Easy Low-Carb Flatbread Recipe That’s Keto Friendly

catch it hey I caught it what up guys
and welcome back to the fit min cook kitchen but today’s videos gonna be a
little bit of fun because I thought I would bring you all into the kitchen to
show you all my vantage points so today we are gonna make a three ingredient
low-carb flatbread but I love about this recipe besides the fact that it’s nearly
filled proof is that it’s really easy to jazz up so if you want something sweet
one day and when it’s savory the next thing you could do just that here are
our three main ingredients superfine almond flour if you have a nut
allergy then you can substitute in stuff some coconut flour it’s gonna slightly
change the texture of it but the end result should be okay some arrowroot
starch or not I cook a lot with this stuff because I love it it’s a great
thickener but it’s also good in baking recipes it helps to really bind it
together and then I’ve got some full fat coconut milk I know a lot of people by
the the carton coconut milk for this recipe we need full fat all right guys
let’s get started first thing I’m gonna do is we’re gonna add in our dry
ingredients even though this is superfine almond meal you still want to
thin it out so that way there are no clumps so I can just do a quick stir and
then you’re gonna take about a cup of your coconut now slowly pour that in and
mix everything together I t’s a spatula because sometimes it clumps up at the
very bottom now this is gonna be the about the consistency of a pancake
batter so it’s gonna be somewhat thick kind of like a muffin or cake batter a
lot of people like to add some flavor into their bread at this point I like to
have a lot of options whenever I’m doing something I may not want something
savory every single day flat bread just needs to be basic and I just a pinch of
salt you’ll have my salt Bay down yet guys can I make it
this is like insanely awkward why is this an internet phenomenon but he does
it very well and he’s got restaurants now he’s doing something right so I need
to step up myself a game so we’re gonna set our he lit a nonstick skillet on
medium heat and the key thing about this recipe is just patience so I like to
cook mine one at a time so you’re gonna have several of these but each one we’re
gonna cook individually and give it that really nice DLC oh go chasing waterfalls to the rivers and the lakes that you use
to say it was I remember it takes a lotta heat up kind of like Kevin’s jokes
they take a little while to heat up that’s I have good jokes so we don’t
necessarily have to spray this with oil but I am anyway and I’m doing that too
because I wanted to toast the other part of the flatbread a little bit a little
bit under 1/3 cup I’m just gonna pour this right into just gonna play the
waiting game so this is just about ready as you can see that yeah the outer part
of it here is change the color but the center part is still kind of doughy so
that shows me that it’s pretty ready to be flipped live it over just like that
gonna cook this for a little bit longer so that way we get some in color that’s
why I like to spray mine but we don’t want to
at all if needed just in this case you can crank up the heat a little bit but
you don’t want to go too high again you want to keep the temperature and medium
here’s our flatbread nice and golden and it’s still really soft maybe parts of
the middle are still uncooked so we’re gonna put it into this cooling rack
because it’s gonna continue to cook here all over again
catch it hey I cut it it’s just an optional step but I like to just add a
bit more flavor just a little bit by brushing them up a little bit at this
vegan buttery spread so you get about maybe a teaspoon each and just that easy
guys we’ve got some delicious flatbread look at it’s nice it’s soft it’s not
super fragrant to me it smells a little bit like like peanut butter to break it
open I hope that you all enjoyed this video
it’s very simple I want you all to comment below what’s your favorite
topping would be for this amazing flatbread these are meal capable as well
so you can keep these in a sealable bag in the fridge they should last you for
about a good week to get the full rundown and deets on this recipe
remember to go to fit men cook con guys I want y’all to smash that like button
below and also tell me what your favorite topping would be for this
amazing delicious flatbread I know you’re gonna love it
thank y’all for watching until next time I want you to keep it healthy but of
course what never ever boring boom

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Reader Comments

  1. Umar Nabi

    Interesting, I wonder how this works as a substitute for wraps and things like that. Maybe an Indian style chicken kebab, a little bit of Greek yogurt sauce and some spicy chutney!

  2. youaintneverlied

    Good, I'm tired of all the eggy types of bread substitutes!
    Ooops… followed the link…. do you mean 13g carbs per piece???? That's too much

  3. dennis didomenico

    what is the amount of almond flour and air root starch you only say a cup of the coconut milk Also what are the marcos ?

  4. Vasto Lorde

    Wow man!

    I remember tuning into your videos like a year ago and I gotta say I'm really impressed!
    Your video quality, recipe quality and editing has gone through the roof! Keep it up!

  5. Ray Vega

    Mymy looks Devine and don’t forget keto is giving the Bacon and Butter Ketogenic recipe book for FREE…. https://tinyurl.com/ya85kz6g , it has super delicious and easy to make recipes. Get while it last @ https://tinyurl.com/ya85kz6g

    After get get your free book, share with your friends and family that love keto 😍

  6. ymb6987

    I love sweet – I could see fresh strawberries and non-dairy yogurt topped with agave nectar. Either way, this is a great companion for meal prep!

  7. Jonathan Huggins

    Kev, I love your vids as always. You need to grab a lapel mic and check your levels. I think you will notice a huge difference in the quality of your videos if you get your audio quality matching your great video quality

  8. michael a

    I have a question about your app. On there what constitutes a serving size when it comes to each recipe and how do we figure that out

  9. Willie G

    Alright brother, finally getting to these this week. Making them with our perFIcT seasonings HERB blend on Tuesday, with some chicken kabobs, for a going away dinner for one of my college athletes who is headed to USF to run track.

  10. Y&S FOOD!

    Stunning online video! Up here at Y&S FOOD! we love to catch this sort of contents. We produce Travel & Food shows too, all over the world, and also we are constantly hoping to find inspirations and techniques. Thank You.

  11. Holly Owens

    I had been told how carbs were correlated to weight gain and also generally to keep away from carbs, in spite of this had actually never thought as using them to slim down. The fundamental idea behind the 4 cycle weight-loss solution is to actively train your body to reduce fat for energy in comparison to carbohydrate. It’s built around scientific inquiry into the very high carb diets of the Japanese together with their excellent long lifespan expectancy. The evidence validate the fact that it’s their high carb-cycling dieting method that helps to keep on being healthy into old age with a reasonable body mass index (reduced incidence of excess weight).Read much more here https://tinyurl.com/ybrell6b

  12. Seema Paul Beondy

    Can you write this ingredients on your YouTube because you talk very fast I can't understand and show your ingredients clean.
    Thank you
    God bless you

  13. MsTexas G

    I love the idea of this but at 13 – 10 grams of carbs per wrap that’s almost my day’s allotment 😕

    It does look good though. Maybe I will try it on a day where I eat just one meal 😊


    The arrowroot powder/flour is over 90g of carbs per cup. Based on the ingredients carb macros it’s high carbs. Can you make a version of this that’s total low carb.

  15. melissa thompson

    For anyone wanting to lower the carbs, oat fiber by itself doesn't work, so add an egg equivalent; if you're vegan you already know about flax and chia "egg," and if you're keto you know about xanthan gum. Oat fiber does make your bread nice and fluffy, but it's probably better with baking powder as more of a pancake.
    Alternatively, you can use the arrowroot at the recommended proportion of 1 part arrowroot to 4 parts almond (or other) flour.

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