Eliminate All poisons From Your Body In 48 Hours A Detoxification Diet Plan

Eliminate All poisons From Your Body In 48
Hours A Detoxification Diet Plan Do you lack energy and feel tired? Do you
have dry skin and have dark circles around your eyes that you can not cover? All these signs indicate that your body is
full of toxins. When the organism is in that state, it is
ideal for ducts and viruses. In such conditions, the body desperately needs
a detoxification. In fact, you do not have to feel these signs
to detoxify your body and restore your energy. Eliminate all poisons from your body in 48
hours: a detox plan You can do it this weekend and establish a
menu that will cleanse you of all toxins. The cleansing process that will allow the
detoxification of your body can involve 5 organs: liver, kidneys, lungs, intestines
and lymph. The detoxification plan requires consuming
low-fat foods, potatoes, meat and drinking plenty of fluids. It is preferred to perform twice a year for
a period of 10 days. However, another option is to do a weekend
detox several times a year, if you do not have that much time. You will be surprised by the results. You
will feel the best effects if you use nettles, dandelion and birch tea. In addition, you should practice physical
activities regularly, such as going to the gym, walking, running and swimming. 10 daily detoxifying teas Red clover Red clover is loaded with antioxidants, which
means it will help you to extract toxins from the blood and liver. It is also a wonderful expectorant that helps
cleanse your lungs of toxins and phlegm. Birch Have you ever heard or tasted birch water?
Well, you should know that birch water is a natural diuretic
that stimulates your body’s cleansing systems to eliminate toxins. Nettle Nettle tea is impressive. It is loaded with
healthy nutrients and can provide many health benefits. Burdock Root Did you know that this amazing plant has been
used in traditional medicine as a blood purifier for centuries? Well, yes, and you should also know that this
plant is a potent diuretic, which increases urination and helps eliminate waste. Milk thistle You’ve probably heard about this, right? Milk
Thistle or also known as Silymarin. Milk thistle is a potent herb, and is one
of the most powerful liver detoxifiers known. Dandelion First of all, you should know that this plant
is much more than a weed. Yes, and you will be surprised when we tell
you that you can use this plant to treat muscle aches, loss of appetite, upset stomach, intestinal
gas, gallstones, joint pain, eczema and even bruising. Cayenne pepper First of all, you should know that cayenne
pepper is not just a condiment to add a little heat to your culinary dishes. Coriander Unfortunately, our body is loaded with heavy
metals such as mercury, cadmium and aluminum. These metals, and others, are embedded in
the central nervous system and in the bones. Fenugreek Fenugreek is amazing and has powerful medicinal
properties. Chicory Does the name of Chicory touch any bell? Well,
first of all, you can recognize chicory for its vibrant blue flowers.

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