ENG) 58kg-56.9kg 1일1식 간헐적단식(intermittent fasting/One Meal A Day /OMAD diet/1日 1食)

One Meal A Day Before start OMAD weight INGIGAYO sandwich Feb 8th 2019 2pm quite big than i thougt yum I wonder what it tastes like this one taste the same Two whipped cream chocopies for dessert my dog in a hurry with a disappearing chocopie it’s not yours it was delicious sandwich Avocao Bibimbap Feb 9th2019 2pm I put two fried eggs on top At the bottom of the avocado is rice with soy sauce and sesame oil start eating hard with sweet pickled radish Enjoy to the end Bulgogoi with rice Feb 10th 2pm meat and cabbage pop a yolk Eat with Bulgogi Add rice I,m going to eat with KIM Enjoy last bite Japagetti Feb, 11th 2pm japa + cucumber + egg + rice It’s really good to eat after a long time I also eat shredded cucumber Boiled eggs for seven minutes are the best Beef rice ball & sausage Feb 12th 2pm Made of triangula gimbap frame vienns sausage the shape of octopus puppy wants to appear on youtube adorable eat again Water tastes good when eaten in this combination with WATCHA last sausage fresh as a cucumber Yookgaejang bowl noodles Feb 13th 2pm ncute nom nom A big mouthful of yukgaejang cup noodles tastes good wiht Shin Nohara Mom made KIMCHI Add rice yum put the rice in the soup clear Custard cream bread Feb 14th 2pm I wanted tot try it Let’s try yum it goes well with coffee Endless of custard cream I’ll have one more I want to keep showing this visuals It’s too sweet to keep eating I thought I’d eat three I’m afraid I can’t get three straights AFTER 7days OMAD

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  1. BTS지민지민

    이렇게 하루한끼드심 배안고파여? 글고 화장실가는데 문제는없어요?😂😂 제가 먹는걸줄임 변비가와서~1일1식은꿈도 못꿔요😭😭 영상이참 예쁘네요~♡♡

  2. 티모대위

    보통 2~3시사이에드시네요! 저도 이영상보고 아침저녘굶고 점시2시부터 한끼만먹기로했어요!!!!
    일주일에 1키로 도전!!

  3. 오지치즈

    정말 영양소 골고루 잘 갖추셔서 영양부족 걱정은 없을것같아요! 식단짜는데에 많은 도움이 됐어요~!! 전 간헐적단식할때 탄수화물만 먹어서
    영양부족으로 많이 아팠었답니당ㅠㅜ

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