Easiest Banana Protein Shake~ After Workout🍹【 筋トレ女子】バナナプロテインシェイクの作り方

What’s up guys, this is Karina Aya and I just came back from the gym I will show you how I always make my protein shake I just got back from the gym, and I’m going to make a banana protein shake. It’s super easy! protein shake Union is oldest and the blender I’m using is this Shake it and shake It and take it. I bought this in Vietnam. I Don’t think it’s just me in China Okay, and what I like about this blender, is that get really bring it? Anywhere with you after making a smoothie It’s pretty convenient put all the in a cottage that my needs to grind on this kiddo Protein powder Magica bike I get a little game of craps gonna protein powder Gen-i protein shake this protein powder all scream out saying it’s a protein powder. George – Do you cook today? It’s could take tight on my mouth. Let’s get started. I’m super nanaki Dimas You should go. Where is that? No Banana bits and humbled away from the military this show you’re not there – you’re humble. I can use documents Service under the couch Jeans anybody till you got too much time go to LA cooking such gonna good Zucchini protein shaker take mass Bananas des mmm. Oh no one’s company Need yoga Rama Katya height 30 months. Oh Yes, that’s a tight angle Scooby Lamaze So I put around 1.5 scoop that’s a lot of powder in here and some milk Kakui master Ice Cube Thank you master You never lucky wrecker killed me take it off just sign later to sign a token the country Thank you master Jeremiah say I hate the taste of protein powder and in this way, I don’t have to taste it. It’s pretty good It’s just like a normal banana milkshake. So This is how it goes Masta Yes a Repertoire protego sistema co-pastor Adam Eaton a ok. Bye guys

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