Eat Insects and Testicles at the World’s First Paleo Restaurant

Lamb testicles are very
tasty, very tasty. They say your sperm
tastes of what you eat. I don’t know if this
is true in this case. These taste like a mix
between chicken and fish. I’m Boris, founder of
the Sauvage restaurant, the world’s first
Paleo restaurant. Today, I’ll be cooking
a unique 3-course meal. Using my favorite
Paleo ingredients. Lamb testicles, live
insects, and bone marrow. I’ve also invited some
friends over to taste the food. I’m excited to see
whether they’ll go through with it or not. The Paleo diet
is based on the hunter-gatherer
way of eating. It’s how humans used to
eat 10,000 years ago. This means a number of
products are forbidden. Grain products, dairy products, vegetable
oils, as well as all industrially produced
foods. They all don’t belong
in a Paleo diet. I’ll be cooking
three dishes today. First: roasted bone
marrow with sesame seed, sunflower seed and
mealworm crackers. Second: lamb testicles
on parsnip and celeriac. With larger mealworms. And third: a raw
biscuit with dates and figs with fermented
coconut yogurt. Here we have
the mealworms. These are large
mealworms, alive. Food of the future. Rich in protein,
full of healthy fats. I’ve got some dried
ones here as well. Smaller ones. They taste
like hazelnuts. Which is fitting for
desserts. Paleo is all about
nose-to-tail. Using every part
of the animal. So eating insects
just makes sense. There’s nothing
more nose-to-tail, than eating insects. Furthermore, insects
have a very interesting nutritional profile. And they require
far less water and energy to breed,
compared to cattle. Here we have a cow bone. These are dates, figs. Cocoa beans. And bee pollen. Coconut milk is a very
nice milk alternative. It burns body fat faster. We fermented it and
turned it into yogurt. Which amplifies
the coconut’s nutritional qualities. Fruit and vegetables. Parsnip, cauliflower and
celeriac. And, at last, we also
have the lamb testicles. It might look
a bit strange, but it tastes good. Right, let’s head
to the kitchen. We need to finely
grate the cauliflower. So we can use it raw in
the salad with thinly chopped shallots and
chopped parsley. A little lime juice. And garlic. And very mild olive oil. Salt and pepper. And the salad is done. In a bit, we’ll put the
bone marrow in the oven. As a side, we’ll not
only serve the salad, but also crackers. These are made from
sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and
the dried mealworms. For this you
need a mortar. Once you’ve mixed
everything, you just add
one eggwhite. You roll it
into shape and bake it into the oven,
at a low temperature. Now I’ll prepare
the lamb testicles. That’s always
a bit tricky. You need to make
a small cut. And then, you just press. This is the first
layer of skin. There’s a second layer. This one is more
difficult to remove. I feel like the bigger
ones are easier. So, this is it. Very, very tender meat. Now, you just portion it. We’ll use the size of
a scallop for reference. The reason why
the testicle meat doesn’t taste like sperm is
because the sperm is only produced here. One of the advantages of
the Paleo diet is that your sex drive
is improved. Your libido. You start to feel better,
look better and you have more energy. Of course, your sex appeal is
going to improve. Right, so now we’re
roasting the lamb testicles. You just toss them
in the pan for a couple of minutes. And then, they’re ready. Here we have
the large mealworms. It’s important that you
remove the dead ones. Because you don’t know
what they died of. What’s interesting about
these mealworms: you can feed them herbs or
apples, and they take on that flavor. Before you start
cooking with them, it’s important that you don’t
feed them for three days. That way the intestinal
tract is emptied naturally. After rinsing them, you dip them into
boiling water. Just briefly,
for two minutes. Then, transfer
them to a hot pan. Toss them for one minute
and they’re done. For us, eating insects
might be a bit unusual. But for
a majority of people, this is what’s on
the daily menu. As a main dish,
we have the parsnip with celeriac, the lamb
testicles, a lime and shallots relish and
a few of our mealworms. The third course will
be a raw biscuit, made from dried fruits, cocoa
beans and hazelnuts. And a few dried
mealworms. I’ll chop all
of this up now. Then, we need to
mix everything. Finally, toss it in
a pan for a moment. One serving. Make sure it’s firm. Coconut milk yogurt. And lastly,
the bee pollen. So, here are two good
friends of mine. This is Rodrigo,
co-founder of the Sauvage and head-chef at
the Sauvage in Neukolln. And Alex cooks at
the Sauvage in Prenzlauer Berg. Dig in. Mm. Here you have
lamb oysters. Well, this is actually
the first time I’ve tried worms and-. He once said to me he
would never eat an insect in his life. Mm!
I’ve been there, and now I’m, I’m converted. They’re really
delicious and they have, they have
a really nice texture. They’re very,
just like, and the flavor is
just like nuts? Yeah, it’s exactly
like nuts. Like nuts. It’s, it’s nuts.

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Reader Comments

  1. Lars Galling

    "This means a number of products are forbidden…grain products, dairy products, vegetable oils…"  -pours olive oil on the cauliflower. Gotcha.

  2. Chase Brown

    What a unique & wonderful idea, the Paleo-diet. This is the first diet I can say I'm inspired by. Using everything from "nose-to-tail" shows respect for, & connects us with nature & the animal being consumed. The Paleo-diet adds another aspect, connecting us also with our distant past, while giving our bodies easier foods to digest that they crave.

  3. S J

    i love that he was just talking about how meal worms are more environmentally friendly to produce than cattle, then he shows the cow bone 

  4. TheToneist

    I'm not sure about the increased libido and the other effects he states you gain from eating this food, however it doesn't look that bad…

  5. zak blondell

    This gag food shit is so unnecessary, brains, dick, fucking balls and shit. Its all lazy "look at me" food. The fact is, it doesn't taste any better than regular meats.

  6. roomforthefiiixins

    The subscribers here are seriously impossible to please. I think Munchies releases some pretty interesting and unique content but because the videos are different from what they're accustomed to seeing, automatic thumbs down. 

  7. batman113100

    I think this was super interesting. I have less interest in trying the paleo diet than before but none the less I think this was really interesting to watch. Also there really was something painful about watch the way he handled the lamb testicles, made me hold myself.

  8. CT H

    yeah coz they got redwine in the stoneage. paleo is just a faddiet. its not posible to sustian a human poulation of 6,5billion on a paleo diet. anyways i need my carbs. so fk this fad

  9. . JMPRon10

    I had my reservations about the paleo diet..this confirmed to me how right I was. What the actual fuck is the point of any of this…Its pretty simple – eat plenty fruit and veg, lots of chicken & fish and the occasional steak…throw in some rice, potatoes, wholegrain breads / pasta and you're good. And if you feel like it, have some dessert and a couple of drinks. 

  10. cree wolf

    just watched a video on growing meal worms and boom, someones eating them. rich, cheap ,sustainable way for protien, and u also know what they eat, cause u feed them. when times get 30s ish i bet this could be a good thing to know.. 

  11. 100newkid

    What does cooking and being a creative chef have to do with being gay and turning the Paleo diet even gayer?? Bigots need to shut the fuck up. I'm pretty sure half of you folks who are commenting about "fuck the paleo diet this and that" can't even cook let alone appreciate the art of food and cooking so yes go eat your burgers and fries and get your grow your fat ass, this type of food is much to good for your sorry ass taste buds. 

  12. Player1

    "world's first" is in anything is quite a claim. You have visited every places on this planet? You have time traveled through history of humanity and documented every instances/existence/places? Your first encounter with something does not make it the "world's first." Unless you have a blownup ego and think you are the center of the universe.

  13. Tyndle

    I found this document interesting, but I think the cook showed only the "craziest side" of the paleo diet, I think it would've been nice if he at least promptly introduced the other dishes he had in his restaurant… I'm almost paleo because my stomach doesn't handle grain very well, but I still eat lactose free milk products, rice, potato and fruit. But you don't see me eating testicles and insects, just plain old self cooked meat dishes with vegetables.

  14. Plasticine Sky

    As much as I want to be open minded about this, I still just end up feeling repulsed. And it's not even really the meal worms, it's the testicles. I get eating bugs, but must we eat the poor lambs ballsack? I think he suffered enough… even in death we emasculate.

  15. DrFeelgood0496

    "Insect" is not a vague term for any small animal that might freak you out. It's just as specific a species as bird or mammal. There wasn't a single Insect in this video.

  16. Beat Buser

    i really dont like some of the dishes he does. like the worms. but that guy nows what hes doing.. paleo sounds healthy and i guess you could just use "normal meat" instead of worms and balls haha

  17. Mr.E

    I was going to leave a huge rant about paleo, but instead I'll leave this link – – which is the tip of the iceberg, but should suffice for those of you whose "critical thinking" sense is tingling. TL;DR paleo is a fucking dumb fad diet based on pseudoscience and a fantasy history of the "hunter-gatherer". IMO Atkins realized that if they threw some greens and veggies in with the meat, people wouldn't get sick, and paleo was born. 

  18. Grimmwood21

    He said no plant oils are used. He used olive oil for the salad, Cheater!! Looks good though, I`d try everything, even the testicles.

  19. Tristan Smith

    Another holier-than-thou hipster trying to convince people that everything has been a lie in the human race for thousands of years. Let's emulate a diet of necessity from a time when the average life-span was probably around 30. While we're at it, let's stop going to hospitals and revert back to the technology of that time too. We should build a time machine and send these people back 10,000 years so they can be eaten by saber-tooth tigers.

  20. Michael J. Foster

    Why do people share such harsh opinions? This guy is doing what he loves and probably making decent money. Most of all he look very healthy. So, to all of you complaining like uneducated 10 years old children, go eat your crappy burgers. No one cares what you think.

  21. punkybrewstar83

    Omg- when he cuts and squeezes those balls- squirm- no wonder there seems to be a bunch of dudes with critical comments on here. If we all start chowing back on donkey vag in the future… I might skip that prep video anyway.

  22. Benjamin Hall

    Just so people know Paleo is not just a fad diet for losing weight, it excludes many foods that cause digestive problems (grains,legumes, and dairy) and so is great for people who suffer from such things.
    We started feeding everyone grain and legumes (beans, peas etc) because these things are easy to grow and cheap not because they are necessarily good for us. Dairy is fine in my book but I just can't eat it or I suffer the consequences…
    The name Paleo is kind of dumb because its not accurate but that is just what people have come to talk about it as, call it something else if it bothers you so much, like an "Anti Irritant" diet or whatever

  23. Muntasir Rahman

    If you had access to cows and sheep (he uses cow marrow and sheep testicle), then wouldn't you also have access to cow or sheep milk? Or is this about people's lactose intolerance way back then? Some of the food they use is confusing.

  24. rdizzy1

    I think paleo diets are bullshit just as much as any other normal person, but for the people saying he's using vegetable oil after saying not to use them, olives are a fruit, not a vegetable.

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