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hi everybody welcome to my channel hey I
know you guys a lot of you like my one pan meals because well they’re delicious
right and they’re easy to make and they’re quick for a weeknight meal. So
today we’re doing a salmon with veggies I’m doing you know basically pulling out
the vegetables I have in my refrigerator broccoli I have some asparagus and some
Brussels sprouts and we’ll be adding a few other things in there as well and we
just bake this up in one pan it’s quick and easy and it’s just full of flavor so
I’m rockin Robin and I’m going to show you how to do it right after this. So let’s go over our ingredients. First
up we have some wild caught salmon. I like to use that we’ll need some
potatoes I’ve cut up my potatoes I have some sweet potatoes here and a red
potato I peeled the sweet potato and then cut it into small pieces so that
that way it’ll cook up real nice and quick same thing with our vegetables I
have some Brussels sprouts here which I trimmed off the ends and then I cut each
brussel sprout in half so it’ll cook up quick I have some broccoli asparagus
here which I did the same thing I just cut that into bite-size pieces and then
for our sauce I have some soy sauce here you can also use tamari which is a
gluten-free soy sauce if you want to do that we’ll need some brown sugar I have
some water here orange juice now this is a little slurry here of some arrowroot
and water I just mix the two together and that’s gonna thicken our sauce just
a little bit as we cook it we’ll need some olive oil some garlic powder salt
pepper and a little bit of lemon all right now first off we’re gonna preheat
our oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and we’re gonna work on the sauce so I got a
saucepan here and I’m gonna place the orange juice basically all of the
liquids and the brown sugar here’s your water soy sauce and the brown sugar. So I’m
gonna place my heat on medium and we’re just gonna cook this until the brown
sugar dissolves and this gets hot once we get the sauce up to a simmer you can
see it’s simmering now we’re gonna add the slurry the arrowroot slurry and
that’s just gonna think of picking it just a little bit. You can see already I
think you can see that it’s thickened up so let’s bring that back to a simmer for
just like a minute and we’re done all right I’m gonna just turn off the heat
and set that aside. So now we’re ready to start putting things together getting it
in the oven I have a baking sheet here it lined with foil or you can use
parchment paper it makes for easier cleanup and we’re gonna cook the
potatoes first before I cook the salmon the salmon is gonna take about 10 to 12
minutes or so and the potatoes are gonna take a little bit more so we’re gonna
put those in first so pour them on to your cookie sheet and then a little bit
of olive oil to it and then you want to mix that up just take your hands if you
want why long as they’re nice and clean and just coat the potatoes with it now
what I’m making here today is probably gonna serve up about I would say two
people if you you know you want to make more obviously you know you could line
up another sheet and do two at the same time now the vegetables also take longer
to cook than the salmon and I like them to be caramelized I really like that
flavor so I like them to cook a little longer maybe some people don’t like them
as long you can wait you can cook your potatoes maybe first for you know 15
minutes then add the you know the vegetables I’m gonna go ahead and do it
all now because like I said I like it nice and caramelized so I’m gonna just
put all those vegetables right there and do the same thing and a little bit
of olive oil to that I’m work it in you know you don’t really
want to overcrowd your your dish your pan too much here because you want
things to roast and not steamed so I’m gonna make sure I’ve got room for you
know everything lay out in a single layer and still have room for my salmon
to lay on there as well I’m going to add just a little bit of salt to all of this
a sprinkle of garlic powder and a little cracked pepper and like I said this is
going in the oven 400 degrees Fahrenheit and we’ll check it and see what things
are looking like in about 15-20 minutes so I pulled the vegetables out of the
oven after 20 minutes and this is what they look like the the broccoli is
already starting to caramelize a little bit the way I like it and now we’re
ready to add the salmon so first I’m gonna make a little room for the salmon
to lay on here in space and I’m gonna coat it with oil before I place it on
the pan that way it’s got oil underneath it so just rub it coat it a little bit
and that way it won’t stick I’ll just lay it right there put our vegetables
around it now I place some of my teriyaki sauce in
a separate Bowl here because we can save some of this if we don’t use it all on
our on our recipe and I put it in a separate dish because you don’t want to
be dipping into your pan and then touching raw fish brushing it on it’s nice
and it’s got some thickness to it and it’s gonna stay where I put it pretty
much and then I’m gonna take some of this and I’m gonna drizzle it over the
potatoes and the vegetables because it has it adds a really nice flavor not too
much of this but just a little bit a little hint now this is gonna go back in
the oven for you know we’re gonna check it at 10 minutes but it’ll probably take
about 12 depending on the thickness of that steak that fish let’s put this back
in the oven. Alright our dish came out of the oven after about 18 minutes my piece
of fish here is a little bit thick so it took a little bit longer than I would
have you know guessed but that’s the way it is so you’re gonna have to play with
the timing on that there’s just a little bit of you know play with that anyway my
my vegetables turned out the way I like them I like I’m really caramelized like
this I love the the crunch of you know the broccoli like that and let’s not
forget a little drizzle of lemon juice all the way around alright I’m ready to
dig in this looks so good let’s just start right off with that salmon and
that sauce this is gonna make a great weeknight
meal quick to put together delicious healthy everything you want in a dish I
tell you good a good meal for your family thank you guys so much for
watching if you enjoyed the video give it a thumbs up and share it I really
appreciate it leave me a comment I always love to hear from you guys and if
you haven’t subscribed to my channel yet go ahead and click that subscribe button
you can find it at the end of the video there will be a little link on the
screen or down below in the description area so yeah we’d love to have you and
yeah thanks so much for watching we’ll see you next time take care

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Reader Comments

  1. Byron Chandler

    Hola, sweet adorable Robin. Your salmon and veggies look simply gorgeous. You are full of spunk, energy, and enthusiasm. What's your favorite way on cooking salmon? Have a good day, sweet adorable Robin. <3

  2. Charles Manning

    We absolutely love your channel, please keep the videos coming! One ?. We keep the salt content very (very) low in our cooking; soy sauce is of course, incredible high in sodium, could recommend a good sub.? Plus, salmon has natural sea salt in it already. Thank you. CM 😊

  3. TrianaVapes💖

    Im so gonna try this!!! Not sure if my kids will eat it but its a great idea for me and husband to try. I love ure ideas and recipes!! Always look forward to ur videos!!!

  4. FitAngie

    Beautiful, easy salmon and veggie sheet pan meal Robin, I love this, it’s my kind of meal. Can I sub the orange juice for something else as I don’t drink or use or drink juice at all?

  5. Sheila Hewitt

    Looks fantastic, can't wait to cook it, we eat salmon 2 nights a week, one more great way to serve….Thank you for all your great recipes; I am partial to your Mexican style of cooking.

  6. stunninglad1

    A delicious recipe and thanks for tip regarding food not sticking on silver foil – you add oil – My days of serving food without silver foil attached could be over.

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