re unique Citrus fruit that are associated a little more with their versatility as garnish and as making other food better usually you have to cut it, you know slice like this so Mmm, pretty sour mm-hmm by themselves. The flavor is not Great because they’re so sour, but the way they’re used Versatility puts them really high because you can put this on everything. I like of put between mainland and pineapple. Wow. They’re pretty high Yeah, you sure you want melons there? Yeah Okay, we have a surprise contender. Okay, many people don’t know. This is a fruit First I didn’t like it but this is very very good for your body and your health you can’t eat raw olives cuz you can’t So these aren’t cured so it’s like the regular way you make knowledge delicious amazing Mm-hmm versatility. Mm-hmm It goes in lots of cuisines Mediterranean countries use all of a lot middle-eastern very popular for using or liberal or either Mmm, you know, not not. Oh my god. Yeah, you put oh my god What changes so much what the ranking? Where do you want to put olives considering only way? I know that can you three is forest? mom Wow mom, you’re putting it first. Yeah blueberry saved your eyes. I know but do you think you’re right? I’m right you at all. Shut up Now I regret making that my catchphrase show me Why did I save cherries for last? It’s The cherry. Mm-hmm on what you know the same and a cherry on top I know, you know, yeah. No, I don’t know. Oh, oh, that’s too bad I love it because it’s very easy to eat. It has awesome little stem here. How is it good? Very good Cherries are iconic. You know, I feel like even just the visual of a cherry the way it looks makes me think of art Yeah, it’s good for decoration any kind of food? Oh my god Yay, yeah Charity versatility. Mm-hmm. Cherry pie Cherry cobbler. I’m little for the cherry and plaster fruit sir. Drumroll, please Wow and Great Wow, you put olives as your best fruit. That’s the front all the way down to coconut as your worst mom Yes, I commend you for doing a wonderful job. However. Mm-hmm. This still is my show. Yes, and to close ranks I have to make some final decisions okay with some major changes and some huge upsets Maybe maybe not My most major change is I would like you to take the honeydew and cantaloupe to the very bottom Wow Because it is what you eat around in the fruit salad It is delicious if you can find the right one, but other than that, it really doesn’t do much in a culinary sense. Hmm Mmm, this is tough This is tough. You take the olives underneath the banana But olives should be at the top! Olive oil! Oh olive oil… Above the Apple lemon and lime move them under the banana But they’re primarily, they’re primarily an ingredient. the grapefruit and Kiwi *booo you suck* Kiwi here Tomatoes move above these two tomato has to be higher. I think the raspberries need to go above the kiwi strawberries to the top there’s not a single person who says I don’t want a delicious strawberry end of story switch cherries and grapes the peach and Watermelon below the olives and above the Apple strawberries blueberries. Avocado. Is that crazy? Is that crazy? Kind of feel like strawberries had to be number one. Am I crazy? Yeah, please switch cherries and tomatoes. So tomato is above cherry The rank king has spoken This is the final rank. Okay, mom, we got footage of your rank. I changed most of it ha ha ha. I’m so sorry I know but this is my final ranking Even though we enjoy all of these fruits and none of them are truly bad The best are strawberries the worst cantaloupe and honeydew Sorry blueberries are still high. Yes. Thank you so much for joining us on another episode of rank king Let them know my catchphrase one last time mom. Yeah I’m right, you’re wrong, shut up! So finally I should just ask because you wouldn’t answer before who is your favorite Son? “Eugene” Yeah, I won something I have only one son What’s up Triceratops? Its Black Friday head on over to try guys calm. You can get 20% off on all the merch Oh, man, you can look so hot outro Turn. I’m gonna look at that camera and then say the fruit together. Oh, okay. You ready? Hana, dul, set Okayy Appleee! Okay

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Reader Comments

  1. WaffleKone

    My list:
    #1 Strawberry 🍓
    #2 Apple 🍎
    #3 Watermelon 🍉
    #4 Blueberry
    #5 Banana 🍌
    # 6 Orange 🍊
    #7 Grapes 🍇
    #8 Pear 🍐
    #9 Raspberry
    #10 Pineapple 🍍
    #11 Mango 🥭
    #12 Cherry 🍒
    #13 Kiwi 🥝
    #14 Lemon & Lime 🍋
    #15 Cantaloupe & Honeydew 🍈
    #16 Peach 🍑
    #17 Tomato 🍅
    #18 Avocado 🥑
    #19 Grapefruit
    #20 Coconut 🥥
    #21 Olive

  2. axya

    11:05 I cringed just give that to me..I'll break it into 2 perfect halves yk..its just got to smack it on a sharp edge once..

  3. My dog eats My couch

    I’m very picky I would be so bad at this I hate peaches,mangos, grapefruit, coconut, tomatoes, strawberries, cherries, and blueberries and many many more.

  4. whoareyou ?

    what about blackberry and nectarines (btw if you dont know what nectarines are, they are like peaches except they dont hsve fuzzy skin and are juicier)

  5. Killua Jones

    Who came back to this in 2019 to watch Eugene being sweet to win over his mom.I like how he even asked for permission to drink first.

  6. LordRandal1990

    I don't want a delicious strawberry. Also, melon is great! Also… where are apricots (my fav fruit)? And all the south-east asian goodness (rambutan, dragon fruit, mangosteen, lychee, DURIAN….)?

  7. Paulina Burke

    Eugene… I know 2 people that are severely allergic to Strawberries…. So yes, there are people who say, "I dont want a nice juicy strawberry"

  8. Lola

    my ranking-
    1 mango
    2 orange
    3 strawberry
    4 blueberry
    5 avocado
    6 grapes
    7 raspberry
    8 peach
    9 banana
    10 apple
    11 tomato
    12 watermelon
    13 lemon and lime
    14 olive
    15 kiwi
    16 coconut
    17 pineapple
    18 grapefruit
    19 pear
    20 cherry
    21 cantaloupe and honeydew
    lol that took me a while

  9. Brielle Jennings

    everyone is talking about the try guys while i am paused reading about how BANANA'S the food we EAT are RaDiOaCtIve?! Uh HeH.. wHeT? just ever so slightly though..

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