Easy Wonton Soup with Gluten-Free Wontons!

– Love wonton soup? Me too! In today’s video, I’m going to show you how to
make a gluten-free wonton soup. With juicy shrimp and a chicken, and you can make it even keto-friendly. So what makes my wonton soup special? Well, the first challenge is finding gluten-free wonton wrappers. Sure, you can make them
at home from scratch, but who has time for that. (camera beeping) Why do you have to make
my life so difficult? (imitating crying) There must be something I
can use from the stores. Coconut wrappers? Smell good, but too stiff. Nori sheets? (laughing) I’m totally wrong. I’ve gone crazy. Oh! What about rice wrappers? But how do I make them work? To make the wonton fillings, first blend the shrimp
in a food processor. Until they become a sticky paste. Combine the shrimp with
the ground chicken, scallions, chives, grated ginger, and season with coconut aminos, that’s wheat-free soy sauce substitute, toasted sesame oil, coarse salt, and olive oil. Stir in one direction until
it becomes a sticky paste, about three minutes. Set it aside in the fridge while we work on other ingredients. Guys, remember we are making a soup here, so we need a soup stock. To keep it simple, you can use homemade chicken
stock or store bought. Thin with some water, add scallions, and ginger slices. Bring the soup to simmer
over medium-low heat. Just remember to discard
the ginger and scallions before adding the wontons. Now you follow a traditional method, but use rice wrappers. Cut the nine-inch rice paper in half. I first need to make
the rice paper softer. We will take the filling, wrap it up, and add to the hot soup, but the problem is, the rice paper melts and
turns into a gloopy mess. Oh, that’s totally not going to work. After a few failed attempts, the workaround is gonna
be totally unconventional. So here’s the workaround. In order to make the
wontons with rice paper, we first need to make wonton meatballs. Cook the wonton meatball fillings first, so they won’t be raw and
we can maintain a shape. Once they’re cooked, fish them out and set aside to cool. Take half-piece from a
nine-inch rice paper, place a meatball in the center, and pinch and make the folds. Since the rice paper are much
more delicate and slippery, so don’t be too worried if they
don’t look in uniform shape. Trim a extra tip ends so
they won’t be too doughy. – Wow! (clapping) – Take a bite. Mm! Mm! It’s so flavorful and umami rich. So delicious! It’s lighter and less doughy. I actually like this
non-traditional version a lot. It will definitely
satisfy your wonton jones. If you’re on keto, skip the wrappers and just
make wonton meatballs. All right, I had a lot of fun
sharing an unconventional way making easy gluten-free wonton soup. I hope you enjoy this video. My name is ChihYu Smith
from I Heart Umami, if you love paleo har gow or keto dim sum shumai, you can find more of my
dumpling recipes here. I will see you in the next video.

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  1. Ramya Padmanabhan

    Oops just saw this now Yum looks delicious i am making this soon can use beyond meat sausage to make them vegetarian as i dont eat meat or fish at home this is perfect for my office lunches tell zoe and cody i love them sooooooooooooooo much and i say hi to them love dogs tell zoe and cody they are my friends drooling over my samsung galaxy j4 love your recipes making me hungry Thanks Ramya

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