Easy Gluten Free Banana Bread (paleo & naturally sweetened!)

Hey guys! I’m so excited about today’s
recipe. We are making a gluten-free banana bread that is also grain free and
it’s naturally sweetened. And it still tastes delicious!
this bread gets me so excited and when I get excited I dance like a robot.
So I had to cut gluten out of my diet six years ago because of health reasons
and one of the foods I missed the most was banana bread. I tried so many
different gluten-free banana bread recipes, and none of them lived up to my
taste standards. And also so many of them involved so many ingredients. I wanted to
create a really simple gluten-free banana bread that still tasted like my
grandma’s version but that was really really quick and easy to make. I think I
nailed the… nailed the nail on the head This version comes together in one bowl
using just almond flour and a touch of arrowroot powder – that’s going to help to
bind things. And it’s naturally sweetened with honey but I promise you won’t miss
the sugar. I have a serious craving for banana bread so let’s get in the kitchen
and start cooking First let’s prepare our pan. I have a 9 by 5 inch loaf pan that I’m just going to spray with a little bit of cooking spray or you could grease
it with a little bit of oil And then line it crossways with a piece of parchment paper leaving an overhang This is going to make it really easy to
pull that loaf out later One more thing to do before we start that batter and that is to mash up the bananas You want to use a nice ripe banana. I actually usually use bananas that are even more ripe than this, but this is all I had.
However this is the perfect time to use up those overripe bananas that you
didn’t get to eating during the week or you could even use frozen defrosted
bananas. Just no green bananas! They are too starchy and they just won’t taste as good in the bread. Mash up the bananas with a fork until they’re mostly smooth. It’s okay if there’s still some little chunks and then measure out one cup. I find that usually that is just perfectly two medium bananas but if you have huge bananas it’s going to be more than a cup Okay guys, now it’s time to make the
batter. I am weighing out some almond flour I love my kitchen scale because I
don’t have to get out my measuring cups and it’s much more accurate. If you don’t
have one it’s two cups of lightly packed almond flour, but get a scale! Now I’m
adding just two tablespoons of arrowroot flour, a starchy flour that’s going to give
the bread some structure, as well as some baking powder we need the baking powder
for a little bit of lift. And then last but not least, we have some kosher salt.
You always want to add salt to your baked goods, it helps balance out all the
flavors Alright my friends, these are all of the
dry ingredients. Whisk them up, but better yet I like to get in there with my
fingers so I can break up any clumps of almond flour Now make a well in the
center of the dry ingredients, and it’s time to add the wet ones. So first I’m
gonna crack in two large eggs right into the center of that well. Hopefully I
don’t get any shell in there! All right we’re good to go. Now we need some oil. I usually use a neutral oil like a grapeseed oil. All I had was olive oil.
And guess what, that works fine too. Next, honey and I like to spray the measuring
cup with a little bit of cooking spray because it lets the honey slide out so
much easier. So we just need a quarter cup of honey. Pour that right over the
eggs and the oil. Again we’re working in the center of the batter in that well
that we made Using a whisk I’m going to go in there and
start to break up those eggs. Oh wait! I forgot something! I want to add a little
bit of vanilla extract about a teaspoon. Okay, phew. Now we’re going go back in there and we want to break up the wet ingredients – break up the eggs
and then slowly start incorporating the dry ingredients. Once the batter gets a
little bit too thick to work with just switch to a spatula and just stir it up
until everything is incorporated. Now we can’t forget about those mashed bananas! This is banana bread after all So we’re just going to fold in the mashed bananas and it’s gonna loosen up the batter and really allow everything to come together.
Oh man I’m getting so excited for some banana bread. Okay we’ve got that prepared
pan. I’m just going to bend down the parchment paper and then transfer the
batter into the pan. Now by the way, if you are so inclined you can absolutely
add some chopped chocolate or chocolate chips to this banana bread or nuts. Just
don’t tell my kids, cuz if I start adding chocolate I will never be allowed to go
back. Okay now we’re gonna spread the batter evenly in the pan. My friends, this
little baby is ready to go into the oven and start making your house smell
amazing Check the bread around 42 minutes. I’ve
found that’s the magic number but all ovens are different. The bread should be
golden brown on top lightly cracked and a toothpick should
come out clean. Now let it cool for 10 minutes and then we’re gonna pop it out
of the pan. So just run a thin knife around the edges, and out it comes. Now
you guys, this is the hardest part about this recipe we need to let the bread
cool completely. I’m sorry but that step is critical to get the best texture and
the best flavor. And in fact this bread gets even better with age so go ahead
and make it a day or two in advance In fact after a day or two you’re gonna
start to get this sticky top which is my favorite part. This bread is incredibly
tender it has an amazing banana bread flavor just like my grandma’s, but I
would say it’s even more moist because of that almond flour. So you can serve it
just as it is. I prefer to slather it with a little bit of salted butter,
just like I used to do as a kid This easy gluten-free banana bread might just change your life it definitely changed mine I now make a batch every weekend
and freeze it so we have a nutritious breakfast or snack all through the week.
I really hope you guys like this recipe If you enjoyed the video I’d love for you to
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