Dry Fasting Snake Diet OMAD Challenge – Weight Loss Journey Day 327

hi it’s mieka fasting weight loss and
today is day 327 of my fasting weight loss journey I’m doing dry fasting snake diet omad 500 calories fasted cardio challenge for
nine days okay I’m gonna start with a quote by shirley chisholm you don’t make
progress you don’t make progress by standing on
the sidelines okay now she’s probably not talking about she’s probably talking
about everything she’s the first black woman in Congress and that happened in
1968 okay you don’t make progress by staying on the sidelines so if you are
watching me and you don’t have any kind of plan this is to you
okay make a plan for your journey and start and don’t stop okay oh let me see
let me tell you what I ate and what exercise I did I’m gonna tell you my
weight loss results for day 327 okay what I ate was and there’s gonna be
pictures of the end and everything I’m thinking hard about what I’m gonna eat
because all I get is 500 calories okay first of all I did 16 hours of dry
fasting kind of good it’s kind of good cuz I wanted to go all the way to the
night which I didn’t back but it’s still good then I did four hours I had drinks
during those four hours and I then did my cardio which was I’m gonna talk about
that first 30-minute walk around the track of the gym and one hour and 29
minutes on the elliptical and I felt great I could have went more but I
needed to go to the grocery shopping give my kids settled you know after
school and to bed and everything I was gonna go to Planet Fitness but I didn’t
okay let’s see next what I ate mister grocery store I bought three different
kinds of cauliflower rice one is plane one is with broccoli and
cauliflower and wine was with broccoli cauliflower and carrots okay that’s the
one I went with for last night it was two point five servings per bag and each
serving was 25 calories so I had the whole bag put it in the nonstick um
pan because I don’t want to use butter or any kind of extra calories because
like I’m on a calorie crunch so I put that in there I put half a can of water
chestnuts watercress what do you call them I think
they’re water chestnuts umm yummy I like those
ah let’s see I play it one small zucchini and I put I kind of like I
stir-fried it kind of like to get the water out and stuff and cook it down a
little bit and I put seasonings and I put sweet chili sauce young 10 calories
per tablespoon that was good that’s a new thing I found let’s see mmm so that
was the main portion of my plate which it was a happy plate cuz I had a huge
portion all vegetables ok then I’m doing my math I decided to do turkey pepperoni
I don’t have the amount of protein I wanted in this meal but doing it at 500
calories is not the easiest when I’m trying to make a full plate as well so I
did eight slices of turkey bacon turkey pepperoni which is about 30 calories 35
calories and I mixed them with a stir fry but then I took them out and I put
half an ounce or half a serving of cream cheese to make I think I made it you’ll
see on the pictures three or four little pepperoni cream cheese sandwiches
that was my favorite on my plate let me see okay and then I put 1/3 cup of
cottage cheese I like a hot and a cold on my plate it’s weird I know but I like
my plate then okay that was my whole meal then I made the nut clusters oh man
this was horrible because I put all the ingredients in and then
put it in four different muffin cups and I did the math and I divided it and each
one came to eighty seven point five calories and after doing the math of my
food it only allowed me to have two you guys know I get a whole bunch of those
normally when I’m not counting calories and I was not happy about that but at
least I got a treat and I stay within my 500 calories that was yesterday I’m
happy with it um the only thing I’m not happy with is I drink before I did my
cardio and that is not part of this challenge
snake Diet Cole Robinson his he says the fastest way to lose weight um is fasted
dry fasted cardio so what that means is you do is long for what he says is you
do a dry fast as long as possible and then you do cardio as much as possible
um and what I’m doing is a minimum of 12 hours dry fast and two hours of cardio
all together before the drink today I’m going to do it because it is 831 I’m 11
and a half hours dry fasted so I’m gonna be at least 12 to 14 hours dry fasted
I’m gonna go do two hours of cardio I’m into it right today okay anyway yeah and
I’m doing the 500 OMAD okay so for the weight my goal is 2 pounds but I’m not
hitting that that’s okay because yesterday was great I did drink a lot
I’m to 23.6 that’s minus one point four please subscribe like and comment even
if it’s a thumbs up in the comment is so helpful
I’m and I’ll see you later because I’m going to livestream during my cardio
towards the end of it God willing pictures you

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Reader Comments

  1. Mieka Fasting Weight Loss

    Today, day 4 dry fasting and cardio the right way for sure God willing!! Hopefully happy results tomorrow lol What are you doing today to push towards your goals?

  2. BreJean

    Great job Mieka, I've been alternate day fasting for about 2 weeks now. Since listening to you, I'm now thinking I might add cardio to my routine and maybe dry fasting on my off days. I really enjoy watching your weight loss journey, keep up the good work.

  3. Billy Bloomfield

    I absolutely love that quote! Yes you've gotta be in it, people might laugh at you and it might be scary! But they're just sitting on the sidelines while you're doing great things:) Great work keep it up.

  4. Big Jim Gets Keto Slim

    Doing great and the meals looked delicious.
    PS: Video dropping in a few days, I am just trying to get through the 1st week of keto before updating, all going well so far.

  5. Joe Rotter

    My body loves 222.2 for some reason. I can eat bad for two weeks then jumpup to 230 then right back down to 222.2 in a week of just eating g healthy. Good to see you have a good plan

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