Easy Japanese Pickled Vegetables (How to Recipe)

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  1. Watermelon Pocky

    @Tabieats You gits make the cutest couple ever, it makes me squee! Also, the onion marinade could you use it again for another onion?

  2. Rainy Day

    wakakakak, you guys are so funny. I am going to try these for sure. I am always looking for easy simple pickles recipe. I enjoyed your videos.

  3. Amyah Labrèche-Docq

    Just discovered your video and really enjoyed it as I love japanese way to eat (still have to try nato though)… but I have a question for you. I really don't like sweet in my food… if I onit the sugar, will it still be "good"? Should I replace the sugar by something else? Suggestion and advice would be welcomed 🙂 ありがとう

  4. Sharon Sumiyoshi

    so helpful! I am married to a sweet japanese guy and we just had a cute baby. My japanese cooking skills is very much limited and watching your vlogs really helps me. Thank you so much. I look forward to watching more of your vlogs. Arigatou.

  5. Virginia-Rain Robbins

    If you push down the middle of the core and twist the core will be removed without fear of cutting <3 Thank you so very much for your content.

  6. Tanja Robinson

    Aloha from Hawaii. I tried your pickled cabbage and cucumber.I have to say it is perfect and super yummy. Thanks for the recipe

  7. Danny Stauffer

    Will the cabbage one last the week in the fridge? I was thinking of making this over the weekend to bring to work for my lunch. Also, should it be stored "dry" or in the marinade (or does it even matter?)?

    These all look so yummy. May even try the onion one some time

  8. Virginia Hoffman

    I love this simple method. It's always good to have some pickled vegetables​ around for a nice side dish. BTW how long do these pickled veggies keep?

  9. George Jang

    Thank you for the recipes. Do you allow the hot onion marinade and frozen onion to come to room temperature before combining them?

  10. Holly Hasegawa Nielson

    These are awesome, I love that they are simple to make, and I too love Tsukemono, I think I could love all three of these, thank you for these awesome recipes with three of my favorite vegetables, I love this channel! love seeing you guys as always.

  11. jichan

    cabbage marinade
    sorry but i failed to catch the measures of the ingredients ( must be the combination of the great accent , and the fact that English is not my mother tongue )
    can anyone tell me how many TBSP salt , sugar and vinegar ??

    many thanks in advance

  12. Ian McDonald

    great recipe ideas.
    I woudn't be putting any hot liquids into a plastic bag – heat will break down some of the plastic – leaching chemicals and toxify the food. Heat and plastic is not good for food production, and not good to breath the vapours.

  13. Kei Linn

    Tabi! I added lemon zest to the cabbage tsukemono because I don't have yuzu lemons and it is amazing! Thanks for the recipes!

  14. Elizabeth Shaw

    When I watch TV in the evening I can eat an entire jar of pickles in one sitting! I also drink all of the vinegar liquid from the jar. I want to start making my own pickles again and the weather is just right to start. I am saving this video so I don't forget anything. 🙂

  15. Aquaria Austin

    That's it? American pickles are so labor and time intensive, but these are as simple as can be! I love pickled everything, so these go in the menu file, too!

  16. Mel in AZ

    To core lovely firm cabbage, you can safely use a pumpkin knife to cut it. The short blade of the pumpkin knife is easy to handle and cuts well. We use this knife on all firm vegetables specialy cutting just above the bulb end of the butternut squash. But have used it to safely core the cabbage when I lost my paring knife.

  17. Cactus Wren

    "Oh… I like this cabbage" (Cabbage smells totally orgasmic….) LMAO!! :)) This is all great. Must try it today. Thank you so much!!

  18. sherry a

    I've always been curious on how things were pickled but never interested enough to actually Google or look it up somehow LOL but when I saw your video doing this I was very happy to watch it, because it was you guys and I love you guys thank you

  19. Svetlana Lvova

    Great!!! Though my absolute favorite is pickled garlic. The cabbage would also have an interesting taste if pickled with apples or cranberries. Pickled carrots are great with meat.

  20. Chi

    Ooo! I love watching Satoshi cook! Doesn’t freezing the onion change the texture? I would prefer a crispier texture. Should I allow it to marinate for one week rather than freezing it?

  21. Shimon Doodkin

    you say R instead of L .
    what you say is R;
    R is L with tongue fluctuate as air goes out.
    L is when you press tongue stronger as air goes out so it does not move.

  22. Jeanette Koelsch

    Would these be eaten at breakfast time? I always see tomogoyaki, miso soup, rice, fish, nato, and then it’s just listed as vegetable but no one ever says what the vegetables are.

  23. D H

    I had no idea these could be done this way — I thought the veggies always had to be buried in nuka/糠!!! and freezing the onion ahead of time is brilliant. thank you!

  24. Janet Anderson

    My apologies but in the pickled cabbage part what is the flat vegetable piece you put i the marinade and then saved to go in the bag with the cabbage? I am afraid I couldn't hear what it was. Thank you in advance! A Canadian fan 🙂

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