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hey everyone and welcome back to my
channel I just went grocery shopping this morning and I picked up some things
I just got back from a trip this weekend and I’m gonna do a quick meal prep for
the week show you guys what I like to prep have on hand and how to make some
easy quick meal ideas so a couple days this week I’m gonna show you how we use
everything I prep to make some delicious healthy meal ideas if you haven’t yet
make sure to subscribe and let’s go ahead and get into it so this is an
overview of everything I’ve got zucchini lemon some frozen green beans
which if you didn’t know frozen food is actually frozen at its freshest point
with the peak nutrition so through scared of frozen don’t be I picked up
some I’ll coconut milk for chia pudding arugula broccoli limescale avocado
almond milk I’m some organic chicken and then some fresh ground nut butter I
thought it would be fun for you guys to join me in my kitchen as I prep and we
can kind of just talk through things and have a little chitchat so I got some
organic chicken and I’m just going to be putting that in some parchment paper and
we’re gonna season that and bake it off I find that that’s pretty much the
easiest way to do it this will probably last me all week and it’s a to larger
pieces so my new favorite thing is to use the Trader Joe’s everything bagel
spice put that on the chicken and it tastes so good oh my gosh it’s got
garlic onion poppy seeds in a little bit of salt throw that on and then we’re
just going to bake this in the oven all right next up frozen and green beans
you guys know that I mentioned that frozen can be just as healthy as your
fresh ones because they’re actually frozen at their peak ripeness where they
have their peak nutrition and they can also be cheaper fun fact is they’re
actually partly blanched if you just take the green beans out I’ve been
literally just going to drive them off a bit and let them defrost and then
they’re gonna be perfect for a cold green bean salad the thing is if you
sometimes when you cook frozen veggies you’ll find that they get
a little too mushy that’s why I just like to defrost it and then they’re
ready to go I’m just going to chop off the heads and we’re gonna get them ready
to steam actually maybe all of roast sometimes I just like steamed them
sometimes I roast it kind of just depends on my mood I like to make them
into little smaller pieces so that you’re not just you know cutting it
biting a big piece of broccoli and then you broccoli your teeth to become as
that happens to me more often than not so I’ve just learned to cut it into
smaller pieces alright so those are done because I also have a zucchini so if I
roasted zucchini that’ll make it easier so I just cut the zucchini in two slices
and as you guys can see I am big on green vegetables I wanted to do
cauliflower s but they are completely sold out of both frozen and fresh
cauliflower and I didn’t feel like going at to another grocery store so we’re
gonna do this instead everything onto the baking sheets for my zucchini and my
broccoli try to make sure those zucchinis and stuck together otherwise
they won’t evenly fizzling it with a little bit of
avocado oil because it has a higher smoke point and then oh right I’m gonna
use this new seasoning I got at Trader Joe’s
it’s the mushroom mommy but you can use whatever seasoning you have or that you
like I’m really this is just multi-purpose it’s just a savory taste
so no we’re gonna see I like mushrooms mushrooms give things I’m nice meaty
flavor normally so sprinkled on in the oven it goes with that chicken next
we’re gonna make my super simple chia pudding you guys probably see me make
this a million times but I love sharing it because it’s honestly what I eat for
clinic every week for breakfast spilling it’s delicious it’s affordable and easy
to make so you need one of coconut milk vanilla extract and five
tablespoons of chia seeds that’s it the coca the collagen is optional I like to
add it but again that’s optional adds protein and amino acids and things like
that if you don’t the collagen don’t worry you just need full pack coconut
milk chia seeds and then a little bit of vanilla so I love when you guys tag me
on Instagram that you tried making it with full fat coconut milk and now you
can’t make it any other way because it’s honestly so much more delicious like a
teaspoon of vanilla don’t worry if you do a little more a little less so I’ll
do like if I do the collagen I’ll do like three scoops so that’s like one
scoop per pudding so this pudding will make three puddings very now we have our
chia seeds and I buy these in bulk one two three four and five and I’ll just
let this thicken while we finish the rest of our prep and then I will
transfer it into my individual mason jars so I also like to do some greens I
bought some dinosaur kale and some arugula I really like bok choy but for
some reason if they were out at baby bok choy so I’m just gonna lightly steam
this I would say like blanch it almost in a pan just with some oil and then
some garlic that really helps the kale and not be bitter so if you find kale is
too bitter for you that might be a good alternative and then arugula is just
really good for you it’s got a slight peppery taste but I really like it
my kale is washed because I feel like I’m gonna get that question and you just
roughly chop it into large pieces I’m gonna add the kale to the pan
Missy’s to cook for a few minutes before everything else and don’t worry if it’s
overflowing like this because kale just wilts down then I just take some avocado
oil I either do first garlic or garlic powder just a little bit and this will
all your start tossing it and it’ll cook together so just sprinkle it on the top
it makes it easy and we’re just going to medium boil them
so I’m gonna do four I’ll set for out and the secret is you want these to be
close to room temperature when you put them in so that they don’t like break so
then I basically turn this one off and I’m gonna add in just probably half this
bag of arugula and keep the rest for a fresh salad just because everybody
doesn’t need that much time to vote then I just keep it in the container to
use so I thought it would make some quick
energy bites I have some cinnamon vanilla almond butter that I made my
video on some hemp seed and some flax seeds and Blizzard’s gonna mix them
together and make little balls then take a spoonful into your hand and then
you’re just gonna roll it so I have my energy bytes now in my stash bag I like
this because it’s a silicone one I’ll keep them in the fridge and then just
pop one whenever I want or I can bring it as a snack to clinic two I also
always chill my eggs after their cooking so I cook them for seven minutes at low
and then I’m gonna put them in cold water and it’s gonna help the shell come
off when they’re done so with the chia pudding I’ve been really enjoying the KZ
clean eating breakfast cereal this is the chocolate and strawberry one its
keto vegan paleo gluten free no sugar added so I’ll have some of this I’ll
bring it separately then the chia pudding and then put it on top of the
chia pudding once I get to clinic and it’s really delicious
low net carbs full of great healthy fats and it’s super tasty so I’ll either do
this one or purely Elizabeth so I have my three jars and I’m just going to
distribute the chia pudding it’s not fully set yet but it’s gelled enough
that it’s going to gel evenly which is important to the chia pudding so I
cooked the chicken for about 30 minutes and then I’m just going to put in my
container and I’ll have it for the week and you can add this to just about
anything and then after about 25 minutes um the broccoli and the zucchini batons
I put this in five minutes later while I prep this and then I put them in and
they were done around the same time so one of the meals I had I took the eggs
the greens I added some avocado and then the green beans and you have a complete
meal I also added the granola to some chia
pudding and I had this for breakfast three days this week I took the chicken
and I made tacos with some queso sauce that I bought super easy kind of light
meal or snack you can also do the same and just have it with the broccoli em at
the zucchini as well so hope you guys enjoyed this video and got some at meal
prep and meal idea inspiration let me know down below what you guys
want me to film it next and I will see you guys in my next video bye guys

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  1. Insiya

    Liv around 2:23–2:24 the glass which is shown, is the straw made of glass too? And the wooden type of saucer is made of bamboo? Just curious. Please let me know

  2. Peace out, Shadia!

    Hi, I recently bought few samples at Whole Foods of Brain Octane oil and collagen protein powder. Which brands do you recommend? Can you link the brand of your granola. Thank you

  3. Gabrielle

    I really do have some request for to make weight lost healthier version for during the cold weather chili, soups.

    And also I have used to weight 245, and I am down to 201 so can you see now of how much that you inspired me to be healthy, and it’s thanks to you friend.

  4. Naima Irfan

    I need a suggestion.i got surgery to get two plates placed in my arm.its been almost 14 days.what nutrient do you recommend i eat in bulk. I got my stitches removed tomorrow. Doctor asked for three more week of bandage. Wish I was this healthy in my eating but I am not.

  5. Siux Sie

    Love your channel. You've got lots of ideas and they're awesome. I'm into paleo and you make it easier. I also practice my English with you πŸ‘ŒπŸ€—πŸ’œπŸ–€πŸ‘

  6. Melissa Rivera

    I just made some energy bites! I am in a dorm room with no fridge for a month while I transition in life and I am SO grateful for inspirational videos that remind me that I can still do some simple things with my limited resources! Thanks for the tips Liv!


    You’re fabulous great video. Hopefully next time you do your grocery shopping you can film your shopping trip in store that would be awesome to see how you do your shopping

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