Eating Paleo at an Amusement Park

Eating Paleo at an Amusement Park
“Today we are at Elitch Gardens here in Denver, Colorado which is an amusement park
nearby and I’m going to answer the questions. “What do you eat at an amusement park when
you’re on paleo?” *Theme Music*
*Riders screaming and music* “So actually eating paleo at an amusement
park is kind of hard. You could get some salads, some places have
those, but they’re not usually very filling. You could get a burger, or a hotdog without
a bun, and usually the french fries are coated in wheat flour so that’s probably out, and
there’s just not a ton of options. So we usually actually bring our own food
with us, today I’m eating a tuna salad that I made at home and put in one of my handy
thermoses so it stays cool, I put it in the freezer before we left so it stays cool, and
I have an ice pack in my cooler as well. And then I have some Simple Mills almond flour
crackers and milk almond flour cookies and some almond milk to go with that as well,
not all completely paleo but it’s mostly and it’s better than most of the options
here.” *Screaming*
“Now getting into the amusement park is a little bit harder because a lot of times
they will not allow you to bring in outside food, but if you have a food allergy they
typically do let you. My recommendation is to go ahead and ask beforehand,
maybe either email or call the amusement park if you can and find out what their regulations
are, and I just usually tell the person, the security person searching that we have a food
allergy and they have no problem with it whatsoever.” *Screaming and music*
“Now we’re stopped to have a snack. What do you have for snacks when you’re
eating- *laughter*. This is a trail mix I made, it’s macadamia
nuts, sometimes some coconut, dried blueberries, and Enjoy Life chocolate chips. I always bring a nice variety of stuff because
you never know what you’re gonna want, so I usually have several larabars flavors for
me. I’m trying out these new Primal Kitchen
coconut cashew bars to see how they are, and Enjoy Life actually has this new not nuts!
seed and fruit mix, which also has some chocolate chips in there too, dairy free, so I bring
these, especially when going with my son you never know what you’re going to want, so
it’s good to just have variety.” *Music*

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