Easy Paleo Lunch – Pinwheel Wraps

today we’re making an easy paleo lunch
for the summer Welcome to The Paleo Kids! these pinwheels are a great summer
snack or lunch you can take it at home or the pool or the park we have
a lot of great ingredients so we have pepperoni salad and Kite Hill cream
cheese which is made from nuts and it’s totally dairy free and we have black
olives and Siete tortillas these tortillas are Paleo they’re made out of the cassava
flour. Put them together! So first…you take one Siete tortilla and then you can take some Kite Hill cream cheese and spread it on your tortilla you can get these at
the freezer in your grocery story then you can take some pepperoni and
spread it take some lettuce or whatever type of
greens you want to put on it ours is spinach and arugula then roll it up and then take a knife really pretty pinwheel I think
there’s lots of other things that you can put in them ham, bacon, roast beef
or turkey or chicken, salami…you could do smoked salmon or hummus leave a comment
below and tell us what you put in your pinwheel

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