Easy Cartoon Drawing : How to Draw Cartoon Vegetables

How to draw cartoon fruits and vegetables.
We will start with the simplest of all the apple. Tada, there’s a C and a backwards C.
Make a stem. Make one leaf. Traditional cartoon apple. Give it a little reflection. And that
is it. There is your cartoon apple. Banana. A curve, another curve but make sure the other
curve doesn’t follow this one perfectly parallel. Make it get a little fatter as you go up like
that. Kind of make this line straighter. Do that. When you get to the top stop curve it
make the stem kind of like that and remember banana stems are black and it has the segmentation
like that and a little bit of black at the bottom too. And you could draw one more line
for that segmentation. There is your banana. Orange, I thought the apple was easiest but
look at this. Circle little tiny circle dots. There is your orange. Pear just basically draw a pear shape. Put a stem
on it. There is your pear. Lemon, draw a lemon and instead of little dots give it kind of
these little circle pock marks. And there you have how to draw five different cartoon

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