Eating Paleo with Carb Back-Loading and Carb Nite

Hi everybody. This is Kiefer with
with another quick tip in this holiday season. And this is – How can you use Carb Back-Loading
with Paleo-approved foods? Everybody knows that I am not a fan of the
term ‘Paleo’ because it’s kind of idiotic to think that we ran around in vast fields
of fruit trees and nut trees with tubers popping out of the ground when we were cavemen. But,
the other way or another – the diet itself is actually a good diet and adheres to m*0:00:37*spose
that I promote. So the question is – How can you do Carb Back-loading and Carb Nite
with Paleo-safe foods? Well, I’m going to kind of cheat on this
a little bit because I know all grains are evil in the eyes of Paleo. But to be honest,
rice should be exempted from that mainly because the carbohydrate make-up of rice really isn’t
that far from tubers. And as far as natural carcinogens go, white rice is actually very
clean. So a lot of foods I suggest are white sticky rice – the stickier the rice, the
higher the glycemic effect. White waxy potatoes, red potatoes, new potatoes – the waxier
the potato again, the higher the glycemic index. And there is a lot of cereals out there that
are made without gluten and one of the top picks is Fruity Pebbles. A lot of people seem
to enjoy that. But if you check the foods, any of them based on rice like Rice Krispies,
even there’s Rice Chex… even normal Chex – people tolerate relatively well with the
corn in it. Those foods are great for Back-loading and
Carb-Nite if you restrict it to gluten-free diet or you’re worried about milk… those
things. If you’re worried about milk and you want to eat Rice Krispies, I highly recommend
rice crispy treats because Rice Krispies isn’t really good without milk other than in the
form of a rice crispy treat. Some other food options are overly ripe bananas with spots.
Grapes also have a pretty high glycemic index. So those are the foods that you can kind of
work around for your back-loads. Have a high glycemic load. Avoid crap. And again, this
is if you need to… Like I’m a big fan of cherry turnovers but not everybody can
stomach them very well. And this will help get your insulin levels high. Still help you
get the benefits of Carb Back-loading and Carb Nite without worrying about any adverse
food reactions that you might have. Alright, that’s another tip from

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Reader Comments

  1. DH Kiefer

    How can you use Carb Back-Loading or Carb Nite if you want to use paleo approved foods? Kiefer explains which foods can be used to make both plans effective.

  2. Joshua Kingdon

    How would foods like almond butter and almond milk apply? For example, I enjoy eating a bunch of dried raisins and some dark chocolate mixed in almond butter as a back load dessert. Or if I make gluten free cookies, I'll eat them with almond milk. Would the almond butter/milk have an adverse affect on getting the appropriate insulin spike? Would I need to add some bananas or honey? Or just avoid almonds altogether? Thanks.

  3. DH Kiefer

    There's not adverse effects of the almond butter, but it will tend to decrease the insulin spike, which may or may not hit the threshold necessary to ignite fat cells to release their fat loads. Adding honey and bananas will help.

  4. Joshua Kingdon

    How significant is the effect of the almond butter on the insulin spike? I'm guessing it's hard to quantify super precisely but would you say it decreases the spike by about 25%? 10%? Thanks …love and very much appreciate the thoroughness of ur work.

  5. Jacek Adamczyk

    I thought that You agreed that one time with me, that GI is useless, even for backloading – II (insulin index) is actually thing that would be useful! cheers!

  6. hype8912

    I use a couple spoonfuls of fresh almond butter for snacks though out the day. I like using grapes at the end of the night but that depends on the cost at the store. Usually on the weekend, I make me some sweet treats for the week like this week I've got cheery cheese cake and banana pudding ready for my back loading. Also if you don't have anything around, you can always go for a protein shake with some dextrose. I like making banana almond bread with honey also for a treat.

  7. Craggydon1980

    I recently went paleo within the last couple of weeks and have been eating a lot of sweet potatoes so this really give me some great other options.

  8. Shamira Kavindra

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  9. Paul O'Michael

    I was listening until I heard fruity pebbles. THE FUCK OUTTA HERE guy. "Avoid crap" is what he says a minute later lol.

  10. FutureLaugh

    the topic is paleo and you're going to blow over it by telling him to eat rice crispy treats and promote good health by eating fruity fuckin pebbles? Sugar, rice and transfat with a concoction of dyes dipped in milk is really paleo- thanks for wasting my time. The only way this "carb excuse" diet works is because you starve yourself most of the day.

  11. Robbie Bennett

    Any rice crispies I've seen have the ingredient "barley malt extract" anyone care to fill me in? As far as I know you can get rice crispies without this Ingredient. So doesn't that mean rice crispies have gluten

  12. Abinash Singh

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  13. andrej13mkMG

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  14. Sunil T Prannandu

    If you desire to burn calories quickly, you should search google for "Xvelte Slimming Formula". You are bound to get the body you deserve.

  15. Golf Pro

    Mr Kiefer, I really enjoy your presentations and videos. Seeing this video, it reminds of what I have read a few times, in that some dopers(not diabetic ones), take insulin jabs after a workout, and keep eating mega loads of white rice to avoid death. I do prefer the method you advise.

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