hello everyone welcome back to my
channel thank you so much for watching it’s your girl diva makeup queen and if
you haven’t already don’t forget to subscribe and also click that little
bell button so that you’ll be notified of future videos. Today we’re talking
about a really really quick fast and super healthy smoothie for breakfast, one
that is very nutritious and also if you’re in a hurry going back to school
going to work you want to blend something and boom boom boom make it
happen. This is the recipe for you and also this is vega, paleo and super
nutritious as I mentioned. This recipe is also really great for weight loss
because it keeps you full all day. It has great amount of protein so without
further ado let’s get started alright here are the ingredients. First
you need some honey and some mango you can use frozen ones or fresh ones almond
butter you can get this pretty cheap at Trader Joe’s and almond milk and a
banana if you like it thicker and chia seeds if you like some protein. Alright
first we’re gonna throw in the fruits you can also add peach as you like and
then a banana to thicken it and some chia seeds that this is optional though
you don’t have to but I like it because it’s good for you and a creamy almond
butter which is so tasty and it gives it this natural sweet taste and then of
course almond milk now I put a little bit too much so it depends on how thick
you want it to be so you know just adjust accordingly I’ll put all the
ingredients and how much down below and then a little bit of honey so that it
will be even sweeter and throw in some ice if you want it cold and nice okay
then just blend away I love this part when you see everything bunched together
and you know it’s nutritious it’s healthy and it’s delicious and it will
keep you full and hence it’s going to make you not overeat that’s when you
know that you got a winner right here and it’s fast you just throw it on and
here it is it’s finished quick morning breakfast keep you full
and prevent you from overeating. So if you like this kind of vide, please let me know and also
let me know what other videos you want to see thank you so much for watching
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from all of you or right down below okay so I’ll see you next time bye

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  1. Justina M

    this belongs to food porn, where is a warning? Also never heard of chia seeds, gonna have hard time finding these but im interested ,for sure

  2. deanne goodfellow

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